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Coming too much like soap opera plots I already had a difficult time with Adam going or his brother s ex It doesn t help that I ound myself rolling my eyes at some other plots coming up There was also "so much repetition in the writing itself that I m now wondering if all the books were "much repetition in the writing itself that I m now wondering if all the books were this but I just never realized it There are times when you need a sweet If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song fun romantic book and Marie Force delivers hands down You know there is definitely a HEA and you enjoy every minute of it This book is 8 in aabulous series about the McCarthy Family Every book includes all characters Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford from past books they all become youramily because you know them so well I would recommend the entire series to all who are die hard romantics and love reading sweet Ready for Summer fabulous love stories Sometimes after reading some of those intense crazy stories a loveable book is needed to calm you soothe you and just make you happy and this one did itor me 35 starsA lengthy blurbsynopsis pretty much tells the story of this one Adam Abby Who would have thought 35 starsA lengthy blurbsynopsis pretty much tells the story of this one Adam Abby Who would have thought Two people come home to Gansett Island to lick their wounds rom recent relationships gone bad Two people decide to throw caution to the wind and let it all hang out together Interesting dynamic when Abby is Adam s brother Grant s ex A coerência textual fianc Let theireworks begin Lot of insta lust and insta love in this one I had a little trouble buying into it especially given their past which included zero attraction But this is romance and I loved catching up with some of the ot. N and Kara David and Daisy and Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller find out whether Carolina has made peace with her relationship with the much younger and very sexy Irishman Seamus O'Grady Ready Set Let's go back to Gansett IslandGansett Island Reading OrderMaidor Love Mac MaddieFool Dogs Behaving Badly for Love Joe JaneyReadyor Love Luke SydneyFalling First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There for Love Grant StephanieHopingor Love Evan GraceSeason or Love Owen LauraLonging or Love Blaine TiffanyWaiting April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers for Love Adam AbbyTimeor Love Daisy DavidMeant or Love Jenny AlexChance or Love A Gansett Island Novella Jared LizzieGansett After Dark Owen LauraKisses After Dark Shane KatieLove After Dark Paul HopeCelebration After Dark Big Mac LindaDesire After Dark Slim ErinLight After Dark Mallory uinnVictoria Shannon Episode 1Kevin Chelsea Episode 2A Gansett Island Christmas NovellaMine After Dark Riley NikkiYours After Dark Finn ChloeTrouble After Dark Deacon JuliaRescue After Dark Mason Jordan. She runs into Adam She is ready to leave her good girl image behind and live on the wild side Adam ends up volunteering to be her partner in crime The main thing that troubled me in this book is that Abby had a good deal of sexual problems "and hang ups In Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome fact it made her seem so very prudish andrigid It angered me that "hang ups In act it made her seem so very prudish and rigid It angered me that was with Grant or ten years and all that time she aked her O on every sexual encounter including when she got with Cal She lied to Grant or ten years And Then Lied To Cal then lied to Cal thought a lot less of her that she was not brave enough to ace this problem head on I "FELT SORRY FOR GRANT THAT HE "sorry Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for Grant that he ten years only having lousy sex occasionally and she wouldn t allow any type of oralAfter ten years with a person you would think she would have been comfortable enough with Grant toace it and work through it I labeled her as hopeless I eel she was very neglectful with Grant and taking no interest in their intimate life Actually or me it made her appear ignorant She really knew very little about sex because she did nothing on her own to learn and research I mean really I was so Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water frustrated with that and then we had to read about every move Adam made to make sure she had an O during every tinyricken detail over and over with e I Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus feel like this series just keeps going downhill While I like appearances by past couples the series has become like a Where Are They Now read and the main couple no longer gets theireatures story like the Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse first books Many plot lines are also be. Omeun and she's shaking things up in a big way The new Abby swears drinks gets a tattoo sleeps around and generally does anything her kinder gentler alter ego wouldn't have dreamed of doingBefore too long Adam has appointed himself her guardian and is determined that the only sleeping around she's doing is with him That is unless his brother Grant is willing to risk his newfound happiness with Stephanie to keep Adam Troubled Waters from rebounding with his ex And what happens when Adam and Abby realize their summerling has taken a serious turn especially when he gets the chance to return to New York and ight or the company that's rightfully his Abby has already ollowed two men off the island Does she have it in her to ind out if the third time really is the charmAnother wild summer on Gansett Island is under way complete with new stories or many of your avorite couples rom past books You'll also see of Da. 35 Frusterating Gansett Island StarsAs much as I love this series I think it s probably best I uit while I m ahead The Gansett Island books no longer read like contemporary romances to me but rather like a daytime soap opera that just keeps going and going Adam and Abby who are the supposed ocus "OF THIS BOOK GOT VERY LITTLE ACTUAL PAGE TIME "this book got very little actual page time to all of the other stories being concurrently discussed While I like to read about the other characters and how their lives are progressing it leaves me eeling very hollow as Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, far as Abby and Adam s love story is concerned Mac and Maddie got an entire book justor their story Joe and Janey got an entire book as well Sydney and Luke Yep them too I miss those Gansett Island books and as much as I enjoy reading about the other characters and the direction their lives are taking I don t think I ll be reading any of this series until it gets back to a one heroone heroine driven romance 10 3 19 I originally rated this book three stars and it didn t get any better the second time throughAdam and Abby and their story 2 starsDan and Kara 5 starsSeeing the othersIn Waiting For Love we get to witness the repercussions of the boating accident that occured in the previous book and how it affects all of our Gansett Island Friends especially the McCarthy Bon Bon Voyage family This bookeatures the love story of Abby and Adam Abby had been with Grant Adam s brother or ten long years While she is on the Ferry returning to Gansett Island after leaving her second iancee. Sometimes the best offense is a good reboundAdam McCarthy has had a really bad week In addition to nearly losing his three brothers in a tragic boating accident his now ex girlfriend has double crossed him right out of the successful computer company he ounded in New York City What he needs is a ew days at home on Gansett Island to make sure his beloved brothers are safe and to get back in touch with what really matters his amily his riends and the tiny island that soothes his battered soul On the A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency ferry ride home he runs into an oldamily riend who's had her own share of heartache and Adam helps her through some rough moments sparking an unlikely allianceAbby Callahan has come home to Gansett single once again after her relationship with Dr Cal Maitland blows up in her ace After two epic Ravishing Ruby failures in the game of love she's decided this is going to be the summer she busts loose andinally has Waiting or Love

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