[E–book] Two Man Assault

With plenty of varied man on man action and stunningly themes these stories will Provide A Memorable Feast Of a memorable feast of fiction that demonstrate when a man a man anything can happenTwo Man Assault by Landon DixonWorld War I The Western Front Two soldiers o over the top One keeps running through enemy lines and beyond shedding his weapons of war While the other follows close behind watching and lusting They capture enemy round than the entire 1st Army’s taken in four years of fighting And then they capture each other celebrating their temporary personal victory in the comradeliest manner possibleLadies Man by Jade TaylorWhen Aidan asks Nate to stay late at work he wonders why he’s been to stay late at work he wonders why he’s been but as Aidan is tall dark and Italian looking he doesn’t exactly mind When Aidan offers him a beer and seems to be flirting Nate’s confused; Aida. Two Man AssaultRad comes along he wants to do everything in his power to keep him He has a feeling Brad’s ay not that it makes any difference to him etting the job his ualifications are impeccableOne day he notices Brad has a sore neck so he offers to massage it but the massage turns into much than either of them bargains for Driven To It by Elizabeth ColdwellEven the best brief in the business can’t help star striker Jordan Kennedy escape a driving ban Needing a ride to the training round he hires cute chauffeur Callum to

him around Their relationship ets to a frosty start and it doesn’t help that Jordan’s fighting a fierce attraction to Callum TABOO IN THE CLOSETED WORLD OF FOOTBALL BUT AN in the closeted world of football But an detour On A Stormy Day Brings Their Mutual a stormy day brings their mutual out into the openThese stories have also been published in When A Man Love a Man ISBN 978190776163.

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N’s always seemed such a ladies’ man But could he be wrong There’s only one way to find out A Date with the Popo Bawa by G R RichardsIn rural villages across Zanzibar the Popo Bawa is the most feared of all creatures He is known to paralyse dreamers and sodomize them as they sleep When Gus sets out to investigate the case he’s certain it’s nothing than sleep paralysis coupled with some sort of shared cultural nightmare But as he and his Swahili translator Ayize talk to and victims the Popo Bawa becomes so real Gus he decides he must Capture It To Save it to save villagers from further brutality He doesn’t mind "taking one for the team But how will Gus react when it turns "one for the team But how will Gus react when it turns *THE POPO BAWA HAS BEEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF * Popo Bawa has been right in front of throughout the entire investigationMale Secretaries by Richard AllcockRay knows that finding a ood secretary isn’t easy so when

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