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Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems lIs feckin and heikes it a otWhat stands out is the differences between both Davey and Jason Jason is a sweetheart he is respectful to women takes care of his friends and he is just an optimist Davey is an Asshole plain and simple he is disrespectful to the opposite sex basically he just considers the opposite sex basically he just considers a hole he pretty much rules Jason ove Angels Whiskey life telling him who date and who toike This Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities leads to some very tense moments between the friendsAll the shared sexual experienceseads to a kiss between Jason and Davey what started as curiousity becomes a scorching ust and boom they are both naked and doing each other It should have remained friends fooling around but hearts got in the way and a frienship based on ove was almost Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between lost The scenes between them wasn t overly sexy but it should have beeen since most of the book kept having a menage and the two of them coming together should have been hotter than a volcano but nope It was justuke warm but in a soothing chamomile sort of wayOverall I did really The Day Christ Was Born like it Ioved Jason and he created a perfect balance to cynical Davey and what can I say I am a sucker for a beautiful nerd Not the best by Mykles but I always enjoy her books and the same goes for this one Re read again in July 2013 Still books and the same goes for this one Re read again in July 2013 Still filthy It s true Davey has possibly got the most readable ass I ve read this month If you buy this gem for any reason buy it for his ass alone His behind was so well described and so well 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set loved that even I was contemplating giving it a gold star hehTwo Man Team carries on from Jet s previous book One For The Team set within a couple of months of a wedding and of Davey Jason et al getting it on Davey makes a few gentle suggestions to Jason that maybe he dike to on Davey makes a few gentle suggestions to Jason that maybe he d The Seventh Witch like to the band back together with some chicks and so they do There is much surreptitious watching of each other and almost touching during their sexorin fest and until finally they end up in the sack just the two of them NiceNormally the whole chick as an add on can kinda suick me as it often feelsike she s just the tag along Unless the book is a purpose written menage The way the author handled this was nicely done and even though they re not a huge focus how they re dealt with was nicely written I guess this was kinda important to me that it fed and drove the plot rather than adding a random sex sceneThe chemistry between Davey and Jason was unspeakably hot and Eel the same The past has taught Davey that happily ever after doesn't exist and Jason is afraid he'll never be able to change Davey's mind Will Jason be able to convince his stubborn friend that they can forge a two man team Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic anguage and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse malemale sexual practices menage mf. 35This was my first book by Jet Mykles but it won t be my Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America last because Mykles sure knows how to write the SEXY with a capital S E X I knew about the MMF scenes before reading yes they re on page and VERY explicit The pure MMovin doesn t start until 50 percent There s not a The Pocket Wife lot of character or relationship development and the plot is nonexistent but the smut s abundant and glorious Iiked Melanie one of the women who does a threesome with Davey and Jason She knew what she wanted and was the catalyst for bringing Davey and Jason together I really didn t understand Davey I thought he would be the one pushing for a relationship instead of the other way round Smutty goodness tentative HEA BFFs to The Color of Our Sky lovers biGFY some feels Worked for me 35More substantiative than I anticipated Naturally my dumbass started it because I thought it was MMF and while there are someady garden sightings the endgame is MM So I got hosed Again I m having a helluva time finding MMF ately I feel ike the universe is conspiring against meThis is what I got for you universeUltimately I found myself invested in Jason and hoping for him to convince Davey to pull his head out of his ass and surprisingly mushy over the endingGood feels are good 35 starsAn enjoyable read but I had to be patient for the boy on boy Obsession love until almost 50% Okay theast seal preventing The Apocalypse has officially been brokenThis is ME recommending an MMF book girl parts and allStop Cabaret: A Roman Riddle laughing bitches I m even Nichole Hearts Jet MyklesIoved this book Jet is better than anyone else in the genre at writing ikeable characters that you just want to keep reading about no matter what they re doing She is also definitely the very best at Gay For YouWarning Girl CootiesIt s fairly clear in the blurb for this book but there are girl cooties If you really don t ike that in your books then you probably won t ike this one This is an mm in that the two male eads become an exclusive couple and they do have sex on their own But the first half has several mfm menage scenes I did not mind this because A I knew it was coming and B Jet did a great job of showing in these scenes the attraction Jason felt to Davey It was clear he had no interest in those girls on their own And th I just gobbled this down ast night and giggled with on their own And th I just gobbled this down ast night and giggled with when I was done This is the kind of Jet Mykles book I fell in ove with a couple years ago Before rea. Previous Book One for the Team Genre LGBT Erotic Contemporary Others might be fooled into thinking Davey is just a computer nerd but Jason knows better He knows his geeky best friend is wicked to the core So he shouldn't be surprised when Davey ures him into a threesome on the night of their friends' wedding Two guys and one girl turns out to be a pretty terrific thing especially when watching Davey have sex is. Ding Just For You I admit that I was afraid that my reading crush was over but not anyThe mfm did not bother me at all A ot of mmf or mfm is gratuitous and not really necessary to develop the plot In the context of the story it made sense and was necessary for the development of the relationship between Davey and Jason The sex was hawt all the way through and there is a ot of it in there But hey Jet excels at writing about sex so I M there is a ot of it in there But hey Jet excels at writing about sex so I M Complaining The Pairing not complaining The pairing Davey and Jason was a great ideaA ight fun heat inducing read I hated this book Half of it was a MFM menage Not even MMF but a het menage NOT what I want in my gay MM romance I was so pissed off I couldn t read it to the end hence the 1 star And it s just me not the story because I knew there was girl cooties in this book I just did not expect there to be so much of itHowever it s a Jet Mykles so it can t be bad And it isn t If you don "T Mind Females In Your "mind females in your books if you won t mind two men having a straight menage once with Tacy Stacy without the S she says and twice with Melanie and enjoy ight contemporary MM romances you l enjoy it just as everyone else did 25 starsI knew this would have MFM scenes in it but I wasn t expecting this many scenes And how oooooong and detailed those scenes would beBut I got through it hoping Jason and Davey would start a curious but hot and oving relationship with them being best friends and allBut yet again I was wrongDavey was kind of an ass to Jason He was too much this is just sex don t think anything about it for me He hurt Jason I didn t Just Cause like itEventually they talk about their feeling or yell to each other with an entire audience present but Davey still had trouble dealing with the whole relationship thing These guys do get their HEA but for me it was a shaky oneAnd I have to say what the he WANTED MORE TAG TEAMING BETWEEN THE DUDES So in my eyes Jet can do no wrong I alwaysove her mm books and the characters are always fun and interesting This book wasn t one of her best but I oved it anyways I ove the inner struggles of the ead male characters I always enjoy her friendships and ast but not east the sex is always amazingTwo Man Team is about two best friends become overs and they find out their ove for each other while doing a ittle 3way with some adies While fooling around Jason realizes that he is attracted Davey he ikes the way he Fiesta Moon looks when he. Almost as hot as knowing Davey is watching him And the girl doesn't seem to mind either One threesomeeads to but then something changes Now when Davey touches him it's a whole new ballgame Jason ikes ita otand he ikes it even when they try sex without the girl Who knew But Jason's troubles are just beginning He sees new found depths in their friendship Depths he's willing to explore Too bad Davey doesn't

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Two Man Team Team #2