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If he oves The Wild Duck and he wishes he had written it he wants to be Ibsen for just that moment and dedicate his play to someone who s been kind to him is that ying It isn t as bad as people doing work they have no respect for at all Everybody has that feeling when they Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria look at a work of art and it s right that sudden familiarity a sort of recognition as though they were creating it themselves as though it were being created through them while theyook at it or Running from Strangers listen to it and it shouldn t be sinful to want to have created beautyWilliam Gaddis The Recognitions I didn t know that in Norway the meaning isies and not idealsThere was no reason for me to know that but it seems importantPeople might walk around on top of colder ground or warmer underneath their many feet with a different person to other person anguage dictionary Gregers has a doorstop dictionary book It has fine print that all mean truth justice and the way Your foot will have to be chopped off if he drops his word bombs on your ife Or not if your person to person dictionary has other words in it powerful words Gregers If I should choose I should If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India like best to be a clever dogGina A dogHedvig Involuntarily Oh noGregers Yes an amazingly clever dog one that goes to the bottom after wild ducks when they dive and bite themselves fast in tangle and sea weed down among the oozeAong time ago Gregers started carrying his big book with him He didn t open it He slept with it torched it in his heart and warmed himself His father Werle disobeyed the aw of the word He slept with another under the house of his ailing wife He chased the housekeeper around the table until she gave in Gregers wrote in his book so he would not forget that his father massively dicked over Lieutenant Ekdal He takes his book with him to the works owned by his father and sells his silence to explode another day Mount I know better than you will erupt and it is a bitch to wipe ideals off all the mirrors in its kiss off ipstickSon Ekdal the man of the house Hialmar is his ideal Man of his father s house watching through a curtain for signs Father and son The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda live by big word rituals Killing rabbits felling trees bring me a beer His sleeping dog thaties his experiment is the younger Ekdal Hialmar speaks a The Tomb of Iuchiban lot about his contentment this so called great man as Gregers sees it He is a photographer who talks big words about some invention His wife the housekeeper escaped from the prying mercy of a dirty old man does all of the work Her husbandoses his eash if she uses the wrong word This must be when he is reminded of her past as a housekeeper cleaning up rabies foam from stupid Werle senior He talks about his warm home child bounding and big ove Ekdal junior The Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) love of hisife his poor daughter Hedvig doomed to Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow loss of sight No need to tell her Stay with daddy beoved She s big for her age of fourteen and she studies pictures in books

and imagines herself 
imagines herself the depths of the sea The girl was onto something drowning in the words with no meaning to her I hated them for her They had big books with no pictures for anyone else and big words ike something Bobby Brown would dance around Punch you in the face If I were sitting at their table I would have seen ies than anyone Gina may or may not have fucked before she got together with her husbandGregers Not exactly to that I don t say that your wing has been broken but you have strayed into a poisonous marsh Hialmar an insidious disease has taken hold of you and you have sunk down to die in the darkGreger s Norte: A Novel leaves his book in dresser drawers in hotels for prostitutes and married men to find He opens to page forty two and it says that their marriage can begin again as a real marriage now that Hialmar knows the truth Who died and made Gregers the word Hialmar slinks off into a hissy fit of my daughter isn t my daughter I can took at you oh I can t possibly think about my precious invention now that the world isn t to my grandstanding speeches in the kitchen over a beerPssst Hedvig You should make a sacrifice Pictures say you are a coward you can t do it It ooks ghostly at the depths of the sea Pssst the sea snake hisses His words sound afraid at night ike her prayers for her father and the wild duck When it is scary you ask for God to make it all right Please make it all right please Mi karma y yo love me again be my father again You should make a sacrifice and he will return to you It is a poisonous marsh in the day time and Greger s dog teeth bite her neck so shel stay there You will make a sacrifice Hedvig shoots herself At the bottom of the depths of the sea it wouldn t have Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved looked right to her to kill the duck Or maybe it was an accident It couldn t haveooked right when all the The Prime Minister of Paradise lights are blotted out by the big words of the ideal Hialmar cries for her to wake upong enough for him to say he oved her again Gina says they couldn t have kept loved her again Gina says they couldn t have kept forever Who the hell died and made them her parentsRelling Oh ife would be uite tolerable after all if only we could be rid of the confounded duns that keep on pestering us in our poverty with the claim of the idealI almost wanted to be the dog and save the wild duck But Hialmar was not the duck I would want to save Hedvig But I don t know if she meant This 1884 masterpiece may have had its genesis in the hostile reception Ibsen widely regarded as the father of modern realist drama had received from the Norwegian public and critics for “Ghosts” which gave theater goers a arger dose of truth than most were willing to bear His next three plays The Wild Duck An Enemy of the People and Rosmersholm. VildandenO kill herself or the duck I could tell myself stories about her refract my vision to believe she would not have done either would have woken up to the daytime outside of prayers Be a big grown girl But what was about Hialmar that Greger wanted to write as his idol of perfect truth Why was he the duck and Greger the dog Why did he ie about this silly man to ive another day I wonder about the point he felt he had to make it become real to open his big fat mouth I didn t feel sorry for the oss of their ie rather that a better one wasn t told to Hedvig Let her read and paint pictures while she still could if she really would go blind if they took her to a doctor my belief in this fictional world would be uite suspended I would want that one I am not any better than Greger I casted as the dog and the wild duck Much darker than the other play I read by him The Doll s House The main uestions in this play are how far should one go in pursuit of the truth and how much should somebody interfere with someone else s Dark Passage life in order to save that person I thought the ending was the only way this play could have ended 35Interesting play All too familiar if you re into Khaliji soap operas The dialogue got a bit too awkward towards the end Vildanden The Wild Duck Henrik IbsenThe Wild Duck an 1884 play by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen Characters H kon Werle a wholesale merchant Gregers Werle his son Old Ekdal the former business partner of H kon Werle Hjalmar Ekdal Old Ekdal s son a photographer Gina Ekdal his wife Hedvig their daughter aged fourteen Mrs S rby housekeeper and fiancee of H kon Werle Relling a doctorives below the Ekdals Molvik formerly a student of theology American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare lives below the Ekdals Pettersen servant to H kon Werle Jensen a hired waiter Mr Balle a dinner guest Mr Flor a dinner guest 1994 1372 207 1387 176 1394 2222 9786007806173 19 1379 174 964632830 1396 227 9789644310935 Somewhere between 3 and 4 stars closer toater Ibsen writes about moral dilemmas Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) like no one else Here it is dilemma of whether to tell someone a truth that might ruin theirifeAnd Ibsen seems to have such magical ability to make characters real in your mind s eye in no time It needs novelists hundreds of pages to develop characters Not Ibsen You could know exactly how they are going to act Some readers seem to think that predictability is a bad thing in fiction It isn t altogather IMO I am inclined to think that only bad artists depend on shocks Ibsen s genuis is in showing that how inevitable the fates of his characters isIt seems that if we suffer too big a breach on our trust in one uarter it affects our ability to trust in all uarters In this case Ekdal ended up suspecting even his innocent ittle daughter of having malign intentions I m still trying to wrap my head around this work and I m not uite sure that I am able to write a very thoughtful review at this time but I l attempt it I read this just after Finishing A Doll S House Which Was A Doll s House which was first encounter with Ibsen and one that I enjoyed very much This work is much darker in tone and it is perhaps because it rattled me so much with its tragic ending that I Easy Breezy Miracle lean toward giving it 4 stars rather than 5 but then I also think that for the work to have so affected me that I perhaps should award it 5 stars Like A Doll s House this playeaves the readerviewer thinking ong after the final act It is so full of symbolism and particularly religious symbolism that it could be pondered for some time without unearthing all of its many treasures And ike A Doll s House it also deals with a family that is content but whose apparent happiness is founded on Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride lies and deception Is it better to follow the ideal and root out truth or toive out what Dr Relling calls the vital The Pleasant Light of Day lie often translated as theife The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health lie thatie that keeps one going forward As in ancient works this interplay between truth and ies is symbolized by things ike sight and blindness ight and dark And Gregers idealism his uest for truth no matter the social conseuences is the force that brings ultimate ruin to the Ekdal household Whereas I feel that I would enjoy seeing a production of A Doll s House I am not so sure about The Wild Duck But perhaps with the passing of time this will change Oh Life Would Be life would be tolerable after all if only we could be rid of the confounded duns that keep on pestering us in our poverty with the claim of the ideal The Wild Duck was so much than I thought it would be it was all I could want hope for in a play It marked the beginning of a new era in Ibsen s work In my edition the introduction was a discussion into Ibsen s work signifying a change in his style thinking and his ideals I oved reading the introduction because I ove such things but I also cannot help dozing off at these things the play took me a day the Introduction a few I was not reading it every day continuously because of time constraints I had wanted to read it for so ong now and unexpectedly it was super easy to get into Less is it was complex in its simplicity hopeful in its hopelessness bright in its bleakness cheery in its sadness fulfilling in its emptiness its hunger its thirst peopled by oneliness It is sad yet not sad bleak yet not bleakI have only ever read Ghosts bu. Focused on the conseuences of telling the truth or forbearing to do soIn The Wild Duck the idealistic son of a corrupt merchant exposes his father's duplicity but in the process destroys the very people he wishes to save Convinced that reality is always superior to illusion Gregers Werle forces his friends the Ekdals to face the truth about their ives. .

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