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G immersive story set in France during the early 1940s as well present day that is told primarily from three different perspectives In s Chauveau a oung wife who after feeling neglected and misunderstood naively makes choices that have far reaching life changing conseuences C line Laurent the half Jewish wife of Chauveau s winemaker who lives in constant fear of the advancing Germans except when deep within the vineyard caves where she finds solace hope contentment and love and Liv Kent a recently divorced American who journeys to France at the reuest of her grandmother only to uncover a family history that s littered with secrets betrayals and sacrificesThe prose is preceptive vivid and sincere The characters are courageous vulnerable and resilient And the plot is a heartrending tale that gives us a uniue view into the struggles sacrifices horrors and bravery of those who lived and survived in the Champagne region during this heinous time in historyThe Winemaker s Wife is ultimately a story about life love loss deception determination perseverance resistance efforts intricacies of winemaking

"And The Importance Of Forgiveness "
the importance of forgiveness s pensive moving and thoroughly absorbing and a fantastic choice for historical fiction fans and book clubs everywhereThank The Spinster and the Rake (Never a Wallflower, you to Simon Schuster Canada for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review The synopsis provided for this story is a bit misleading Less than 15% of the story deals with the French Resistance and over it goes into little to no details about what they did other than hiding the munitions as stated in the synopsis The members are never named the groups are unknown and the effect of their cause is anonymous The reader never sees France wine WWII present day and love all of this wrapped into one amazing difficult to put down readWe meet Inez Celine Michel Thor Liv and Liv s French grandmother Edith as the story moves back and forth in timeWe find out about the lives of the winemakers during the war and a secret that grandmother has kept for manyears as well as a connection that the vineyards a restaurant and the characters have to both time periods and to their livesGrandmother Edith was my favorite charactermysterious and stubborn all rolled into oneLiv was likable as wellInez Celine Michel and Thor were interesting and their wine tunnels were fascinatingWe learn of the war the resistance the French people involved in the resistance and how the danger of making one simple mistake alter the safety of many people THE WINEMAKER S WIFE is another marvelous intriguing read the resiliency and determination of the French people and the entire European populationThose of us who were not living during this time do not have any idea of the horrors and hardships endured by the European people Ms Harmel weaved a beautiful tale filled with authentic characters and a story line that kept me turning the pages to learn as well as cry with the charactersAbsolutely LOVED this book Do not miss reading this book 55This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Thanks to NetGalley and Simon Shuster Canada for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review Kristin Harmel presents a well researched and detailed story set in wartime Reims France 1938 1943 and the other in contemporary France 2019 I gravitated to this story because I have visited Reims and its gorgeous cathedral Notre Dame de Reims the site in which many French monarchs were crowned and was intrigued at the angle of the champagne industry and it s resistance during German occupation Also I did enjoy the author s 2018 book The Room on Rue Amelie But what often had me considering DNFing or giving this a lower rating on Goodreads was the descent into historical romance Michel Ines Cecile and Theo were all so weak and I honestly hated all of them It was so incredibly difficult to relate to characters that just kept cheating on each other Ines Cecile Michel or stuck their heads in the sand Theo I totally get it that ordinary people do exist and they cannot all be superheros but this book hurt my heart In the contemporary storyline American Liv and her grandmother Edith arrive in Reims where Liv is told that this trip is significant Of course a romance is thrown into the mix and the big reveal was not a surprise at all DisappointingGoodreads Review 160619Publication Date 09071. Hose they love and the champagne house that ties them togetherNew York 2019 Liv Kent has just lost everything when her eccentric French grandmother shows up unannounced insisting on a trip to France But the older woman has an ulterior motive and a tragic decades old story to share When past and present finally collide Liv finds herself on a road to salvation that leads right to the caves of the Maison Chauvea. .

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What a story It s both complex Not You Its Me (Boston Love, yet simple and embodies the feelings ideas and fears of people and how they vary in extreme situations in this case WWII You may be thinking another WWII book let me assureou there are thousands of WWII stories that are all very different and worth telling Kristin Harmel tells one of them here ProtectionDuring great adversity we are reminded of what the essentials are for human beings and what are great luxuries The Nazi s were obsessed with ensuring they received all the luxuries even so far as to remove paintings from museums and galleries Here we see this greed and selfishness shown in their desire for good champagne And this in turn offers our characters including one with Jewish connections protection of sorts The problem with protection during an adverse time like this is the enemy is not playing fair And so of course the Nazi s take advantage of their advantageous position by demanding threatening and belittling our characters Spoiled ProductsOne of the most interesting pieces of The Winemaker s Wife is that our characters making the wine can choose to make it sub par They know how to tweak it to make it amazing and how to spoil it just a little We see them scheme along with fellow champagne makers to trick the Nazi s into thinking they are receiving the best product whilst preserving the actual best product for the future It s dangerous but clever How It s MadeMaking champagne or wine is such an interesting process I loved learning about it throughout this story With a bit less detail Kristin Harmel takes us though the process of making wine much like Lisa See did in The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane What s cool about learning about creation or farming processes like this via fiction is that it "S Far Less Boring " far less boring least to me than reading a non fiction novel You also get to see the impact things like weather harvest delays machinery breaking etc has directly on the process and people involved The Winemaker s Wife is the next best thing to actually going out and making champagne in France Traces et indices d'oiseaux. Pistes, nids, plumes, crnes... yourself Lust and SexIfou ever wanted to encounter a love suarerectangle this is My Bitchy Soulmate your book Harmel gives our characters lusts for one another that make their lives a lot complex than they needed to be in an already complex time That said it is what ultimately allows for our grand finale to be so stunning Don t be surprised that there is a lot of sleeping around in this story Scenes are all written tastefully this is not smut and not really even romance it s just a part of the story that affects people s interactions and motivations OverallI really enjoyed The Winemaker s Wife Harmel brings us a WWII story that is unlike any other I ve read The scheming between characters even those who are working together is brilliant and the complexities of scamming the Nazi s are well explained While not my favourite WWII fiction this novel deserves to be on a shelf alongside most other recent WWII fiction Ifou enjoy these types of stories about people persevering and surviving in war times then ou won t be disappointed Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review I received a free copy of The Winemaker s Wife by Kristin Harmel from Goodreads for my honest opinionA wonderful work of Historical Fiction with dual time lines that take
"Place Between World War II "
between World War II present day The focus of the story is on a champagne house in the Champagne region of France A story of a woman who spent her whole life trying to make amends for mistakes she made in her outh There are twists and turns within this story Irish Paganism you never see comingThe characters are wonderful and real and full of life The writing is brilliant andou will feel the struggles each character faces Absolutely brilliant 3 champagne starsThis is a well researched historical fiction tale set in the champagne region of France mostly during WWII I truly enjoyed learning about the process of maintaining a vineyard the process for making champagne and a bit about what the inhabitants of this region did as part of the French resistanceThe three women in this book Celine Ines and Liv mostly didn t capture my sympathy until the end t capture my sympathy until the end the book They didn t feel fleshed out and I struggled to understand why they acted in certain ways I just didn t connect to them in the way I do with a book that I love There are elements The author of the engrossing international bestseller The Room on Rue Amélie returns with a moving story set amid the champagne vineyards of northern France during the darkest days of World War II perfect for fans of Kristin Hannah’s The NightingaleChampagne 1940 Inès has just married Michel the owner of storied champagne house Maison Chauveau when the Germans invade As the danger mounts Michel turns his. F intrigue secrets and deception all woven into this oneI really liked The Room on Rue Amelie by this author so I will definitely read her next book I wish I would have liked this one Thank ou to NetGalley Kristin Harmel and GalleryPocket Books for a copy of the book to read My thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for sending me an advance copy of This Book In Exchange For An Honest Review All Opinions book in exchange for an honest review All opinions my own and are not influenced by the publisher Okay Minority opinion alert This book currently has a very respectable 414 average on Goodreads so If The Synopsis Sounds Like Something You the synopsis sounds like something ou love by all means don t let my review turn ou off of it But my honest reaction to this novel was mainly disappointment To start with the synopsis gave me an impression of a plot that was firmly rooted in the resistance movement in France Unfortunately this all felt very secondary in the novel and the main thrust of the historical portion of the plot hinges around marital affairs and discord In and of itself this could have been a decent focus for a story despite not being what I was expecting had the characters involved been a bit developed All that being said there were high stakes for this part of the book and good cause to be emotionally invested in the outcome The modern portion of the plot by contrast felt tacked on and lifeless Liv much like the characters in the earlier timeline feel uite underdeveloped and she was without the benefit of the tension in the HF portion to push the story along Liv is recently divorced and sad about it A very obvious romantic interest figure pops into the story when Liv s grandmother Edith takes her to France and their romance is delayed to a positively ridiculous degree by a misunderstanding and multiple characters failure to communicate very basic facts Harmel has uite a few novels under her belt but this one unfortunately read like a debut in my opinion The characters were all very shallow and were often unsympathetic when I believe the author did not intend for them to be The plot sometimes strained the limits of increduli Rating 35 stars rounded down to 3 starsThis is a dual timeline book mainly focusing on northern France during WWII There are some contemporary chapters interwoven which helped propel the storyline I m giving the book 35 stars rounded down to 3 stars This book s genre is Historical Fiction For me there were not enough historical details about the French Resistance in the Champagne region of France during the war to sink my teeth into It often felt like a Romance or Chic LitWomen s Fiction genre book There was a lot going on with the three main protagonists in the W This is one of those times where I feel finishing the book was redemption This book features the Champagne area of France during WWII We have alternating storylines with Ines Chauvin Edith Thierry and Celine Laurent in the 1940 s and present day with Liv This is our standard historical fiction novel with a few twists heartbreak and of course a background of tragedy with the holocaust casting a cloud over the novel I appreciated the author s attempt to introduce a fresh perspective with the champagne house narrative and history but it just didn t hit for meMost of the book was a challenge to connect to the characters They are just so unlikable that it made it hard to find anyone to get behind in this story I anticipated most of the twists that inevitably present themselves to the reader I found myself finding most of the plot extremely hard to believe and was constantly rolling my eyes at the conveniences that kept popping up I also hated the present day storyline Liv and the lawyer fall in love almost immediately is that realistic Maybe but not based on what the author wrote While I appreciated the attempt Harmel tried with presenting Ines as someone that didn t believe what the Nazi s were orchestrating I ultimately couldn t believe how stupid she was with her decisions during this period in history If I DNF d books this might ve been one I would have set aside early on however I am so glad I finished it The end mostly redeemed this novel for me and brought my review up to 3 stars This is one of those times where I am thankful that I am an eternal completest Thank ou to Netgalley and Galley Books for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review Informative beautiful and tragicThe Winemaker s Wife is a stirrin. Back on his marriage to begin hiding munitions for the Résistance Inès fears they’ll be exposed but for Céline half Jewish wife of Chauveau’s chef de cave the risk is even greater rumors abound of Jews being shipped east to an unspeakable fateWhen Céline recklessly follows her heart in one desperate bid for happiness and Inès makes a dangerous mistake with a Nazi collaborator they risk the lives of The Winemaker's Wife

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