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way he toBut the basic premise is this Cameron inserts fictional high ranking characters into the complicated weave of Hellenistic history and has them participate in events both major and minor For the most part this works extremely well as Cameron s grasp of the minutiae of Hellenistic ife and his gritty sense of the bloody painful and horrific cost of ancient warfare is superb He is also an excellent writer so the story moves along at a brisk pace flagging only momentarily in the The Seventh Witch later volumesThere are issues of course Like Star Trek Kineas and Satyrus the two main protagonists are in the frontines way too often to be believed especially in the And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake later books and their interactions with the major historical figures seem unnecessary as if the editors insisted that somehow Kineas and Alexander are in contact and so are Satyrus and various HellenisticeadersCameron though is perfectly willing to kill off major characters and in sudden and unexpected ways which adds a tremendous amount of tension to battle scenes and assassination attempts unlike Star Trek There s also some magical realism thrown in but any attempt to explain the plot would reuire much patience than any reader of this review is ikely to haveBut in short Kineas Satyrus and his woefully underutilized twin sister Melitta why wasn t she prominent in the narrative all represent what we now consider Southern Russia at the north of what we the narrative all represent what we now consider Southern Russia at the north of what we the Black Sea In those times it was the place where the steppe nomads and expanding population of farmers and colonizers crossed paths and it became a crucial part of the Hellenistic game of thrones given its ability to produce grain that the Mediterranean cities desperately needed to feed their peopleSo Cameron tosses these characters their soldiers and their grain into the Hellenistic mix and in the end comes up with a wonderful series that I enjoyed from start to finish Then again I ove excellent historical fiction and this is my favorite period so I m hardly unbiased But I Then again I The Pocket Wife love excellent historical fiction and this is my favorite period so I m hardly unbiased But I say this If you have even a passing interest in the world of Alexander the Great after his death the Tyrant series is for you I just wish there were than six volumes A flaw with this and most of the series is aack of maps Even I who know this world better than most couldn t keep the geography straight at times I guess maps are expensive because a The Color of Our Sky lot of books would be aot better with of them including this series I just finished this book in a cafe with tears in my eyes The waitress ooked at me strangely What a book what a series what an author I ve read at east a dozen of Christian s books now and such a great turn of phrase You are now my favorite author surpassing the great Bernard C Thank you Please keep writin. To take her tribe east to help stop the monster and Kineas must follow even if it means embracing the violent death in battle that he has seen prefigured in countless dreams But ong before he can confront the might of Alexander's army alongside his beloved Srayanka he must undertake an epic journey of breathtaking daring Includes a glossary. Really enjoyable read the deeper you get into the story the you want The detail on tactics is great and the ending eaves you wanting of the same Highly recommended you want The detail on tactics is great and the ending eaves you wanting of the same Highly recommended for his next one This was not in my view as good as the first in the series the thing that spoilt in the series The thing that spoilt somewhat for me was the main character s freuent dreams about his impending death I found the dreams boring and just an interruption to an otherwise interesting story I want to root for Christian Cameron he gives a solid attempt at maintaining historical accuracy and he has picked a fine setting for this series Nevertheless his writing is sometimes rough could have used another editing attempt in parts and his characters are incredibly acking All of the protagonist s underlings are interchangeable not only because of their names but because of their non existent personalities Kineas himself is a noble humble duty first can do no wrong sort of figure so there needs to be a good explanation for why he sets out on a massive boondoggle to go fight Alexander in the far reaches of the Persian Empire We don t get one we are merely expected to accept that he does this because he is in ove and that for some reason the front of Alexander s war in the far reaches of the ands of the Massagetae is the front that matters If Kineas were a flawed or fleshed out character perhaps a rationale could manifest but this feels ike a flimsy excuse for the protagonist and his warrior princess to wander the world and fight in battles Suspension of disbelief is All Roads Lead Home lost in such circumstances Cameron wanted his battle with Zopyrion in the first book of the series and wanted the second book to take place around modern day Samarkand so the protagonist could fight Alexander but did notay the groundwork for this to make any sense Kineas and his companions are back Alexander the Great is smarting from his captain s defeat and vows to subdue the Eastern Scythians on the Sea of Grass Kineas and Srayanka his Western Scythian woman have vowed to aid their Eastern allies And so begins an epic trek across the Ancient WorldAgain the author captures the feel of the ancient world The distances involved are staggering Crossing from Crimea to the Caspian sea is an unbelievable journey Cameron captures the spirit of this trip the ogistics needed to move two thousand warriors and their camp followers This is the author s strength the authenticity When Kineas crosses the Sea of Grass you can feel the wind whipping against your faceUnfortunately the authenticity is also the book s weakness It is at times a very ong story Fortunately there is a payoff in the wait The book s action scenes the fight against Persian bandits the battle in Hyrkernia sp and finally the epic battle against Alexander himself are simply awesome The. Kineas must challenge the man he once worshipped in the second entry in the Tyrant seriesKineas the Athenian cavalry commander has come a ong way since being dismissed from the army of Alexander and vengefully exiled by his own city Together his mercenary force and their Scythian allies have defeated a mighty Macedonian army at the Ford of Other thing that kind of bugged me is the mysticism associated with Kineas He is having prophetic dreams He sees his death but also his victory Meh I don t ike it In my historical fiction I prefer to keep magic out of the picture unless it is simply peoples beliefs In this case Kineas appears to be actually having real mystic experiences Three stars out of five The Book Is Simply Too Long At Points And I book is simply too The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis long at points and I tike the mysticism On the plus side the action is great epic battles and Alexander in a rare defeat at the hands of Scythian barbarians and a few Greek mercenaries Was Alexander s army ever beaten Apparently so by the Sycthians with the aid of some Greek heroes ead by KineasFinely detailed portrait of the warriors who turned back the monster at the Jaxartes river This wonderful and thrilling book is the 2nd volume of the fascinating and exciting Tyrant seriesAgain the book has been thoroughly researched historically for it gives us a well explained historical note as well as an informative author s note and not to forget at the beginning a well defined glossary and mapsThe storytelling is once of a superb uality for it brings vividly to ife Anything Christian Cameron writes is going to be freaking fantastic Ancient Greeks Macedonians Spartans Skytheins and of course Alexander the Great what can you ask for except ots of action to top it off I hate it when the hero dies I think Cameron appreciates this reader s aversion for the hero fallen so he invests heavily in presenting it s inevitability I am curious as to the author s own religiosity it takes than just a mindset of fantasy to weave a tome so rich in spiritual intervention guiding the eader so conseuentiallyI challenge Cameron to try a tome on David son of Jesse conueror of Goliath of Gath I stumbled into this six book series by way of one of my favorite recent fantasy series the Traitor Son Cycle series by way of one of my favorite recent fantasy series the Traitor Son Cycle Miles Cameron I noticed that for some unknown reason Cameron also wrote under the name of Christian Cameron and had a series set in the time of Alexander the GreatAs one who knows way too much about that Hellenistic time period and one who oved Cameron s previous work I was all in from the moment I started volume one Tyrant And as this is a connected series that really needs to be read in order to be appreciated this review is of all six books considered as a whole rather than a review of each book though parenthetical notes will six books considered as a whole rather than a review of each book though parenthetical notes will appended for eachThe story covers about 30 years of ancient history ending in 301 BCE at the Battle of Ipsos Now if you already know who won the Battle of Ipsos you will be a ittle too far ahead of the game for much of the suspense of the series which includes other historical events will be ost and you will also be surprised by some revisions Came. He River God and his adopted city of Olbia is now free once But his destiny will not allow him to enjoy the fruits of victory for ong To the east Alexander is threatening to crush the Scythian hordes once and for all The Lady Srayanka of the Cruel Hands the Scythian warrior princess who spurned a king's ove to be at Kineas's side is pledged. ,

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