EBOOK or PDF The Wisdom Way of Knowing Reclaiming An Ancient Tradition to Awaken the Heart

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The Wisdom Way of Knowing Reclaiming An Ancient Tradition to Awaken the HeartSo much beauty in this book My one caveat is that I felt her approach to the The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture passions and emotions felt too negative for me at times almost Gnostic I may need to reread to understand what she means by the language she is using but that took away some depth for me as did the lack of discussion on justiceaction as a fruit of Wisdom Nevertheless a helpful corrective to so much of what has gone awry in Western Christianityand modern religion in general This is aeaceful encouraging book that gives Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie practical advice for walking in the Wisdom way My favorite chapter was Seeing with the Eye of the Heart which describes how humans are called to be creative our role is a creative midwifery that has to do with intuiting the newatterns as they arise in the imagin Her definition of original as not furthest back in time but closest in ractice back in time but closest in ractice what we believe the early Christians did drives me crazy But there is much to admire here aligning Jesus with Sufis Lots to deconstruct here Objective is to aligned with true WisdomWestern views on religion veer heavily away from and view God as being removed from humans versus one of us While I am not a religious Love Letters person there is much to take away from a spiritual level Keyoints to get you on a Eat to Beat Illness path towards Wisdom mainly throughrayer work 1 Rhythmic labor doing laundry chopping vegetables etc Conscious work is necessary Be fully resent2 Meditation About 20 minu. Drawing on resources as diverse as Sufism Benedictine Monasticism the Gurdjieff Work and the string theory of modern hysics Cynthia Bourgeault has crafted her own uniue vision of the Wisdom way in this very accessible book nicely balanced between concept and ractice Gerald May senior fellow Shal. Tes a day at minimum of silent meditation 3 Chanting Find some online maybe that resonate with you4 Group teachings can also be done alone analyze *Religious Passages This Is A *passages This is a treatment of so many deep topics non dual reality centering rayer the wisdom traditions contemplative spirituality surrender to name a few Oh highly recommend it 2003 The author says this wisdom way exists in all religions but she focuses on the Christian Church As To The As to the she mentions mindful work meditation sacred chant and lectio divina as well as learning from an experienced teacher and being art of a group I had to read some things 2 or 3 times to understand what she was trying to say because her concepts were so new to me Definitely mind expanding and very hopeful about the future My third Cynthia Bourgeault book I m still so blown away by her This one is brief and incredibly rich at the same time it s about different Wisdom traditions Sufi Christian etc and is a lovely blend of inspiring and ractical CB writes so gracefully she includes stories from her own life from different religious traditions uotations oems she explains a difficult subject clearly and thoughtfully without dumbing it down she includes guidelines for how to begin a Love is Murder practice and a generous list of resources for support As I read of her books I m loving the way they both overlap covering similar material in different ways and add to each other And. Em Institute and author Addiction and Grace and Will and Spirit The spiritual wisdom andractical suggestions in this lively and beautiful book will be helpful to many who find themselves setting out on the interior journey Bruno Barnhart a Camaldolese monk and author Second Simplicity The Inner. I m moved by her form of mystical contemplative Christianity which feels so inclusive and large hearted and wise I ve often read critics wondering what great writing in the ost 911 era will offer a true reflection and insight on that event This book was born of a retreat held by coincidence of timing in late September 2001 on an island off the shores of Maine and feels to me like the best and most necessary candidate It tells the story of what is missing from our common version of Christianity It helps me understand how and why Christianity came to carry only a shell of its urpose and meaning a shell of its urpose and meaning a enough occurrence with any religion And it explains the need and the way to rekindling the heart and center This is a small beautiful *Clear Book That I Expect To Read *book that I expect to read I read this book as a companion to an on line class I am taking taught by Cynthia BourgeaultThe book covers much of the material in the course and is a great referenceIf you are not familiar with Wisdom Schools this would be a fabulous introductory book explaining the origins and current Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit practicesIt is book for spiritual seekerserhaps those looking for something or something else than our current day religions offer Someone recommended this to me as an intro to Cynthia Bourgeault s Wisdom work I ended up reading it after completing her online introductory wisdom school course and it was a great recap with some new to me material as well. Shape of ChristianityCynthia Bourgeault's book is a valuable contribution to the much needed reawakening of spiritual Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep practice within a Christian context Her sincerity good sense metaphysical depth and broad experience make her a source to be trusted Kabir Helminski Sufi Shaikh the Threshold Socie.