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Dance Real Slow jNe A completed romance with a happy ending that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy I LOVED IT Now while I fell into insta love with this book I very much appreciated that the characters didn t I loved that their relationship took time to develop it was so well paced After they meet its actually a little while before they officially become a couple so as the reader you get the time to connected with them laugh over their banter swoon over them flirting and you g You want to say yes but you reust not ready My aw dropped It s okay His grin turned cocky I m a lot to handle but I can assure you you ll have fun handling me This book A perfect mix of swoony wonderful romantic heartbreaking angsty dramatic and beautiful 3 Me while reading the bookFrom page one I ve had the goofy smile on my face and my grinning ust got bigger and bigger till my cheeks hurt D I loved it from star to finish the romantic parts especially cause I m a huge romance fan and I have to admit even the angsty parts were great which is a shock cause I don t like them DOne scene got me teary eyed and one scene had me gasping in shock and surprise look at my status below LOLBut yeah through most of the book I had that look from the gif here D total dreamy smile 3Cam and Avery s first meetFirst scene in the book she s late for class and bumps into him DHe turns on his charm and bam She s a total goner ahahahahah I kinda loved the book from this scene and The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life just kept on loving it as the book went on DShe kept avoiding him and he kept flirting with her DBut yeah this was a total swoon and I like the fact that they met in the first scene and had a billion scenes together I didn t have to wait half a book for something to happen DAveryShe moved across the country to an unknown university in order to escape her past Avery is not used to having friends or being close to someone because she was pretty much hated in the town she lived inLucky no one knows here here and she makes new friends along with Cam who wants to be thanust friends with herShe never thought she could get attracted to anyone but with Cam it all changes They spend and time together and she can t get him out of her mind even though she thinks there s nothing there but friendship between themCameronFrom the moment he first sees Avery he s interested but he gets that she doesn t want to have anything to do with him At that momentOf curse he isn t lightly discouraged so he does his best to stay near her and keeps asking her out even though she constantly refuses him stupid woman but oh wellCam is pretty much perfect Maybe a bit too much but I don t mind DDDHe s gorgeous smart confident funny he has dark locks of hair that keep falling on his forehead for goodness sake DD But like I said I don t really mind DFor one it s pretty refreshing to read about a guy who knows he s hot and the sht ahahaha and he isn t ashamed to say it out loud DTook me a while to get used to it but yeah I totally loved him anyway 3Their romanceIt was so sweet and romantic and swoony I ust totally LOVE itThe cookies the Sunday breakfast the stargazing all the little thingies sighEven though they were friends Cam was pretty confident that sooner or later they d be together and he acted accordingly D Avery I mean I admire her for being able to say no to him for such a long time but I want to kick her for doing it cause seriously He s like the perfectest of the perfect yes I know it s not a word P romantic and is willing to wait for her however long it takes 3The angsty part of the bookBoth of the MCs have a secret something dark in their past that they don t want to share That s the thing That Will Bring On The Angst And will bring on the angst and bit of a separationfights and all that Here I felt the most for Cam He was willing to do anything wait for her no matter how long it took tell her whatever she wanted to know and she kept shutting him out I ust wanted to hug him 3What I didn t expect was her secret I guessed what it was about and I was half right but still Didn t see that angle coming SSSThe sexWell since I haven t read many NA I can t really say what would be normal or not but here I was totally surprised by all the smexy timesI mean it wasn t really explicit or anything but there were a couple of hot scenes It was kinda weird but Ok I guess DDDI ust didn t expect the view spoilermasturbation going down oh him and on her and a couple of sex scenes too hide spoiler After reading this book I dont think that cookies and eggs will be the same for meAveryAvery is starting college but all she wants is to start a new lifeJust consider how lucky she isShe is living next to a HOTTIECam They are both attending astronomy and that brings them closerCam is determined to go out with her so he is asking her everyday but she is always turning him downGo out with me AveryNoSeeShe keeps turning me downJacob shook his head You re an idiot AveryHe wants to be close with her so every Sunday he sneaks into her home to make her breakfastUsusally their breakfast is such a funny time and they are both enjoying it I m beginning to think cookies is a code word for something elseMaybe it is He tugged on my bag again

As He Took A 
he took a step back forcing me down another step And ust think about it If cookie was a code word whatever it symbolizes it s been in your mouth sweetheart As you all understand she fell for him and they finally went on a date Cam s kisses Goodnight Avery And then he kissed me kissed me like he d had right before he d left the night of our date Kissed me like he was a man starving for oxygen and I was the only air he needed to breathe The hand around my neck held me there raised up on my elbows as his mouth devoured mine And that was the only word I could use to accurately explained how he kissed meCam devoured me This book was so funny but both of them were hiding a past A past that they wanted to forget It was pretty obvious what happened to Avery and I was very sad because she didnt deserve itNo one doesIt kind of hit me when Cam told her what he didWhy I loved Cam He is charming and hot He is not your typical erk but nice and funnyHe definitely has panty dropping eyes and he is that guy that you d be proud To Bring Home What I Really Loved About HimHis Comfidence bring home What I really loved about himHis comfidence you guys weren t than ust friends with benefitsCam sent me a widening glance We hooked up once in a while but like I told you this weekend I haven t been with anyone since I met youI know It ust seemed like she wanted Wouldn t youGeez we really need to work on your confidenceWhy I loved AveryShe is sweet and innocentShe isn t clueless she is smart and knows how to hide her emotionsCam s parents were amazing and funny people You listen here woman You can listen to my foot up your ass if you call me woman again Avery s parents wereYou are lyingYou are ruinning our lives All in all this was a perfect read for meThis book combined both humor and real life problems. Ndo sembra scomparire e lei sente risvegliarsi una parte di sé che pensava di aver perduto per sempre Ma uando inizia a ricevere delle e mail minacciose e delle strane telefonate notturne Avery si rende conto che il passato non vuole lasciarla andare Prima o poi la verità verrà galla e per superare anche uella prova lei avrà bisogno d'aiuto Ma la relazione con Cam sarà la colonna che la sorreggerà o il macigno che la trascinerà a fondo.

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SO FREAKING GOOD way better than I expected Why is Jennifer L Armentrout forever cursed with bad covers though 45starsGoing commando and a spoonful of funfetti icingFirst off I m extremely mad at you world for not making me read this book sooner No seriously WHAT THE HELL It seems like lately my life has been nothing but good booksdecent books Books that are ustokay I have been drowning completely submerged in 3star books I ve been sinking faster than the Titanic Wait for You was my life raft I m saved Cue the hallelujah chorusLet me start by twat kicking some of the negative issues people are having with this book Yes you figure out Avery s secret early on sort ofa little bit But I don t think it was suppose to be some big mystery I think the reader is meant to know but not know knowyou know We know what happened but not everything We are given an almost completed puzzlealmost but there are still pieces missing Important piecesThe pacing and development of the relationship was perfect The buildup the tension the wait It was real It was natural It was perfect It teased me It hooked me It reeled me in It was the most amazing amazing relationship foreplay I couldn t tell if I was wrapped around the book or the book was wrapped around me I almost don t want to write a paragraph about Cam because I may be forced to invent new words He s peanut butter dipped in chocolate a spoonful of funfetti icing the left over milk after a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch He is raw cookie dough He had me at Whoa The commando scene The cookie innuendo Where are my panties Where the hell are my panties Wham bam thank you Cam Not only did J Lynn wow me with all things Cam she showed me the funny She showed me incredible banter She showed me intimacy that made me embarrassingly giddy I m 31 frickin years old and during the first moment of extreme intimacy she had me burying my face in the bed suealing kicking my feet and suealing some repeatedly There were uite a few editing mistakes but nothing that drew me away from the story Just enough to make me go Huh wonder where the editor was on that one They were easy to overlook at least for meI can t say enough about Cam and Avery s relationship It was drawn out without dragging on Cam was perfect the dialogue was incredible and the story gave me exactly what I needed at this momentright nowREAD ONMore at Review posted at Swept Away By Romance Charming 4 12 starsI very much enjoyed reading this book It was one of the most endearing touching and fun friends to lovers tropes I ve read in a long time I adored and swooned over Cam Oh how I LOVED him sympathized with and understood Avery and felt they shined brilliantly together I did feel this book leaned toward Young Adult in content than New Adult but that s why it appealed to me There was a freshness and youthfulness to this book that I loved It was refreshing to read a YANA plot where I felt the storytelling made sense and was neither manufactured nor contrived to elicit artificial rather than real emotions I felt everything these characters experienced and I loved it I had a great time reading Wait for You This wonderful story overflowed with angst laugher and sexual tension I highly recommend this gem of a story 15 starsDrinking game Every time something cliche happens take a shot Warning alcohol poisoning is a real risk and you should consult your doctor before reading Cliche 1 Avery trips on her first day of school and is saved by a cute guy aka Cam He s also kind of a douche Very shoujo manga ishCliche 2Avery and Cam are in the same classCliche 3Did I mention they re also partners for a school projectCliche 4And are neighbors in their dorm I live hereI gaped at him The whole half naked thing sort of made sense now and I guess so did the tortoise but it couldn t be Way too many coincidences Cliche 5Avery is harassed by a guy at a party and Cam pins the guy up against a wall Just your regular NA damsel in distress scenarioCliche 6Slutty mean girl throws herself at Cam every chance she getsCliche 7Avery gets sick and Cam takes care of her Changes her shirt tooThis genuinely pissed me off One because a similar scene happens in Onyx and it s The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, just goddamn lazy Two I am conducting what I m shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I m going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here s hopingI m almost tempted toust give Wait for You 5 stars because I haven t laughed this much at a book since I don t even remember when I m laughing while writing this review there s no one else in the house so that s kinda creepy I guess and it s really not funny to be honest I ust can t This book And this author It s too much On every level It makes all the usual cheesy mistakes that a NA contemporary romance tends to do it uses characters I ve seen too many times to count good girl reformed bad boy gay best friend evil slut who wants reformed bad boy but it also does something that I don t see too often Something that brought back memories of a book I read a couple of years ago A book called Half Blood So when I discovered that Ms Lynn is actually the same author using a new name I couldn t help letting out something halfway between a laugh and a choking sound at the sheer lack of originality in her booksHalf Blood is I don t feel unfair in saying a complete rip off of Vampire Academy Please be my guest read it if you don t believe me Tell me that you can t spot all the main characters and scenes being regurgitated with different names Tell me that the whole pure bloods and half bloods thing isn characters and scenes being regurgitated with different names Tell me that the whole pure bloods and half bloods thing isn taken straight out of Mead s work and planted in another I would not make this claim lightly because it s a serious thing to accuse someone of or less plagiarism But I believe that s what it is And plagiarism is not okay I don t think uite as serious a claim can be laid against Wait for You but yet again I see evidence of recycled scenes and characters that tells me on some level originality has failed to surface in her work once Avery Morgenstern is a new arrival at a college in a town far away from her home She enters on her first day and walks literally into the hottest guy in school The reformed badboyplayboywhatever Everyone wants him He could have any girl in their college And yet for some reason I have been unable to fathom he only has eyes for Ms clutzy new girl They naturally find themselves paired together for a class project astronomy class which offers much in the way of star gazing material He wants her She says no because she has issues She s not like other girls Needs saving constantly Blah de blah I ve seen this all in a million different things I don t think I need to point out the glaringly obvious different things I don t think I need to point out the glaringly obvious yeah and t think I need to point out the glaringly obvious yeah and I mention that she meets him and starts going loopy over his muscles on page 2 And I really wish she wouldn t blush so much What s with. L'università è la sua via di fuga Per cinue lunghi anni dopo uella maledetta festa di Halloween l'esistenza di Avery Morgansten è stata un incubo ma adesso lei può finalmente ricominciare da capo Tutto ciò che deve fare è arrivare puntuale alle lezioni mantenere un profilo basso e magari riuscire a stringere ualche nuova amicizia uello che deve assolutamente evitare invece è attirare l'attenzione dell'unico ragazzo che potrebbe mandare. So many YANA heroines being so prudish I m not talking about Avery s personal issues with sex here I ll get to those later it doesn t take anywhere near sex to make her blush I understand it when she walks into Cam hot dude I would have blushed in school if I d walked into the hottest guy there But I don t understand it when she s talking to her friends and they ask her if she thinks a guy s hot I would have talked shamelessly with my girlfriends about the hotness of guys at twelve years old never mind nineteen Some of the things being thoughtsaid in this novel are ridiculous Hilarious for a while but ultimately ridiculous Cam lays it all out straight away with I m used to having girls throw themselves at me and Jacob flamboyant gay friend bursts onto the scene with lines like this I don t want my fine ass to be tainted by sitting on that floor They re all like caricatures and I can t take a single one of them seriously I also wish someone would inform romance authors that petnames suck I don t care if it s sweetheart or sunshine or baby or kitten vomits they all suck and infantilise women in a way that ust irritates meBlood drained from my face and rushed to other parts of my body in a really odd and confusing wayWhat exactly is odd or confusing about that Are you twelveWhy is this hot I m a lot to handle but I can assure you you ll have fun handling me I ve met drunk perverts in bars with better lines than thatThere s some An extremely sexy entertaining readEvery aspect of this story was engaging from the lovable characters to the uirky dialogue and superb writingI fell head over heels in literary love with this storyAvery Morgansten has a secret one that has her fleeing to the other side of the country to escape Her cold hearted parents are a despicable source of authority and Avery enters her new college completely alonethat is until her sexy run in with Cam People got out of the way for Cam He was like a hot Moses parting the sea of drunk college students Cameron Hamilton is perfection I m talking top notch state of the art book boyfriend material He s smart sexy funny confident without being cocky and adorably patient and understanding His infamous playboy ways didn t stand a chance against the beautiful and mysterious Avery The build up to Avery and Cam s relationship was a breath of fresh air Although they had an instant spark I appreciated the slow and steady getting to know you process Avery s tormented past hindered her ability to trust and getting her on a date was no easy task for Cam But I loved his persistence and their flirtatious banter had me giddy You ve been checking me out haven t you In between your flaming insults I feel like man candy This author excels in creating vivid scenesevery situation came alive and felt authentic The love scenes were tastefully descriptive sensual and ust flat out breathtaking And that first non kisswow But what I loved most about this story was the connection I felt to its characters It s so important to care about the fate of these fictional beings and some stories lack that personal feel that was so strongly present in Wait For You I truly loved all the main characters and although Avery held my sympathy and adoration Cam stole my heart Amazing Book Stats GenreCategory RomanceNew Adult Steam Caliber Maximum steam Romance Slow build up Tension filled Sexy sweet connection Characters Sweet adorable persistent hero Guarded damaged but lovable heroine Plot Fun and fresh with ust the right amount of depth and angst Writing Sexy engaging and addictive POV First person Heroine Cliffhanger None Next Installment Spinoff HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler 5 StarsWait For You is one of books that I ust couldn t put down Once I started I was a goner The main reason for that This guy CAM Sweet baby Jesus Blue Eyes wasHe was gorgeous in all the ways that made This guy CAM Sweet baby Jesus Blue Eyes wasHe was gorgeous in all the ways that made do stupid things Wait For You was a story about a girl named AVERY Whoever came up with the saying you can t escape your past really knew girl named AVERY Whoever came up with the saying you can t escape
Your Past Really Knew 
past really knew were talking about Avery has not had an easy life She is nineteen years old and living away from her family Away from the pain of her past the secrets and things she keeps to herself She doesn t really have any friends from home when she was fourteen years old something traumatic happened to her It changed everything She doesn t let people get close to her but she has managed to make a few friends while starting at a new school Jacob and Brit She still keeps everyone at an arms length On her first day of classes she runs into him Cameron Hamilton I m used to having girls throw themselves at me Trying to ump on my back is new though Kind of liked it I wasn t trying to ump on your back or throw myself at you You weren t Well that a shame If so it would have made this the best first day of class in history Cam and Avery get paired together in their astronomy class And she finds out he is her neighbor He starts turing up everywhere and it is unnerving for her Cam and Avery become friends They hang out eat breakfast together on Sundays she has an easy friendship with Cam Cam wants from Avery and he is persistent He asks her out constantly and she is constantly turning him down But there is something about CamCam was different He d always been differentEventually after a lot of flirting and chemistry brewing Avery decides to say yes to a date Eventually she realized Cam means what he says I ll be available whenever you want me to be For the first time in a long time Avery feels safe Loved Cherished But she is holding on to her past her secrets Cam opens up to her but there are things she ust can t tell him One night he discovers one of her secrets and she freaks out She doesn t realize that Cam still wants her scars and all She spends a while without Cam Missing him Lonely Depressed Eventually they work it out Avery realizes that her heart wants Cam He is it for her And he wants her than anything There s not a single part of you that I don t want you understand I want to be on you and inside of you I m serious about you Avery If you want me for real you have me I want you for real But she is still holding on to a secret that could tear them apart How can they make a relationship work when she is unwilling to trust Cam and tell him the truthI am going to go start with Cam because he made the book for me What a sweet funny swoonworthy and sexy guy He could be a little cocky at times but I loved him He is attentive hot and he bakes He also says things like this that made me melt view spoiler I have hope because I love you I ve been in love with you Avery Probably before I even realized I was hide spoiler 45 stars He had me at sweetheart This book was JUST what I needed right nowI totally understand why everyone is raving about it I was swooning from the first page and didn t want to put it down till I finished it Not to mention that amazing fact that it is a stand alo. In frantumi il suo futuro Cameron Hamilton è il sogno proibito di tutte le studentesse del campus fisico atletico e ammalianti occhi azzurri è il classico ribelle dal uale una brava ragazza come Avery dovrebbe tenersi alla larga Eppure Cam pare proprio spuntare ovunue col suo atteggiamento disincantato le simpatiche punzecchiature e uel sorriso irresistibile E Avery non può ignorare il fatto che ogni volta che sono insieme il resto del mo. .
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Wait for You

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