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Sit Venice during the summer Leon s voice is always a pleasure When talking about the heat she conveys the sense of it without referencing it directly Brunetti realized only then how hot he was He tried to lift his right leg but it was glued to the chair by sweat It is these touches that bring Venice to life by allowing us to see the city as those who live there doThere is a second plot thread of two Romany pickpockets It is interesting to learn the differences between how crimes are handled in Italy versus the United States The secondary plot does raise interesting pointsLeon s descriptions from the route to an address Brunetti takes that only a resident would know to his description of a room badly decorated to food are a delight and bring the city to life Even a plate of sandwiches at a bar sound good From the sides of the sandwiches spilled ham gg tomato tuna salad radicchio rucola shrimp artichokes asparagus and olives Leon is wonderful at injecting verbal Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems exchanges to make one chuckle When called into his boss s office Signorina Elettra remarks If you aren t out in fifteen minutes I ll call the police However she is also very good at making one pause and consider as with Bruno s conversation with a nurse But if you work with death you have to become spiritual or you can t do it any when they get close to thend you can sense their spirit or you sense that it s there They do too And it helps them And us She knows how to touch one s Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework emotions Griffoniraised a hand and threw open her palm as if to release the dead woman s spirit into the air The three of them remained silent fornough time to allow that spirit to Angels Whiskey escape the room There is something wonderful about a policeman who reads Lysistrata for pleasure and describes Agamemnon as a windbag commander The relationship between Brunetti and his wife Paoli adds normality It is one of a couple who has been married a long time and still loves one another An interesting characteristic of Leon is that when her characters are in a professional setting she references them by their surnames yet when in a personal setting or amongst one another as friends she uses their first namesLeon is incredibly good at building a story She takes one along with her through the steps with an amazing subtlety to the cluesTrace Elements is a police procedural without car chases or gunplay but with a somewhat political theme It is a very contemporary mystery with a contemporary crime It reflects on the degradation of true justice in our time and on compromise For some thending may not seem satisfactory but upon reflection there is some small justice amidst justice that cannot be achievedTRACE ELEMENTS PolProc Comm Guido Brunetti Venice Contemp VG Leon Donna 29th in series Atlantic Monthly Mar 2020 If you have never read one of Donna Leon s marvelous Guido Brunetti mysteries don t let the unfamiliar locale and culture Venice or the fact that the newly published TRACE ELEMENTS is the 29th installment in the series dissuade you These novels are written so that one can pick them up in any order at any time without missing a beat As for the culture of Venice there are Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities elements of it that remain a mystery to all including the Venetians themselves Commissario Brunetti of the Venetian police is an observer than an interpreter which is just perfect for this long running character driven series that never fails to winninglyntertainAs with most of these books TRACE ELEMENTS includes a strong primary plotline anchored by an intriguing mystery as well as a secondary problem the presentation of which constitutes an interlude Let s discuss the latter first The number of pickpockets in Venice are skyrocketing for reasons that are not ntirely known to "brunetti he is not tasked with discovering why " He is not tasked with discovering why he figures it out He is merely instructed to deal with the issue and make it go away for a few days This he does and along the way readers get an idea of how law nforcement politics and the news media interact in VeniceThe primary mystery here takes longer to resolve It begins when Brunetti receives a call from a Physician At A Local Hospice at a local hospice him that a dying patient wishes to speak to the police Brunetti and his colleague Claudia Griffoni respond to the bedside of Benedetta Toso a tragic figure under any circumstances In addition to being terminally ill Benedetta has recently lost her husband Vittorio Fadalto who was killed by a hit and run driver while riding his motorcycle She is only able to offer a couple of cryptic statements that appear to be related to her husband s Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between efforts to obtain additional money for her care at a different hospice Brunetti and Griffoni learn that Vittorio had a fairly innocuous job working as a sample collector for a company that measures the cleanliness of the Venetian water supplyIt is thenigmatic Signora Elettra Zorzi secretary to Brunetti s immediate superior Vice uestore Patta who The Day Christ Was Born effectively runs the department Her superior ability to gather research no matter where it may be is ultimately what provides Brunetti with the informational key he needs to unlock the doors that reveal the why and the who behind Vittorio s death among other things All Brunetti has to decide is what to do with the information which is not nearly as simple as it may seemI say this at least once a year but it bears repeating Anyone who hasven a passing interest in mystery literature should be reading this series religiously Leon is incapable of writing badly and is a subtle nuanced storyteller of the first order TRACE ELEMENTS continues her wondrous string of memorable police procedurals all of which are keepersReviewed by Joe Hartlau. N time Brunetti comes to realize the perilous meaning in the woman’s accusation and the threat it reveals to the health of the ntire region But justice in this case proves to be ambiguous as Brunetti is reminded it can be when seeking solace he reads Aeschylus’s classic play The EumenidesAs she has done so often through her memorable characters and storytelling skill Donna Leon once again ngages our sensibilities as to the differences between guilt and responsibili. ,

In her 29th book featuring Guido Brunetti Commissario of police in Venice Donna Leon has once again provided a storyline in which for the most part it s not actually certain that a crime has been committed Brunetti and his colleague Claudio Griffoni are asked to attend the hospice bedside of a 38 year old woman Benedetta Toso who is suffering from cancer Not only is she certain to die soon but her husband Vittorio was just recently killed when his motorcycle went off the road and he drowned in a ditch Benedetta has two daughters who are being cared for by her sister It s clear that the dying woman is severely distressed and trying to get a message across to them but she s barely able to talk and they can only really pick up a few sentences It seems that Vittorio had recently reuired some bad mo Please note that there is a little spoiler in here but anyone with half a brain could figure it outIt pains me but Trace Elements barely The Seventh Witch ekes out a three star rating from meLet me start with the positive Leon is a professional novelist Her writing is crisp and clear Her body of work is rather vast and her pacing is good In my opinion NO ONEvokes Venice better than Leon Her descriptions are spot on her love for the city which I immensely And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake enjoy during the off season is obviousWhich brings me to the negative In the past several novels Leon has come across as a malcontent who is POd by the changes tourists are creating in her beloved home I understand her position living in one of America s premier resorts and I ve seen the Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America effects that tourism particularly large boat and large group tourism is having on Venice and it s tragic But no place isxactly as it was twenty or thirty years ago and most places haven t changed for the better during that time By virtue of her The Pocket Wife education and the opportunity to live as anxpatriate in such a magical place Leon s life is very privileged I m not deprecating the hard work and work The Color of Our Sky ethic that produces these novels But love it or leave it DonnaI also understand her recurring theme of water and pollutioncontamination One of my children is anarth scientist and conomist and attorney with a specialization in hydrology and we share a love of this most precious natural resource We advocate for it as well as conserve it and have watched the MOSES mentioned in the novel and one of the most ambitious and forward thinking hydrological proposals ver for years This obsession with water and tourism is weakening her storylines Leon s formerly masterful plotting is becoming transparent to the point that view spoilerwhen very Obsession early in the story she mentions a certainxclusive brand of watch worn by a person with a particular profession I know xactly who the villain is and also know his motivation hide spoiler A uandary for BrunettiTwo seemingly simple cases that had no connection A couple of Roma girls have pick pocketed the wife of a powerful person who wants
out of Venice in case nuiries open up something they don t want xposed A dying woman who has Something To Confess To to confess to policeAs investigations unfold both cases are a minefield of complexities for Commissari Guido Brunetti and Claudia Griffoni As always they are ably assisted by the highly fficient Signorina Elettra whose computer skills allow them into places that they normally couldn t accessOne case involves a uestion of the health of the planet Both cases speak to what the powerful are able to get away with Brunetti is faced with conflicting choicesAs Brunetti summarizes his reflections and the uestions the situation demands we are reminded of his love of mythologies of the pastHis thoughts turned to the Eumenides and the characters desperate search for an understanding of justice based on something other than vengeanceBrunetti was both accuser and accused He had to decide which crime to punish which to ignore and choose the greater criminal or the better oddsAs always a complex yet rewarding read Leon s underlying themes of the nvironment politics graft and corruption bubble away rising to the surface throughout It took me sometime to understand the title I was as confused as Brunetti until we both weren tA Grove Atlantic ARC via NetGalley As per usual in her latest novels Donna Leon uses her books to comment on social political or in this case nvironmental matters Also there s a subplot about pickpocket minors and the police inability to deal with them Although a crime novel the crime itself is secondary In fact it s not All Roads Lead Home even clear if a murder has been committed becoming almost incidental but the story is no lessntertaining because of it At the nd Brunetti is presented with a moral dilemma and although the nding it s not as satisfying as I would have like from the story point of view it s a faithful reflection of today s world as there are times when things don t wrap up as neatly as we wishI ve been reading this series for years and I keep doing it not for the crimes or the plots themselves but for its characters Each book offers a glimpse into their daily lives sometimes with interesting stories than others but always a pleasure to come backIf you ve been a fan of this series for years you ll like this one but if it s your first Brunetti story and you re xpecting a traditional murder mystery I suggest you start with the first books in the series if only for getting to know these beloved characters from the beginningThanks to Edelweiss and Atlantic Month Press for providing an ARC in xchange for an honest review Brunetti receives an unusual reuest a woman in hospice reuests a visit from the police He and Claudia Griffoni meet with the young woman who is not only dying. When Dottoressa Donato calls the uestura to report that a dying patient at the hospice Fatebenefratelli wants to speak to the police Commissario Guido Brunetti and his colleague Claudia Griffoni waste no time in responding“They killed him It was bad money I told him no” Benedetta Toso gasps the words about her recently deceased husband Vittorio Fadalto Even though he is not sure she can hear him Brunetti softly promises he and Griffoni will look into what initially But also has just lost her husband They investigate the circumstances surrounding his death and as in may of Leon s other novels we learn of corruption in Venice It is wonderful to revisit these favorite characters again ven if it does get depressing to hear about all of the corruption in Brunetti s beautiful city Thanks to the publisher and to Netgalley for the ARC 3Trace Elements is the 29th book in the Commissario Guido Brunetti series Brunetti investigates crimes in his beloved city of Venice Sometimes these offenses are particular to this beautiful city and sometimes they are universal but they always contain the flavor of Venice Where lse can you take a boat to the airport They are all well written with sharp dialogue and references to Ventian landmarks The crime in Trace Elements is one that could be committed anywhere Without giving spoilers the greed cover up and lack of concern for humanity were frightening but certainly not unheard of While Brunetti continued to be irresistibly charming with his keen intelligence love of books and food and jabs at Italian politics this was not the best in the series I have read many in the Brunetti mystery series and highly recommend starting at the beginning Especially if Italy has an appeal this series will definitely be satisfying 35 stars Donna Leon and her literary creation Commissario Guido Brunetti love Venice But they don t look at that beautiful and historic city and the country of Italy itself with rose colored glasses No in this Leon s 29th in her detective series you can see how problems both internal to Venice and global ones also are getting Leon and hence Brunetti a little downMass tourism with its resulting crisis of overcrowding pollution and overall major inconvenience to the locals rising crime global warming s ffect on acua alta flooding and on weather in general cronyism and corruption and bureaucracy in politics and business You name it Brunetti is suffering from its ffectsBut as I said Brunetti loves Venice as does xpat author Leon born in New Jersey Leon lived in Venice for perhaps 35 years beginning in the very Just Cause early 1980s only moving to Switzerland in 2015 butven now visiting Venice perhaps one week per month And her personal xperiences and warm regard for the city shine through in her writing We readers feel we are gaining some intimate knowledge of the real Venice ven as we njoy solving the mysteries with BrunettiIn this latest of the series Brunetti and his colleague Claudia Griffoni are called to the bedside of a dying woman whose husband had recently died in a motorcycle accident They killed him It was bad money I told him so That s all they can get out of her in her medically drugged and cancer weakened state Not much to go on but with the help of intrepid internet wiz Elettra Zorzi the secretary to Brunetti s boss Vice uestore Patta they will manage to uncover a whole nest of intrigue and corruption and find a murdererThis is not a favorite of mine in Leon s series It spends a bit too much time as advocacy literature with an agenda of pointing fingers at various nvironmental social and political issues without nough time on the actual crime and its solution I have no problem with Brunetti becoming an co detective but I did need murder investigation and detective work here to counterbalance the dark issues of global warming corruption pollution and tourism crisisThis is really a 3 star book for me that I m giving 4 stars somewhat paradoxically for the very fact that Leon is using Brunetti and this mystery for a bit of a soapbox We need people to realize that these are serious issues and that the times are indeed dark Brunetti has always been an introspective and thoughtful character and his worries here seem uite in keeping with his personality And one can only hope that his thoughtfulness in this book will ncourage thought from readersBTW the title of this TRACE ELEMENTS is clever in its double meaning First the obvious one of chemical pollution of water sources and second that mentioned by Brunetti of his having no optimism about these trace lements of behaviour ie in people not with a daughter who on the subject of the nvironment was as grim as any of
s damnedYep I m giving 4 stars because of my being so in sync with Brunetti and Leon in their concerns I think Donna Leon is running out of fresh ideas perhaps not surprisingly after 29 novels in this series I found the continual complaints about tourism in Venice all too familiar maybe she will write something different now about the summer of 2020 when no one is visiting and the canals are running clean Over recent novels she has chosen themes that show the corruption or mismanagement in Italian politics and business and I felt this was also becoming predictable In this book the iss First Sentence A man and a woman deep in conversation approached the steps of Pone dei Lustraferi both looking hot and uncomfortable on this late July afternoonBenedetta Toso a dying hospice patient who asks to speak with the police claims her husband Vittorio Fadalto was murdered over bad money Commissario Brunetti and his colleague Claudia Griffoni promise to investigate the matter but was it murder or an accident Suspicions mount as they learn about Vittorio s job collecting samples of water to be tested for contamination Piecing together the tangled threads Brunetti comes to realize the perilous meaning in the woman s accusation and the Threat It Reveals To it reveals to health of the ntire regionWith an xcellent beginning one learns that being a Neapolitan in Venice is a far greater handicap than being a woman and that one may not want to vi. Ppears to be a private family tragedy They discover that Fadalto worked in the field collecting samples of contamination for a company that measures the cleanliness of Venice’s water supply and that he had died in a mysterious motorcycle accident Distracted briefly by Vice uestore Patta’s obsession with youth crime in Venice Brunetti is bolstered once by the remarkable research skills of Patta’s secretary Signora Elettra Zorzi Piecing together the tangled threads .

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