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Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) eS gotten from the philosophical cannon Carrie Jenkins alsoxplores love s biological and sociological underpinnings She goes on to build her own dual theory of the ontology of love complete with references and allusions to Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer did I mention how accessible and fun her writing is Of course she also brings into the work her own xperience as a woman in a polyamorous relationship with two men uestioning the limits of work her own xperience as a woman in a polyamorous relationship with two men uestioning the limits of current ideas about romantic love and generating a fair amount of controversy and press Honestly though this probably makes Carrie Jenkins ualified to tackle the philosophy of love as her mostly traditional white male predecessors readily accepted and never challenged many of the societal norms associated with romantic love Philosophy after all is all about asking uestions and challenging assumptions What Love Is is a delicious appetizer setting the plate for thoughtful conversations about the philosophy of love challenging our preconceptions and opening a door to what love can become As a long time practitioner of non monogamy it is so refreshing to delve into a book with a philosophical focus rather than a pragmatic "one Jenkins handles the deconstruction of romantic love thoroughly courageously and with a touch of humor Regardless of one s relationship " Jenkins handles the deconstruction of romantic love thoroughly courageously and with a touch of humor Regardless of one s relationship this book provides a wonderful opportunity for self inuiry and xamination of long held "this book provides a wonderful opportunity for self inuiry and xamination of long held often unuestioned beliefs I recommend this to anyone who loves having long xploratory conversations about the nature of relationships sex marriage and of course love Is love purely biological Is it just a social construct Is it both Is it a mystery better left unexplored University of British Columbia philosophy professor Carrie Jenkins delves into thi This is the book you all have been asking for A thoughtful pamphlet on a subject of great interest to many of us written in the popular style by a polyamorous female philosopher I had high hopes for this one Carrie Jenkins an analytic metaphysician with a background in mathematical logic writing on an obviously important topic that had hitherto been ignored by the academic philosophical communityUnfortunately What Love Is fails to deliver While philosophy has a long and venerable history of balancing the soteric with the Conflict in Blood exoteric see Plato Russelltc this book seems to mark the worst of both worlds Jenkins writes in a uasi collouial tone citing nursery rhymes and TED talks alongside academic journal articles Yet such low culture xcursions largely fail to clarify her points For instance she spends an ntire paragraph on the metaphor of love as a cocktail of chemicalsIf love is a cocktail it has no single strict recipe It s better. Cal manifestation those anxiety inducing heart palpitations; we must recognize its complexities and decide for ourselves how to love Motivated by her own polyamorous relationships she xamines the ways in which our parameters of love have recently changed to be accepting of homosexual interracial and non monogamous relationships and how they will .

Impressively accessible philosophy Carrie is a wonderful writer and I sped through this book in one weekend the subject matter is fascinating as well as being timely and practically important written from a feminist point of view and imo inclusive of trans non binary and ueer folk AND "i think it gets a bit xistentialist at " think it gets a bit Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) existentialist atnd 1010 recommend 55 stars I have a lot of favourite uotes but here s just one from the conclusionOn a personal level understanding love s dual nature can contextualize our own Logic, Labels, And Flesh experiences with love We come to see our individual stories asmbedded within social structures we didn t choose any than we chose biology that "we didn t choose any than we chose the biology that usThe script is an off the peg deal sex passion affection care commitment settling down marriage Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design earning less or than your spouse doing or less of the housework having kids getting bored with sex monogamy forever the death And it comes with a side order of amatonormativity designed to make it an offer you can t refuse it s this or a life of loneliness according to US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy I like Carrie Jenkins From her book she seems nice smart thoughtful and genuinely humble and open to discussing things I also think she s very brave to be so open about her polyamorous life and difficulties and fornduring the trolls she no Check out my review at LA Review of Books If you already have at least on a theoretical level uestioned the cultural norm of monogamy and are familiar with the basic idea of social constructionism What love is won t probably be a world view changing The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths experience for you Still I would recommend this book forveryone interested in themes such as social norms feminism and relationships Especially if you d prefer to read something brief and Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems easy to understand Overall the book was uite sociological Or maybe as a sociology student I just read it so Anyway I was happily surprised that it didn t settle only for pondering the concept of love and its dual nature but also discussed the socialffects of a heterosexual monogamous and mystic way of presenting romantic love Fascinating digestible philosophy what could I ask Jenkins introduces philosophical tools and concepts through the Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice engaging topic of love The flow of her argument gently guided me into deep waters while providing ample support to understand how I could take apart the artifacts of my own life toxamine love as a human construction and a biological reality An The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth excellent read all around As deliberately obtuse as works of philosophy can be What Love Is is a refreshingly accessible and fun read Carrie Jenkinsxplores romantic love what it is how it has volved and what it can become Starting with the rather sparse coverage love ha. What is love Aside from being the title of many a popular love song this is one of life’s perennial uestions In What Love Is philosopher Carrie Jenkins offers a bold new theory on the nature of romantic love that reconciles its humanistic and scientific components Love can be a social construct the idea of a perfect fairy tale romance and a physi. ,


Conceived of as a family of cocktails Consider daiuiris You d xpect to find a few basic ingredients in a daiuiri some kind of rum some sort of citrus juice usually lime and some sort of sweetener usually sugar But individual daiuiris vary the ratio and some include other ingredients like strawberries or bananas Other daiuiris get creative and replace the rum with another spiritMuch of What Love Is reads in this vein wordy glib and vaguely patronizing It doesn t help that neurotransmitters in no way function like cocktails or cocktail ingredientsOn a philosophical level Jenkins central thesis that love is ancient biological machinery In Deeper embodying a modern social role remains frustratingly underdeveloped For instance she doesn t always clearly differentiate her theory from straight ahead biological accounts Why not say that love is strictly biological but that people tend to ascribe it false properties This in turn could raise some interesting philosophy of language type uestions of reference akin to the debate inpistemological circles vis vis capital K and small k varieties "of knowledgeThat is what do we really meanrefer to when we "knowledgeThat is what do we really meanrefer to when we about love Or alternatively why adoptcare about this particular formulation of love Which raises the related uestion why does love matter to us in the first placeJenkins also fails to adeuately canvass the various rivals to her view Which is a shame because some of them look uite interesting Like why not subscribe to a phenomenologically based yet biologically grounded theory of love under which love represents a particular feeling brought about by some combination of brain chemicals Such a theory could potentially Personlighetspsykiatri encompass aliens with non human neurobiology but who nonetheless act like humans in love According to Jenkins these aliens could never be in love under the biological approachAt thend of the day Jenkins tells us that love is a little bit biological and a little bit socially constructed but that it can be hard to tell the difference This strikes me as a pretty obvious claim But as William James once said all great philosophies have faced the charge of triviality at one point or another Many Audiology epistemologistsndorse a reliablist theory of knowledge according to which knowledge needn t ntail certainty Yet the "philosopher Peter Unger has pointed out that it seems rather absurd to say I know that chokengisichokeng but I " Peter Unger has pointed out that it seems rather absurd to say I know that chokengisichokeng but I be wrong Such a phenomenological account of love could draw upon the present debates surrounding materialist theories of consciousness Under some of these theories consciousness depends upon certain physical structures although these structures need not be biological in nature see for instance the silicon brain project. Ontinue to volve in the future Full of anecdotal cultural and scientific reflections on love What Love Is is Financial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity essential reading for anyone seeking to understand what it means to say “I love you” Whether young or old gay or straight male or female polyamorous or monogamous this book will helpach of us decide for ourselves how we choose to love. What Love Is

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