EBOOK or KINDLE Who You Were Meant to Be A Guide to Finding or Recovering Your Life's Purpose

Ks and I was not disappointed Of course there were "Sentences That I Didn T Agree With But Overall The "that I didn t agree with but overall the presented are xtremely valuable If the title resonates with you I highly recommend picking it up Unfortunately the book is out of print and the book version has some annoying rrors but the rrors are not a serious hinderance and it is asy to guess the correct wordAfter reading this book I feel very nurtured This is one of my all time favorites Gibson covers all the concepts of The Alchemist but through straightforward psychology without all the Fluff This Is An Amazing Book Words This is an amazing book Words t describe what I thought going through this with so many life changes right now Putting my dreams into action and becoming who I am meant to beI honestly think veryone should take the time to read this along with Gibson s other two books This book showed me how to figure out where to start in figuring out what I wanted to do with my life and also that it wasn t too late. Dr Lindsay C Gibson provides a practical road

out of old habits and how to forge a new path on which ach of us can discover or recover our true purposes in life and become the people we want to. .
This book was really hard for me to go through specially the first few chapters The thought in my *Head Was Why Is She * was why is she all of this selfishness In my mind such selfishness was akin to greed and narcissism But I still pushed through Chapter 4 was the pinnacle of my disapproval and thought I would stop there but I didn t and I was glad I did It took me 7 months to complete this book but I now understand how much my go and upbringing has limited me in finding my purpose I d like to say that now I m ready and I ve found my calling but in chapter 11 you ll realise how much work is reuired I "ACCEPT THAT IT S A JOURNEY "that it s a journey just wished that it was a short oneI ll have to re read this book again I m sure just to remind myself of what I must do For a book that 14 years old the material is still very relevant and I highly recommend it I don t know yet I feel a lot hopeful about the future but lost I m now focusing on noticing what I njoy and what I don t somehow it. Finding one's purpose in life and fulfilling it is a desire we all share Yet many of us are living the lives and dreams imposed upon us by our family friends and society Once we understand the fears frustra.

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Opened up many options I did not consider as options before I also had support beyond this book while I read it so I wouldn t say that I ll attribute 100% of how I feel now to what I readprompted to reflect on What I can say is this book accompanied me through some very dark times Family of origins perspective on dissatisfaction with one s careerrelationshiplife choices and what to do about it Despite the for my tastes hokey title the content is palatable and had some useful ideas and compelling passages must read for veryone nowadays specially amid all the noise and options it is hard to choose where to live which "Career Path To Take Which "path to take which to join I rarely give self help books 5 stars but Who you were meant to be is a stand out I decided to read it after greatly benefiting from the author s other book on dealing with motionally immature parents and overcoming their toxic Hometown Valentine effects Myxpectations were high who has time to read mediocre self help boo. Tions and loyalties that sabotage our dreams and best fforts at personal growth we can free ourselves from doubt and defeat and find out what we really want to do with our lives In Who You Were Meant to Be. Who You Were Meant to Be A Guide to Finding or Recovering Your Life's Purpose

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