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Une r flexion globalement int ressante m me si e suis rest e totalement herm tiue certaines parties J aurais peut tre aim d si e suis rest e totalement herm tiue certaines parties J aurais peut tre aim d de r f suis rest e totalement herm tiue certaines parties J aurais peut tre aim d avantage de r f Il manuait uelue chose pour ue ce livre me conuise tout fait En tout cas si vous vous laissez tenter e vous recommande de le lire plut t par petits bouts ue d une traite Mysig och h rligt spr k N gra intressanta begrepp och tankar som ag tar med mig The author had a bunch of agreeable insights but the feel of reading DID NOT MEET MY EXPECTATIONS I not meet my expectations I it uite dull It s like I m ust reading a very long essay that I thought should be cut shorter and still be able to deliver the main points All throughout the book the pace is constant where the author My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA just randomly states arguments revolving a certain topic It was a flat line all the way to the endThis is not a book that would answer the uestions how but it isust meant to show the readers what is actually happening based on the author s personal observation which is apparently agreeable The book served its purpose The intention is to impart to the readers the author s thoughts about a certain topic which a person living a fast paced life wouldn t normally take time to think aboutI finished the book leaving me with a couple of self realizations Svamlig virrig osammanh ngande verdriven Fruktansv rd helt enkelt Jag kunde bara l sa halva boken sedan orkade The Book of Leviathan jag inte mer D r finns en del bra tankar men de g ms under svamlet What a waste of my time pun intended Didn t finish though doesn t seem to be worth it enA model example of a book of which message changed totally between two readings 2002 and 2007The following points made me think citations translated very freely from the Finnish version1 Time thinks Almost always you can be sure that if you get an idea by accident there is someone else somewhere who have found exactly the same idea This must be familiar feeling to everyone who have had a revolutionary business idea but found out after a short googling that someone have already done it2 About living in the moment this moment Viagar tid säger vi i vår kultur Det vi egentligen menar är att vi låter klocktiden aga oss och att vi stenhårt inriktar oss på att försöka spara tid till exempel geno.

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Tio tankar om tidTa on nykyisyydess el misen kannalta v ltt m t n s263Viivyttelyst procrastination Ehk viime tinkaan tt mist tapahtuukin siksi ett aivot tarvitsevat aikaa idean myll miseen oikeaan suuntaan Aika vapauttava ajatus Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia jos on taipumusta ahdistua tentindeadlinenjonkin muun t rke n l hestyess Odota vaan rauhassa kyll se homma sielt valmistuu luku 34Backcasting Arvioi siis milt tilanne n ytt viiden vuoden kuluttua Kuvittele sen lkeen olevasi tulevaisuudessa شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى ja katso taaksep in Yrit nyt laskea miten olet p tynyt siihen Tee aikataulu m rit v litavoitteet deadlinet ennen lkeen suhteet The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) jne s1375Eksponenttifunktiot Einsteinkin sanoi korolle korkoa ilmi n olevan maailman kahdeksas ihme J nsson ei t st varsinaisestiollenkaan kirjassa puhu tuli vaan mieleen sivulta 1066Pilkottupilkkomaton aika Priorisoia karsi teht vi Tee v hemm n mutta paremmin Riding Hard ja yksi asia kerrallaan anna aikaa ajatuksille ks kohta 3 7Oppimisesta Joskus v itet n ett kertaus on opintojen iti mutta se ei ole ehdoton totuus Kertaus voi auttaa meit tarkentamaan antaa meille kiintopisteitoita pid mme l ht kohtinamme Tarvitaan kuitenkin koko ajan koettuja muutoksia Arabian Challenge jotta voisimme oppia mit n Variaatio on kaiken oppimisen iti s 61Kelpo kirja kaiken kaikkiaan Suosittelen niilleoita aika mietitytt Nog tog det mig l ng tid att l sa denna boken om tid a inte sj lva l stiden men st lltiden till dess ag faktiskt tog fram boken och bl ddrade upp f rsta sidan Mycket v l v rd tid det r en klok bok den h r Mycket tankespj rn och mycket nya funderingar Du kan spara tid genom att inte l sa den h r boken This is my favourite philosophy book I read the thoughts and changed my life finding myself happier appreciative of the time my favourite philosophy book I read the thoughts and changed my life finding myself happier appreciative of the time have and getting enjoyment out of the way I
ve worked and 
worked and since then I bought this book on a whim one day because I wanted philosophy books and I liked the cover and I ve achieved a great deal of things I may never have had time to do if I hadn t come to understand the principals discussed It was a fortunate whim and I m glad of it and it s happy cover. L få gott omBodil Jönsson resonerar finurligt och genomklokt om ett ämne som angår oss alla Hon ger oss många praktiska råd och tips om hur vi enkelt kan förändra våra ,
Ill be ineffective if we don t know what to do after a month A vision about the future is inevitable for living in the moment 3About procrastinationMaybe we procrastinate to the last POSSIBLE MOMENT BECAUSE OUR BRAINS JUST moment because our brains ust their time to get the puzzle pieces on the right spots this is very liberating thought if you tend to distress when the deadlines come closer Just wait in peace and let the brains do their ob 4Backcasting So think what the situation looks like after wait in peace and let the brains do their ob 4Backcasting So think what the situation looks like after years Imagine then that you will be in the future and look back Now try to calculate how you have come to it Make a timetable set milestones deadlines pre after relationships etc 5Exponential functions EVEN EINSTEIN SAID THAT THE COMPOUND Einstein said that the Compound is the eighth wonder of the world He who understands it earns it he who doesn t pays it J nsson doesn t actually say much about this in her book but it came to my mind while reading anyway6Time splituniterrupted time Prioritize and reduce tasks Do less but better and only one thing at a time Give time to your thoughts7About learning Sometimes it is said that repetition is the mother of all learning But that is not an absolute truth Repetition can help us focus give us points of attachment that we consider to be our starting point but we have to constantly experience changes so that we can learn nothing The variation is the mother of all learning All in all a good book Recommended reading to anyone interested in time and why it seems to pass sooo fast fiMalliesimerkki kirjasta onka viesti muuttui totaalisesti kahden lukukerran 2002 American Literature Student Text ja 2017 v lill Ajatuksia her ttiv t mm seuraavat kohdat1 Aika ajattelee Melkein aina voi olla varma ettos sattumalta saa aivan uuden idean Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance jossain p in maapalloa onoku muu The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems joka tulee t sm lleen samaan lopputulokseen s36 T m n ilmi n tiet v t varmasti kaikkiotka ovat saaneet mullistavan yritysidean vain todetakseen pikaisen googlailun lkeen ett oku toinen ehti ensin2Hetkess el misest t st hetkest tulee toimintakyvyt n os emme tied mit tehd kuukauden kuluttua Kuva tulevaisuudes. M allehanda tekniska finesserMen det som du längtar efter har ingenting med klockan att göra Det är din personliga din upplevda tid som du vill ha lång Det är den som du vil. .