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I ve been blogging using WordPress for some time I ve tried other blogging formats but really like the ease of use and the flexibility of WordPress It s one of those programs that a beginner can easily pick up and as they become comfortable can start to make their blog look uniue If you are interested in blogging but don t know where to start you may want to pick up a copy of WordPress in Depth The book begins by looking at whether you should go for the WordPresscom premade blog or upload the software on your own site Of course there are pros and cons to both choices Then the rest of the book is mainly how to use the vari Very helpful Good Based on the title I expected to be overwhelmed by the in depth technical details of WordPress Instead I was bored by the first 3 parts which are mainly aimed at novice WordPresscom bloggers and explain posts graphics links and content creation I was relieved to find that Part IV speaks to WordPress designers and developers briefly covering themes plugins CSS and PHP Still each topic is only given a few pagesThe authors claim that the in Still each topic is only given a few pagesThe authors claim that the in part of the title refers to the fact that they explain the why not ust the how they explain the history behind the technology and the rationale for certain design and development choices The book briefly reveals the technology and the rationale for certain design and development choices The book briefly reveals Web s history and concisely describes the origin and development of HTML CSS PHP the GPL and web standardsThere are too many sidebars that distract from the main text but I liked the text font and th. Advice and techniues that you need to get the ob done Looking for ways to streamline your work so you can focus on maximizing your time In Depth provides specific tested and proven solutions to the problems you run into every day things other books ignore or oversimplify This is the one book that you can rely on to. ,
E layout is otherwise decent The appendices are fairly USELESS THEY EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WORDPRESSCOM AND WORDPRESSORG they explain the difference between WordPresscom and WordPressorg documentation resources and exhibit examples of WordPress sitesAnyone except a complete WordPress newbie should skip straight to Part IV The authors point out several excellent WordPress resources so it s worth reading that part ust for thoseNotesMedia Settingsthumbnail 80 x 80medium 200 x 200large 400 x 400CategoriesCategories are like the table of contents topics Tags are like the index keywordsLimit categories to 4 Or 12 MaxUse A Single 12 maxUse a single no subcategoriesPut each post in a single categoryFree WordPress themesWordPressorg Free Themes DirectoryWeblog Tools CollectionCommercial WordPress themesWordPressorg Commercially Supported GPL ThemesiThemesThemeforestThesisWooThemesWP RemixFree WordPress pluginsWordPressorg Plugin DirectoryWeblog Tools CollectionRecommended WordPress pluginsAdministration and Security pluginsUpdate NotifierWordPress File MonitorWB DB BackupExploit ScannerStatistics pluginsGoogle Analytics for WordPressComments pluginsIntenseDebate CommentsDisus Comment SystemSubscribe to CommentsAJAX CommentsSEO pluginsGoogle XML SitemapsAll in One SEO PackLinks pluginsAddToAnySociableShareThisPermissionsThe wp content directory and its contents should be 775 The owner should be the WordPress userTheme files should be group writableAdditional notes new and free are the most powerful words in marketing Use them on your siteUse XAMPP to create a loca. Answer the uestions you have now and will have in the future In Depth offersComprehensive coverage with detailed solutionsBreakthrough techniues and shortcuts that are unavailable elsewherePractical real world examples with nothing glossed over or left outTroubleshooting help for tough problems you can't fix on your. .

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L environment A very good introductory book on WordPress I am working on a social media strategy triangulating Twitter a web page and blogging to promote ideas working on a social media strategy triangulating Twitter a web page and blogging to promote ideas book has been very helpful thus far As background I have been using WordPress for about three years now to manage my blogs they are pretty basic in terms of form and structure while I am not the super experienced user I don t consider myself a novice This how to book should appeal not only to the experienced user but to the novice as wellThe book has a nice layout and is well organized I especially like how the table of contents was laid out by topic and I Was Able To Flip To The was able to flip to the I wanted to learn for the first time It is well written for people like me who know there way around a computer but don t consider themselves too technical I have been considering going to the org version which allows you control vs the com version which is maintained and managed by WordPress and this book lays out the pros and cons for both sides in order to assist you to make a decisionOverall this is a well written guide I recommend it not only to people who are considering using the WordPress platform for the first time but those who have been using for a while now like me as you wil learn a few new tips and tricks Useless to advanced Wordpress user This is a great 2nd book after WordPress for Dummies and includes detailed information on hosting your own site using WordPress A must read for anyone who wants to become expert in WordPress. OwnOutstanding authors recognized worldwide for their expertise and teaching styleuick information via sidebars tips reminders notes and warningsIn Depth is the only tool you need to get done in less time Includes coverage on blog creation widgets plug ins themes SEO the WordPresscom platform and WordPressorg softwar. ,