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Writing With Clarity and StyleExcellent resource on writing Provides 16 Style Checks to reinforce key concepts This text makes a henomenal reference and activity book for mastering a WIDE variety of stylistic tools I was introduced to this book as a reuirement for a graduate writing course but have since recommended it to friends interested in improving their writing skil For a textbook this wasn t too bad I do like that they had so many examples Truthfully this was *the easier of the two textbooks for my *easier of the two textbooks for my Composit. First Published in 2017 Rout. ,

Ion class While I do some of the stylistic devices in it some of my classmates and I cry inside at thought of using some of these in life it has been a beneficial book with exercises that force me out of my comfort zone ConclusionWriting major or just interested in learning some new ways to impress a teacher Read this book Written and arranged in a simple and direct manner this is a hugely beneficial reference book for any sort of writing It details 60 types of rhetorical devices how Ledge is an imprint of Taylo. ,
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O use them numerous examples of each and brief exercises to ensure correct identification of them All done with A SUBLIME PANACHESIMPLE DIRECT AND INFORMATIVE MUCH LIKE THE sublime anacheSimple direct and informative Much like the statesKinda tautological eh A tremendous contemporaneous manual of writing and style The LESSONS IN THOSE PAGES ARE BEYOND THE TRIVIAL TIPS in those ages are beyond the trivial tips other *Similar Books Instead The *books Instead the sources illustrious writers across history to the The Little Book of Breakthrough: Breakthrough Thoughts for Manifesting Your Heaven on Earth point of using examples from Latin and Greek thinkers like Demetrius Aristotle or Cicero. R Francis an Informa company.

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