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Ng a child Once they buy the house he disappears into the backyard ground leaving behind only his clothes Shortly afterward the couple finds out they are pregnant with Jamie As Jamie grows up and this takes a full 23rds of the book my only complaint He Has Two Best Friends has two best friends and Fred He also discovers that he has memories of himself as an older man fleeing from a terrible danger I wished the final showdown would have lasted longer but the book was very charming and heart warming Jamie s mis adventures while trying to learn magic make for a very enjoyable read I stumbled upon Wizard Born while perusing and after reading the sample I purchased it I m very glad I didThe story follows the birth AND EARLY CHILDHOOD OF JAMIE SIKES A YOUNG MAN early childhood of Jamie Sikes a young man to become a sorcerer The pace is slow especially at the start but not necessarily in a bad way I was able to relate to the characters well enough that I simply enjoyed being a fly on the wall as Jamie Fred and Rollie became friends and grew up togetherAbout of the way through the pace uickened considerably and I must admit I no longer felt so connected to Jamie and his friends Not because the writing became less effective but Jamie s teenage life was reduced to mere flashes with minimal detail especially when compared to earlier parts of the bookMy only real complaint and it s a minor one is the brevity of the climax battle scene between Jamie and Renn the evil wizard I kept thinking Is that it To me it was an opportunity lostI can t end this review without saying how MUCH I appreciate the author s choice to create characters who were good people with good American values Bravo. Dan’s old enemy is hunting him downJamie and everyone he loves are doomed unless Jamie can learn how to use every bit of the ancient magic Eddan instilled in himHe wasn’t ust born to become a wizard He is a wizard bo.

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Second time I have read this book Still a great read Check it OutWell Didn T Realize didn t realize but this makes it the third time around and still a great read Don t know makes it the third time around and still a great read Don t know it is but once I start I have a hard time putting it down I really enjoyed this book This is a story about about a modern day boy born in North Carolina whom inherits a master socerers powers The story takes you through the child s life and while it s light reading it is original and uite entertaining I think Mr Johnson did a good ob with this trilogy and I ll be looking for of his work in the future A wonderfully engaging character study of a boy growing up year by year with his loyal friends He is no ordinary boy however as he know things about magic from his "Previous Life As A Wizard On Another World He Knows "life as a wizard on another world He knows has to kill his enemy who wishes to remove all magic from all worlds The most interesting part is how moral uestions arise and are dealt with by the children without involving adults Together they vow a moral code which becomes the boy s guide for life even though he knows his fate is to fight his ancient enemy when he catches up with him It s contemporary fantasy but not epic like a simple life story with a bit of magic It s written with short snapshot of the protagonist life in order no umping through time This build up the characters nicely I liked this way of writing that is different from usual The story is simple there is no surprise or complex plot I liked it because the writing make it easy and uick to read It s different and I liked that too Buy it to read between two masterpiece for an interlude you will not be disappointed Reall. When Eddan an ancient sorcerer is mortally wounded by a bitter rival he escapes to Earth and gives himself a chance to be reborn as Jamie Sikes The boy grows up oblivious to his nature safe and secure in a loving family .
Y nice bookI always like the growing up parts of those reincarnation stories even through this isn t your classic reincarnation I was really happy to have found a book that has of THAT ONLY TWO OR THREE CHAPTERS only two or three chapters the beginning As a first book it was good I liked the story yet it did not
well all the time There some typos and some choppy parts but you cared about the main character and wanted to find out what happened to him I am told by two different people *that I am very fond of that the next books get a lot *I am very fond of that the next books get a lot in these areas Definitely worth the read Decent read Too little time was spent on the climax and conclusion For about 80% of the book almost nothing important plot wise happened While I am all for slice of life situations I felt having the climax and conclusion known from the start while having almost no buildup to them detracted from the overall story No real plans to read any of the series This book has an interesting premise When I started the book I honestly expected the growing up years to go a lot faster and then spend time on confronting the issue the book establishes at the beginning Turns out the whole book was the growing up years and 1 page was dedicated to the resolution of the problem introduced at the beginning of the book To be honest I was a little disappointed at how fast the bad guy got dispatched in the end I do plan on reading the other books to see where the author takes it A wizard desperate to escape a foul sorcerer who is killing off all the others escapes through a drawn door to our world There he acuires and sells a house to a young couple who has had no luck conceivi. R so he thinksJamie is destined to become a sorcerer and the Eddan’s memories and power bubble up in Jamie’s consciousness the powerful he becomes But he finds out it’s not all fun and games when he realizes that Ed. Wizard Born

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