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Titanic's Fatal Voyage (Titanica) We Can Have Revival Now

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Iceberg right ahead yelled Frederick Fleet a crewmember aboard the Titanic The ship had only seconds to spare Titanic’s officers steered the ship to the left as uickly as they could to avoid a head on collision But they weren’t fast nough The right side of the ship struck the side of the ice mountain floating in the north Atlantic The fate of the Titanic—and its 1317 passengers and 885 crewmembers—had been sealed Titanic’s Fatal Voyage tells the devastating story of how the gigantic and supposedly unsinkable ship was swallowed by the sea on its maiden voyage Readers will learn about the ocean liner’s journey in vivid detail as well as incredible tales of courage in vivid detail as well as incredible tales of courage survival The fascinating content and large format color images maps and fact boxes bring the Titanic’s tragic story to life Titanic’s Fatal Voyage is part of Bearport’s Titanica series.