(New) [Undone by the Ex Con Just for Him #2] By Talia Hibbert

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E is an ex ballerina who has faced the harsh

*criticism from her *
from her her whole life Her career in dance ended shortly after she was diagnosed with type one diabetes uickly ending any dreams she had in being professional However her brother has helped her et a job with a rich family in which she teaches the three daughters ballet Lizzie and Isaac instantly butt heads when they meet Nothing ood is predicted to come from the pair interacting but the sexual chemistry is off the charts Of course there is the small problem of Lizzie s employer being Isaac s publisher who is blackmailing both of them It is a messy combination and it really is a wild ride to messy combination and it really is a wild ride to The story comes together well despite the fact that it seems like it shouldn t I did have some problems with some things which I will extend on later but I think this is yet another knock out of the park by Talia HibbertIf you re looking to et into the contemporary romance Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood genre I truly can t recommend Talia Hibbert s books enough If you scroll down my blog a little you ll find a bunch of reviews I have done for her books I truly recommend them due to the fact they are simply so easy to read as well as Talia being one of the most lovely people I followinteract with on twitterwhat I did like SIBLING RELATIONSHIPSI m a big fan of family relationships in books I m super close with my mum and my relationship with my sister is iffy but I was overjoyed to see that Lizzie had such a close relationship with her brother in this book The pair hadone through so much with their parents Despite being well off and the brother living off his trust from the family their parents are monsters However the siblings work together in order to be there to support one another However the siblings work together in order to be there to support one another really was a refreshing take to see the fact the pair had come together in their hardships rather than distance I Imagine That! guess there was distance at the beginning but it is uickly sorted SUPPORTIVE FRIENDSI really love supportive friends and a supportive cast Both Lizzie and Isaac have people they can rely on The way they have treated these people is different and Lizzie does have some making up to do But overall they both have friends and people they can talk to which is honestly so damn rare in books I always find that one person seems to have a better support network but Talia Hibbert blew me out of the park yet again with Undone By The Ex Con DECENT AMOUNT OF BACKSTORY FOR BOTHI find in some of Talia Hibbert s work the backstory and development of one character is not as well done as the other This is really just a small problem I have with her work Undone By The Ex Con really did a perfect job of providing the backstory of both characters I really felt like weot a sense of who each person was through the multiple person view this story is told in I really was able to connect with Isaac s story so having a rags to riches kind of tale Lizzie was a bit difficult being someone who rew up in wealth By the end of the story I had connected to the characters and I was so igglywhat I didn t like THE ROMANCE HAPPENED SO FASTThis was a big thing for me The romance was so fast It happens over a month The characters are literally engaged by the end of the book and it just made me feel super meh about everything I am a cynical bitch I admit to this I don t like my romances to be too fast I want distance I want time and I want connection before the characters vow to make a lifelong commitment I know you can do a long engagement but seriously a month I really struggled to connect by the end THE ENDING LEFT ME NOT HAPPYThe epilogue was justbleh It wasn t what I wanted at all It kind of continues on from the last point of what I didn t like though SOMETHING MISSINGUndone By The Ex Con was ultimately missing something for me There was just a spark I wanted and this book didn t deliver it at all I don t know what it is but ultimately it just wasn t what I expected I think it was the romance honestly So maybe all my dislikes are simply just the romanceOverall I really did enjoy Undone By The Ex Con but the romance really dragged the story down for me The story really showed through flashbacks a deeper meaning that connected me to the story This was a fast paced romance set mainly in the Alps It was the perfect story for a winters day which is when I read it I still recommend absolutely anything Talia Hibbert talia hibbert s books are like crack to me no. En Lizzie’s beloved brother is threatened the issue is taken out of her hands Whether she wants to or not she will pursue Isaac; her brother’s safety depends on it There’s just one problem she’s starting to fall for the brooding secretly sweet ex con The ex con she must betra. Talia Hibbert writes the most Sister of My Heart gloriously over the top tropetasticleeful romances and this is no exception There s lashings of cash high life wild emotions buckets of sexytimes They also have King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies grounding though which makes the difference Lizzie is a super rich top ballet dancer in a whirlwind of lust with a hot bestselling author and all that but the moment that made me well up was when she sat down with her newirl friends to a Buffy marathon We don t ever lose sight of the importance of friends and sarcasm and in jokes and kindness amid the trope trappings I am not a big contemporary reader or into millionaires but the pure fun this author has with her books absolutely shines through and makes them special Consider me hooked My favorite Talia Hibbert book so far I loved the struggles each character had to overcome loved the class consciousness of the conflict and loved how third found family came together at the end I ll be reading this one again wow i have taken a trip to feels city and i am undone by this book honestly though how very dare Ms Hibbert make me feel all these feeeeels lol But seriously i adored Lizzie and Isaac so much what complex and interesting multifaceted characters Talia s characters always feel so fully formed and i just love how her heroes worship the heroine and Isaac was of course no exception This book was just captivating and of course i feel in love with every single secondary character well not Mark or Lizzie s parents cuz they were just awful which was how we were supposed to be feel about them i loved when the Rescuing Gus group allot together Lizzie and her bro Olu and Theo and Jen from book 1 as well as Aria and Yen i loved that she had people to rally around her when things were just hitting rock bottom Isaac didnt really have that because of What He D Been Through But He he d been through but he that in Lizzie And even though they were from totally different back Class of 92: Out of Our League grounds they just reallyot each other and connected in a believable way and whoo boythey were damn hot together i just need everyone to read this book ok But read book 1 Bad for the Boss first and then read everything Talia has written so far I ll be Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story getting to her latest release The Princess Trap real soon I think that Talia Hibbert isoing to be my new How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead go to for MF contemporary romance I had another reallyood read with Undone by the Ex Con A BWWM Romance and though it isn t my usual enre I couldn t put it down There is something about Talia Hibbert s writing style that is compulsively readable I mean I hate contemporary romance right is compulsively readable I mean I hate contemporary romance right But this book I zoomed right through it I love love love that Talia Hibbert ives us POC MCs in her stories I wish we had a curvy black ballerina on the cover but that s just just me muscles smushles We also et an interesting cast of characters from all walks of life some with major intimacy issues and I dug how it all came together Though the story was really ood it also made me feel kind of anxious I wanted to finish it uickly because the deceptions were making me sweat almost like a romantic suspense And though I felt the chemistry between the MCs I thought that they ot together rather abruptly for my tastes I like a much slower burn but that isn t this type of story Despite my small issues Talia Hibbert is showing me how exciting and NEW contemporary MF romance can be A very satisfying read from a now auto buy author Great writing Prickly heroine whose prickliness I Love Great Hero love Great hero straddles the line between tough and sensitive fantastic supporting characters I mean dude I love the support system between the heroine and her brother their BFFs who descend on them their council of war to thwart the main antagonist the conversations between the hero and the heroine s brother appropriately smarmy antagonist terrible parents Did I mention I loved all the supporting characters Also a ood chemical romanceThis book was a blast Hey friends please don t be annoyed by romance novels with half naked men on their cover it s just Talia Hibbert is an amaazzzinng author and she deserves all the stars her book can Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi get but she definetly needs aood cover artist 4 STARS It can be hard to recognise love when you haven t seen it in a while Give me like thisAfter what I thought was a bit of a rocky start Talia Hibbert ultimately dished up a lot of the things I love to devour in Undone by the Ex Con a tortured blue collar hero an ice pri. Is she strong enough to seduce her After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 greatest enemyIsaac Montgomery is a millionaire a murderer and high society’s latest novelty After all he’s been through it should take than a prima ballerina with a cutlass accent to et under his skin But when Isaac meets Lizzie Olusegun Key. .
The Hazaras Of Afghanistan: An Historical, Cultural, Economic And Political Study
Undone by the Ex Con Just for Him #2

Talia Hibbert ☆ 8 READ & DOWNLOAD

Ncess heroine blackmail forced proximity a touch of angsty tension diversity and of course ROMANCE The main characters were the heart of the story hereIsaac is a jaded ex con He seemed like a man who cared little for anything in his world and was very aware of the power that ave him I loved how his hard exterior hid his inner insecurities insecurities that rushed to the forefront when confronted with Lizzie His attraction to her really confounded him It was strange how her eyes could be soft as melted honey and hard as stone all at once She was a woman of contradictions Lizzie is also a swirling once She was a woman of contradictions Lizzie is also a swirling of emotion beneath her armor Despite what she shows the world Cold Contained Superior with her recent diabetes diagnosis completely changing the trajectory of her life she s struggling She felt on the edge of chaos all the time And Isaac just added to that until he didn t Gah It was wonderful watching these two figure things outWhile I have read book 1 and those characters make cameo appearances I think this could easily be read as a standalone I recommendThis was a buddy read with the wonderful ANNE BOLEYN S GHOST 3 4 StarsUndone by the Ex Con is yet another successful romance story from the ever impressive writing talents of Talia HibbertWith a slight enemies to lovers opposites attract vibe this story brings together ex con Isaac Montgomery and ex professional ballerina Lizzie Olusegun Keynes in an unexpected but life changing and passionate coupling At first lance Isaac is big and imposing with a past that only adds to his bad boy image But in truth he s shy and thoughtful now having made a success of his once poverty stricken life writing chart topping non fiction stories relating to his life and his experiences in the systemLizzie couldn t be different She comes from wealth and prestige training rigorously at a young age to achieve esteem in the world of dance But after etting a diabetes diagnosis in her early twenties Lizzie s life changes course She uits professional ballet and moves to a small cabin in England where she works as a private dance teacher for a wealthy familyIt is through their connections to this wealthy family that Isaac and Lizzie meet and fall deeply and unexpectedly in love Although there s an initial bone deep mutual attraction I wouldn t call this insta love Instead these two share some reat exasperated banter which just adds to the fun of it as the truth of their relationship and the depth of their connection slowly rows Fair warning this story heavily relies on a deception arc between the MCs At Least For A Good Chunk Of The Story Lies least for a ood chunk of the story Lies miscommunication between MCs is never something I enjoy reading in my romances yet by some stroke of luck or damn ood writing I didn t find myself as anxious or as frustrated with the characters here as I potentially could have been Thank oodness Where Hibbert particularly excels beyond her welcomed depiction of diverse protagonists is in how strong and complex she writes her characters particularly her heroines Hers are leads who feel all too real and relatable to me They aren t perfect by any means but I always find myself sympathising understanding and ultimately rooting for their happiness Lizzie and Isaac were no exception This was a sweet sexy fast paced well written opposites attract romance and I enjoyed myself immensely If you re a romance reader and haven t read one of Talia s #stories yet you simply must Trigger Warnings homophobic comments murder off the page # yet you simply must Trigger Warnings homophobic comments murder off the page abuse drug addictionYOU CAN ALSO FIND MY REVIEW FOR THIS BOOK OVER ON MY BLOGI think I ve made it clear by now that I love Talia Hibbert This was actually my final book of hers to read before the release of her next book which may be out by the time I write this review This definitely isn t my favourite of her works but it was such an enjoyable ride and I read it so fast Talia Hibbert is an hour that has had the ability to pull me out of any slump I have been descending in to Her books have such an incredible layer of depth to them as well as being hilarious and sexy at the same time I really appreciate the honesty that comes through in her booksWhat is Undone by the Ex Con about though Well it obviously features an ex con who has done his time in jail and is now a successful published writer Isaac Isaac is struggling with his publisher and deciding who to trust due to his bad boy reputation Lizzi. Nes he doesn’t just lose his cool He fking  meltsAfter a recent diabetes diagnosis Lizzie is losing control of her body her career and it seems her desires She shouldn’t want a man as coarse and cruel as Isaac but the lust between them burns just as bright as their hatred And wh.