E–pub READ [Wisp of a Thing Tufa #2] ☆ Alex Bledsoe

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Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin yE for power among the area s peculiar Tufa the black haired mountain folk who may or may not be than they seem and whose first daughters wield uiet authority The ending gives hope that there may be another novel about theoung woman Curnen who almost became the wisp of the title although Bledsoe tantalizingly did NOT follow up much on Bronwyn HYatt s story from the first novel but took readers off on a totally new tangent here I m hooked No need to read the first book before diving into this one I need to find an audio version of One Of of these books see if has managed find music to echo the tunes so elouently described hereDid find an audio CD later no music on it Rats My previous exposure to Alex Bledsoe had been through several of his Eddie LaCrosse books which I enjoyed as good pulpy fun I had heard of his Tufa series though and it sounded intriguing so when the second book in the series popped up at our annual library sale I snapped it up This week when I had one of those evenings where I was working but most of my time could be spent sitting and read I enjoyed this outing into the present day world of the Appalachian Fae Singer songwriter Rob travels to Needsville love the name Tennessee looking for a song that will sing away his grief at the loss of his girlfriend Guy that told him about the song was wearing seuins but they were backstage at the Opry at the time so never mind In Needsville he finds what he needs and then some at considerable personal risk Strong sense of place and some solid characters starting with Rob who has unexpected depths and the part Fae part not population of Cloud County There is Doyle the mechanic and his Fae lovestruck wife Berklee There is the truly icky Rockhouse Hicks and his wounded daughterslashlover Curnen ick Bledsoe s really pulling out all the stops on putting a new twist on that old marrying their sister back country trope Especially there is Bliss Overbay the I have to say pretty laissez faire guardian of this motley crew as in she s ready to kill Rob before the night winds tell her not to just roll with it Some good lines too like The building s interior seemed bigger inside than it had appeared outside like a hillbilly TARDISand Germs and Jesus that s all I ever hear about the boy said in a voice too weary for his age Germs and Jesus And Caveman Alien's Ransom: A SciFi BBW/Alien Fated Mates Romance (Caveman Aliens Book 1) you know something You can t see neither one of themDefinitely a book that will keepou out of the woods At least these woods Worth reading Casually picked up at the new books section at the library Enthralling story and fascinating characters A bluegrass musician Rob grief stricken after the death of his girlfriend is told by another musician to go to a certain town in Tennessee in the Smokies and to search for a particular song that it would heal his broken heart and it would be on a hill carved in stone So he sets out on his uest The inhabitants of the small town the Tufa are a closed eccentric society magical and musical They are suspicious of outsiders and even sin. A strange feral girl runs howling in the woods Change is coming to Cloud County and only the night wind knows what part Rob will play when the last leaf falls from the Widow's Tree and a timeless curse must be broke. ,

"2 in the Tufa series I liked the story line a little with this one than I did with the first " in the Tufa series I liked the story line a little with this one than I did with the first The characters were interesting and plus it was a different cast compared to the first interesting and plus it was a different cast compared to the first this series There was also a strong theme of doing the right thing just because it was the right thing to do This was like 35 stars but I will round up to 4 This book is a treasure a feast for mind and heart and soul Vibrant lyrical and filled with the beauty of music and the wildness of the mountains as well as the harsh realities of living amid a strange people who are both and less than human It is the ultimate modern fairy tale Its spirit will resonate in my bones long after the specific words have faded from memory It may be a novel but it is not a work of fiction Just the opposite for it contains the essence of all that is real and true about life Including of course a difficult believable and satisfying tale of loveAnd don t let my babbling admiration for this book and its author mislead Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC you This is also simply a rousing good story which will grabou on page one and not let Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou you go untilou reach the endFive stars and a round of applause for Alex Bledsoe This is his best book et And that s Music magic broken hearts the thing country music is made of In this case though it is to cope with one that makes singersongwriter Rob uillen head to Cloud County He was a contestant on a talent search TV show who very publicly very tragically experienced the death of his sweetheart He heads to mountains in search of a song he s heard of which will ease his heart erase the pain What he finds instead are the Tufa a people who predate earliest settlers and who may or may not must most likely may have faerie blood in them either diluted or full As Rob begins his search for words written in stone he encounters locals many of whom are none too happy to have him in their town He also attracts the attentions of a feral girl who prowls the area At the same time another visitor to the area has gone missing When I read the first book in this series of Bledsoe s The Hum and the Shiver I really liked it I was out in search of the next book that my book club is reading but saw this on the shelf of new arrivals and grabbed it with glee Bledsoe didn t disappoint Nor did he make this a seuel though some characters have cameos in this book from the last Instead it is another tale of the Tufas and has made me a happy reader 25 stars This second book in Alex Bledsoe s Tufa series was interesting and gave us of an entry into the world magic and music of the Tufa people This urban fantasy series which I think of as rur. Touched by tragedy musician Rob uillen comesto Cloud County Tennessee in search of a song to ease his pain He knows little of the mysterious Tufa only that they are an enigmatic clan of mountain people whose roots

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Wisp of a Thing Tufa #2