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Built up and you don t ven realize "it until you get there the mythos is "until you get there The mythos is cool and the uniue take on the Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, essence adds a uniuelementThe first book is definitely the best part but definitely worth the read. Te and a merman's tear a whole new life awaits Alana Cassidy if she wants it Never as simple as it seems she contends with the pain of leaving her foster siblings she's grown to love behind or staying And Living With The living with the and abuse of her soon to be legal parents Her own parents wouldn't have wanted this life for her and with Jonas's help she is starting to realize that in her grief she'd forgotten how to liv. It s the third part that is soggy so to speak I felt like it dragged and that a lot of the content could have been dited out pretty "easily It does however pick up in the final pages The twist nding is perfectly. "It does however pick up in the final pages The twist nding is perfectly. of the nightmare her life has become Jonas of Altonia former guard of the King’s court banned from his home injured and dying he waited out his fate hidden under a forgotten dock deep in the woods behind the Pernickle’s farm He hadn’t wanted to be saved but she’d heard his song planting a seed that took root the second she dragged him free of what would have been a fresh water grave With just a bi. Zerrin By Patria L. Dunn