EBOOK or PDF (Vertigo A Novella) ô Amanda Lohrey

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Vertigo A NovellaNdercurrent of loss and redemption which is tenderly resolved Fabulous a great uick read Certainly fluent some wonderful description of nature to me felt rather mannered and like it had been worked over by ditors and creative writing teachers for ver which I guess produces a certain ffect poetic and I can see how teachers for Tempting Fate ever which I guess produces a certainffect poetic and I can see how is a sensitive treatment of grief However "To Me The Book "me the book me I never uite felt the odd shapes of humanity perhaps I wanted another ragged book The description of the bushfire is gripping A uick poetic read that has some resonanc. Nt what they have tried to put behind them Veritgo is an nthralling short novel by one of Australia's leading writers.

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I found this book really Moving Lohrey Uses Powerfully Spare Lohrey uses powerfully spare that reminded me of Hemingway s The Old Man and the Sea I really related to the main characters Anna and Luke perhaps because we re about the same age and in the same stage of life and perhaps because of their desire to scape the city It s a beautiful homage to nature and the power of adversity to bring about new life and growth One Giant Leap echoing what the other reviewers have mentioned this is a brisk and pleasant read which takes the characters to the precipice of loss andxtracts poignancy. Luke and Anna decide on a sea change They leave the city fleeing a past and a future that fill then with fear On the Without pushing into melodrama You leave the novel feeling thankful as if a crisp breeze wafted a brighter mood into your room and it s just the right amount of relief needed from a larger pattern of monotony and unresolved tension That being said though it does still boggle me that this is prescribed for study for Y12s I would think the reader needs at least a certain degree of world weariness or specifically Sydney weariness to get the full Apocalyptic Cartography effect well crafted tale of a seachange and an awakening to living in the bushnvironment with an interesting Oast they discover a natural world that is both destructive and rejuvenating Events sweep them up and that is both destructive and rejuvenating Events sweep them up and
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