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Love, Again: The Wisdom of Unexpected Romance eHe world s best bloodhound without testing that theory he heard the warning in her voiceIn the name ofxpedience he transferred his hold on her to one hand and uickly pulled the syringe out of his back pocket Just like that the coppery blood like tang of her terror filled his nostrils and Conall forced down a prickle of guilt He couldn t imagine she felt guilty about all the people she d murdered He didn t want to use the drug now he knew it messed with his ability to track her but she didn t know that Easy way or hard way I I can pay you than Ashforth By stealing from people No thanks Conall kept the syringe in one hand while he yanked open the door and uickly grabbed her arm His huge hand wrapped asily around her small bicep For a fairly tall woman with generous assets she felt fragile and small beneath his touch Most human females didBut she wasn t human he reminded himself as he yanked her out into the hallway I would think someone who is mercenary nough to hunt a woman he knows nothing about for money wouldn t care where the money comes from Conall stopped and hauled her close bending to nunciate the words in her face so she could make no mistake about his determination to finish this job Ashforth isn t paying me Someone important to me is dying and I hear you re the cure I bring you to Ashforth to answer for murdering his wife and he ll give me some of your blood If she felt anything about this information she did a wonderful job of not showing it Instead she tilted her chin in defiance I ll give you some of my blood if you ll just let me go No can do He shook his head and continued to pull her down the hall with him I struck a bargain with this man and my word is my honor You ve got to be kidding me right she sneered trying to yank free of his hold and failing Conall gritted his teeth and held on tighter If she kept fighting him he d inadvertently hurt her Stupid lass Keep moving She stopped as they ntered the stairwell Seriously My life is important than your goddamn honor There s a trail of bodies from the ast coast of the US through mainland Europe that makes the latter uestionable You have no idea what you re talking about Exasperated wishing he could drug her without causing her pain or him to lose his connection to her Conall let the growl show in his voice Let s cease talking ntirely To his surprise and relief she did WAR OF HEARTS Is a full length standalone paranormal romance novel by Samantha Young This is her first time writing a paranormal novel Spoken in Dual POV s This is Thea uinn and Conall MacLennan s story Whilst this was a standalone it made me believe that there may be books in the future 4 WOLF BOY STARS I ve not read many paranormal novels I can count them on one hand so I was nervous about reading this one but took that leap of faith knowing who the author was And I am soooo glad I did This was so unexpectedly Entranced (The Donovan Legacy, easy to get into from the storyline to the characters themselves made for anxhilarating read Before I knew it I d inhaled it If this book is anything to go by I definitely need to dip my toes into this genre Twenty five year old Thea is on the run moving from city to city never staying anywhere for too long trying to outrun a pure vil man named Ashforth who insists Thea uinn is a supernatural creature of unknown origin and he s out to cause her harm Thea really has no idea what she really is but definitely knows that she is not 100% human If being hunted by one man wasn t nough now she has another one on her tail and that is Conall MacLennan he s the alpha king belonging to one of the last werewolf packs in Scotland If he can apprehend Thea Ashworth has promised that her blood will cure his sister Conall is good at his job he can track like no other by scent alone Ashworth has informed Conall that Thea is a dangerous killer and is not to be trustedThea has no chance in hell when it comes to vading him The banter and interaction between these two characters was nothing other than perfection their SEXUAL CHEMISTRY SIMMERED AWAY IN THE chemistry simmered away in the which I loved Five stars Five stars FIVE FREAKING STARS This was the best PNR I ve read in FOREVER The drama the feels the characters the romance it was all so vivid so addicting so perfect I m in love with very word I can feel one hell of a book hangover coming on Just wow It has been years since I ve found myself so thoroughly immersed in a paranormal romance story Samantha Young has created an xotic world with richly developed folklore The pace is solid the characters are appealing the adventure is page turning I felt like I was reading a Jason Bourne Supernatural dition story I m xcited to pick up the second in the series and continue on 45 StarsARC provided by author Thea uinn is a 25 yr old woman who looked like a perfectly normal human but knew she was different She d had otherworldly abilities for as long as she could remember but still had no clue what she was She d long ago given up the dream of having anything and for the last six years she d been alone hiding in the shadows Others seeking power wanted to harm her so her life was about running surviving and trying not to draw attention to herself She relied on her supernatural instincts almost like a sixth sense to warn her of danger Even though she was almost indestructible she had to hide her gifts from the world and trusted no one Conall MacLennan is the loyal honorable alpha of the last werewolf pack in Scotland Clan MacLennan were his family and as their leader it was his responsibility to protect and command the people and land In the Scottish Highlands there was no place beautiful than the majestic landscape of Loch Torridon It had always been his haven Conall s sister is ill and means verything to him When a businessman approaches him with a cure in xchange for his uniue tracking ability he makes a deal he can t break He must find and retrieve a dangerous woman named Thea uinn Heading to her last known whereabouts he soon learns this feisty woman is not going to be a willing captive Thea comes face to face with a massive Scottish wolf named Conall who is ruthless intimidating and one *Of The Biggest Men She *the biggest men she ver seen Everything about him screamed warrior and danger She has no plans on letting him deliver her to her Buried enemy and clashes repeatedly with the belligerent controlling wolf As she attempts tovade him outside forces intervene and they have no choice but to rely on one another for survival On their journey things gradually begin to change between them choice but to rely on one another for survival On their journey things gradually begin to change between them a connection forms They try to ignore their growing attraction because it s a complication neither needs The thick tension between them soon becomes unbearable Feelings are overwhelming and they can no longer resist the fire between them When they are suddenly in too deep will they choose love or to walk away Everything about Thea uinn was a weapon ven her beauty She left a man feeling as though he d never looked upon anything so lovely Why did he have to make her feel like she was the only one in the room when he looked at her He was magnificent He was like one of those Roman statues of male perfection That feeling of primal female want and need that was becoming too familiar flooded deep in her belly War of Hearts A True Immortality Novel by Samantha Young is a standalone paranormal romance written under her pen name S Young It s the authors debut into adult paranormal and it s fantastic It s a steamy nemies to lovers story set in the supernatural world It has vampires werewolves secrets lies mystery drama action xcitement and suspense I love PNR books and this is one of my favorites I fell hard for this sexy alpha wolf with a heart of gold I hope we also get a book for Callie James NOW AVAILABLE. Ttempts to vade the ruthless werewolf are not only thwarted by the Alpha but by outside dangers With no choice but to rely on one another for survival truths are revealed intensifying a passionate connection they both fight to resist At war with themselves and ach other Conall and Thea’s journey to Scotland forces them to face a heartrending choice between love and betrayal War of Hearts is a standalone paranormal romance. Standalone Series 1 War of Hearts 45 Stars 2 Kiss of Vengeance 25 Stars Cue in a flourish of MOON HOWLING wolf noises Fans of paranormal romance out there let s R E J O I C E in the fact that this book xists to uench our thirst for the supernaturals those otherwordly beings who make our pathetic mundane lives seem less boring bcs they ve got interesting stories to tell that our minds would gladly indulge in This book was so good I loved it L I K E S Intriguing action packed sometimes gruesome storyline The story was very gripping There was never a dull moment where I wished I wanted to stop reading The beginning of the book held such a strong premise for the rest of the story bcs it already had an interesting start and Honestly it stayed true until the nd bcs our author did not disappointI revelled in very single part of this book from the moment we met our protagonists the hunt our hero was sent on to chase our heroine for the prize of saving his sister and the pack the dilemma of choosing between love and duty to the part where they teamed up to defeat the bad guy and ultimately the happily ver after Toes curling thighs clenching moon howling alpha couple romance The romance in this book was something to be devoured It has that nemies to lovers dynamic It was all consuming seeing how both of our characters motions gradually shift from hostile to having mutual attraction and understanding until ventually feeling immense and intense love for one anotherI loved that despite having A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, everything happened between them in the span of a little over a month the pacing of this book was steady and it didn t make the relationship feel too insta love y The heat from their passionate love making was practically blazing It was wild and it happened for the first time only a little after passing halfway through the book TO SUM UP Reading this book had been like coming home to a world of supernaturals I love paranormal romance and this book delivered just how much I overjoyed reading about werewolves mating bonds and other wolf y pack business It really made for a highly addictive read It felt like I was in mylement I believe this is something we can all admit to when reading from one of our favorite genresWhile this book only focuses on two characters it has a well constructed and The Shadow Reader engaging plotline with lots of badass action seuences and thelectric whirlwind of a romance Not to mention the story is set in Scotland and its neighboring countries that bound to captivate you with their natural beauty For a first timer paranormal writer this author has undeniably shown a staggering feat with this impressive werewolves tale FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorConall wanted to touch Thea Everywhere And he wanted her to touch him It was a haze that made his heart race his breathing deepen and Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies everythinglse in his world fade out All he was left with was want For this womanINCREDIBLE I have always been a huge fan of Samantha Young and have read a bunch of her traditional adult contemporary romances but WOW she has proven she can also write a spellbinding and all consuming paranormal romance as well I was completely hooked from the start It s been a while since I ve read this genre and I m realizing it s time to dive back in WAR OF HEARTS is an pic story filled with intrigue and incredible main characters whose romance will steal readers hearts and souls Conall is the Alpha of Clan MacLennan the most powerful wolfpack in all of Scotland if not the world He is a man of honor who loves his family fiercely and will do whatever he can to protect them and his pack Conall s younger sister is slowly dying from an incurable illness It is for this reason alone that he agrees to track a woman on the run for a wealthy American businessman Normally humans avoid trespassing on his compound and Ashforth s arrogance rubs Conall the wrong way but when Ashforth tells him that the woman s blood can cure his sister Callie he proves that he has a bargaining chip that Conall can t resist Ashforth seeks his assistance because it is a well known fact amongst werewolves and vampires that Conall has a gift for tracking anything and anyoneThea uinn is the woman Ashforth is desperate to find He describes her as being a thief and a ruthless killer to bias Conall s opinion of her but in reality Thea is the victim of Ashforth s diabolical desires She lived with Ashforth and his family for the victim of Ashforth s diabolical desires She lived with Ashforth and his family for after her parents died in a tragic plane crash It wasn t until his family for years after her parents died in a tragic plane crash It wasn t until crash that Ashforth found out that Thea wasn t human He physically tortured her for many years in order to learn what she was She may be living on the run and in sualor but she would rather be homeless than nd up back on Ashforth s compound Thea could use her powers to live the life of luxury and yet she never abuses Them Because Her Parents Always Told Her because her parents always told her use her powers for good and not for self gainWhen Conall tracks down Thea they play a game of cat and mouse Conall learns uickly that Thea is not a weak damsel in distress She has no problem taking him down with The Power Of A Choice ease They both feel an intense connection toach other and their passion will consume them When Conall learns the truth about Thea s past with Ashforth his heart will be deeply conflicted Can he sacrifice the life of the woman he is falling for to save the life of his sister Or can Conall and Thea work together to solve the mystery of what type of immortal being she is which may nd up being the one solution to all of their problemsI am so xcited to find out what Samantha Young has in store for us next I m hoping for a bunch of installments because I m not ready to say goodbye to these characters yetHere are my overall ratingsHero 5Heroine 5Plot 5Angst 45Steam 45Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 WAR OF HEARTS is available now Make sure to one click Worldwide mybooktoSYoungWoHAppleBooks 4 STARSHolyWOW I am HOOKED Line and sinker on all of the words On this amazing world On what I m desperately now hoping will be a series Because this book seriously blew me away I m a HUGE PNR fan and so it goes without saying I m also ridiculously picky when it comes to the genre But considering how much I adore Samantha Young s contemporaries I knew without ven reading the blurb to this book that I had to have it And when I finally read the blurb I was frothing at the mouth to get my hands on itIf there s one thing that is specially hard for PNR books to do is the world building All too often I ll read a PNR story that The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right ends up being a data dump ofpic proportions or there s just not Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling enough world building to truly grasp or understand This was none of those things This felt like a movie reel unraveling behind myyes as I was turning the pages A magic fantastical world that I couldn t get Monsieur Pain enough ofThea uinn is on the run but she s no weakling As a matter of fact she s frightfully strong But the most frightening thing is she has no idea what she is or where her strength comes from She s been on the run for years from something that threatensverything for her Conall MacLennan is the Alpha and Chief of Clan MacLennan and one of the most fearsome and strong werewolves there is When a man comes to him and offers him a deal to save his terminally ill sister in xchange for him hunting down a dangerous fugitive it doesn t take him long to make up his mind Being one of the best trackers it doesn t take him long to track down Thea Unfortunately it also doesn t take him long to figure out that neither Thea or verything lse surrounding their situation is what it seemsThe story was an action packed page turner There s nothing I love than a strong heroine and boy did Thea check that box for me The woman is fierce At times her power overshadows ven that of Co. A standalone adult paranormal romance from New York Times Bestselling author Samantha Young writing as S YoungThea uinn has no idea what she is All she knows is that her abilities have been a plague upon her life since she was a child After years of suffering at the hands of a megalomaniac Thea scaped and has been on the run ver sinceThe leadership and protection of his pack are of the utmost importance to Conall MacLennan. ,

Nall But what I loved the most is that it never diminished Conall s intensity If anything watching the way he handles it just added to his appealThe romance is a slow burn and while it s a little tamer that what I m used to from this author it was no less satisfying I loved these two together but I Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. especially loved the unraveling of their uniue world and learning about many of the mysterious secondary characters There snough of a hook at the nd to make me think that there will be to come in this world and I can t wait If you re looking for an addicting and uniue PNR look no further This will check all of your boxes ARC courtesy of publisher in xchange for an honest reviewFind me on Do you know that feeling when verything fizzles out somehowThis is what I felt most of the timeAnd I can tell you the xact moment when all my Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, excitement faded away Tension ran high until thenemies part turned to lovers The transition was logical but kinda sudden and therefore fell totally flat for me People will probably disagree but this is just how I feltAnd then it began I found myself doing other stuff and felt absolutely no desire to pick up the book again for Il morto di Maigret ex I had 3% left 3% Andven then I was dragging my ass Things were happening on page but my feelings remained numb and my face unimpressed Sad but trueSo yeah I didn t love the book as much as I would have liked but I still think you should give this book a try I m just in a strange mood and you ll probably nd up loving itI mean 3 stars is not bad and if I could I d give 5 stars for the first part alone it was that good The premise gosh I freaking loved it The Hero was fed with false information about the heroine and now he s bound to bring her in or lse his sister will die Uhm hi dilemma Let me welcome you with open arms lolThere was lots of action so xactly how I like it when reading paranormal 4 Stars Haven t read a good paranormalsupernatural book in a while and so glad that I d heard about this one Author Tillie Cole gushed about this book on Instagram and I knew I had to read it She s right to gush it s fast paced action packed with loads of motion and strong characters Would love to read books set in this world I could see that happening in companion novels which I hope will happen fingers crossed Very Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition entertaining well written story Highly recommend Readers to celebrate the upcoming release of KISS OF VENGEANCE WAR OF HEARTS is on sale for a limited time Was 499 now only 099 The sale is international Apple Books US Books UK WorldWide mybooktoWarofHeartsKobo US Noble UK The 1st two chapters are on my website current WIP under my pen name S Young I m soxcited Another TeaserShe looked him directly in the Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom eyes I don t have any plans to kill you tonight Wolf Boy so catch some z s too Despite the flare of irritation he felt at the ridiculous nickname Conall also felt than a flicker of amusement But you plan to kill meventually She was silent a moment and then she answered and his instincts told him she was being honest I don t know What I do know is that there s someone lse after me and you ve saved my ass twice I can t get rid of you so I may as well make use of you Her words caused a stirring somewhere they shouldn t Poor word choice on her part Make use of me his voice was gruffShe flicked him a casual look as she kicked off her shoes and got into the bed fully clothed Bodyguard She reached up and switched off the lamp at her bedsideSurprised Conall snorted And here I thought you didnae need a bodyguard Me too Until a vamp punched a hole in my chest Although she tried to hide behind levity he heard the slight tremble of uncertainty in her words Is that the closest you ve come to death lass No she whispered the duvet rustling as she turned her back to him Death and I are old friends Here s an xcerpt it s uneditedMarching away from the reception and prying yes Conall bounded up the stairs to the next floor feeling Thea s presence grow stronger Anticipation flooded him making his heart pound and his hands flex Glancing down through the drop between the railings Conall realized he could take this back staircase to the xit without having to go through receptionPerfectThankfully the hallway on the next floor was mpty as Conall tried to move his hulking figure as uietly down it as possible He stopped outside the door of the room at the farthest nd of the hallway and rested his palm against itThea was behind the doorBratGrabbing the door handle he gave it a jarring tug hearing the lock break with satisfaction Conall strode inside coming to an abrupt halt at the sight of Thea in fighting stance facing himShe had her fists held up to her face like a practiced boxer her knees bentExasperated at the thought of delaying their journey with a fight Conall swung the door shut behind him and crossed his arms over his chestHer olive skin was a little pale her features strained from the obvious painful toll the mysterious drug had taken on her body Dark circles were still visible beneath her wide tip tilted yes She was still weakGood I have no wish to fight you Thea grunted You re trying to kidnap me and you don t xpect me to fight you Are you capable
Of Fighting In This 
fighting in this She narrowed her Purely Sexual eyes I could kick your ass any day of the week Wolf Boy A growlrupted from him before he could stop it Call me that again and see where it gets you I m not afraid of you Conall tested the air and realized he couldn t smell gets you I m not afraid of you Conall tested the air and realized he couldn t smell hint of fear from her Huh Maybe that should give him pause It didn t Listen and listen carefully He took a step toward her and her lush lips pressed tightly together I m no ordinary werewolf You can run from me Thea but I ll always be able to find you So let s give into the inevitable and not make a big deal out of this Thea let out an incredulous laugh and Conall tensed at the musical sound You re delusional Wolf Boy if you think I m going anywhere without a fight If she called him that one time Conall was afraid he d change right in front of her He tried not to curl his hands into fists giving away his mounting anger I m not kidding How do you think I found you when others have failed How do you think I found you here I hear you have talents abilities well you re not the only one I have your scent Thea uinn You ll never be able to run from me again She studied him a moment perhaps trying to deduce if he was lying or not She wrinkled her nose Well that s not creepy Ignoring her sarcasm he gestured to the door Let s go Conall waited studying her impatiently as she considered him in return As her soulful The West Transformed: A History of Western Civilization, Vol 1, to 1715 eyes wandered over his body anlectric awareness shivered through him reminding him of the call of the full moonAshforth was right She was a dangerous creature in ways than oneShe relaxed her fighting stance xhaling wearily Fine Relieved but still alert Conall nodded He d barely turned a millimetre toward the door when he felt the blast of a forceful wind against his back A dark blur shot past him but his reflexes were fast and he reached out for what he hoped was the scruff of her neckMaking purchase he shoved her against the door and slammed his body into hersShe gasped her cheek pressed hard to the door along with the front of her body With a grunt she pushed against him but Conall leaned his ntire weight into her How she panted looking up at him in shockConall tightened his grip on her neck and bent his head to her ar You may be fast lass but I m faster Her upper lip curled I m not at full strength Aye well I suppose we ll see how we get on when you are He took hold of her wrists and brought them down behind her backThea suirmed and he tightened his hold knowing it must be painful but she never showed it Let s go You really think I ll believe you re Alpha and Chief of Clan MacLennan the last werewolf pack in Scotland Which is why watching his sister slowly die of a lycanthropic disease is motional torture When Conall is approached by a businessman who offers a cure for his sister in xchange for the use of Conall’s rare tracking ability Conall forges an unbreakable contract with him He has to find and retrieve the key to the cure dangerous murderer Thea uinnThea’s
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characters War of Hearts

War of Hearts

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