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Review and read it for yourself Prepare to laugh and learnClick here to be taken to this most informative and hilarious reviewYou too will want to read the book And if you have a vagina you should Ok Those who need to just scoot on to the next review I know there is a low tolerance for TMI See you laterI love Mary Roach as an author and this author Jen Gunter reminds me uite a bit of Ms Roach There is not as much humor as Gulp or Stiff or Bonk but there is the same steady down to earth doctor talk that is believable and myth bustingJen Gunter is no nonsense and as a doctor is just like you want her to be Besides all the plain facts she takes into account life as it is lived now not 50 years ago and also shares her experience and preferences the whys and wherefors after claiming them as such I appreciated her clear delineation between what is what is preferred by some and what she personally prefers all are presented with the eual weight she doesn t espouse one right way On the other hand when it comes to body health best practices and medical remedies she is uneuivocalShe also has strong opinions about social shaping of feminine ideals by male priorities over the whole of human development This is a uniue time in which we live one where women have been accorded vocal power access to information and social flexibility to if not make change then at least have intentional freedom in their choices about their bodies The Vagina Bible covers everything from soup to nuts all of it I do recommend the audio version narrated by the author I enjoyed hearing her own particular emphasis I usually listen out loud as I m most often alone in my listening But this you d probably want to listen with ears to preserve any blush factors and the ability to fast forward if she s talking about something you don t want to know aboutEvery woman should have a chance to consider on their own this frank information There are answers to uestions you never dared ask or think about you ll be disabused of some of the stuff you ve made up on your own or with the help of others who were also making stuff up You find out normal isn t necessary normal and weird might just be very normal I wish I could have iven this book to my The Sudoku Code: 200 Sudoku Puzzles. 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Can You Find It? girls when they fledged but it wasn t around They are fully fledged now and I m stilliving them the nudge to be brave and check this outIf you are brave and have one this is the owner s manual for which we ve all been looking5 perfectly PHd stars My thanks to the author for putting it out there ha pun intended I d never heard of Dr Jen Gunter before but since reading this book I found out that she s ot uite an online reputation and following as well as her own column in the NYT and is a crusader against Gwyneth Paltrow s health venture Goop who among many other ethically uestionable products at best ineffective at worst potentially harmful promotes sticking a 60 jade egg up your vagina for spiritual detox I can et behind anyone loudly advocating against thatDr Gunter has a very simple vagenda to debunk old wives tales and combat the misinformation women are confronted with by providing a comprehensive Running from Strangers guidebook of accurate medically sound information because only someone armed with fact based knowledge has the necessary tools toive informed consent when it comes to their health The Vagina Bible which covers the vulva and uterus as well is broken up in sections and chapters that cover everything from the most basic anatomy maintenance and care menstruation and menopause as well as STIs and other medical conditions Each chapter is fairly short and snappy full of ood information and refutation of bad one with the most important pieces of info summed up at the end of each with a with the most important pieces of info summed up at the end of each with a list of bullet points Despite having almost thirty years of experience as an OBGYN Gunter has been a blogger and columnist for many years and her writing is the opposite of clinical but rather lively engaging and often uite funny my favorite out of context uote is definitely it s a vagina not a pi a coladaThe title and subject matter may ive the mistaken impression that this book adheres to A Sex Binary But sex binary but often If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India goes into how certain conditions can affect trans people transitioning from either sex and I appreciated her making the effort to be inclusive of someone who probably has an even harder time acuiring the information they need As for myself I thought that I had a fairlyood idea "about my own bits but this book schooled me and definitely filled some "my own bits but this book schooled me and definitely filled some for instance I never uestioned the what I now know to be a myth that peeing after sex decreases the chances of Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects getting a UTI because it seemed oddly plausible to me I also learned that havingotten my first period early in life won t mean that I ll The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda go into menopause earlier but the prolonged exposure to those hormones increases my risk ofetting breast cancer down the line how s that for a cheery thoughtI ve never thankfully knock on wood suffered from any STD yeast infection UTI or anything of the sort and this book made me appreciate just how lucky that is iven the prevalence so all of that was a wealth of new information for me although I admit that the latter half of the book felt very US centric since Gunter oes into treatment options in detail iving commercial names of medication and their recommended dosage for intervention Those chapters weren t as captivating to read because they were so packed with information I didn t have use for but the right audience will surely appreciate it and they re a ood resource to have after a doctor s appointment if you have any lingering doubts about a diagnosis or prescription and are trying to decide whether you should Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) get a second opinion For myself I would ve liked it if she done in depth about different types of hormonal birth control I ve switched to the mini pill at the start of the year and have started uestioning that choice and there wasn t much on that to be found within these pages and I missed a chapter on endometriosis a condition I fear I may suffer from and a fear every Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow gynecologist I ve seen about it has dismissed without any testingSome omissions that probably would ve been well beyond the scope of the book aside The Vagina Bible is basically a vulva and vagina encyclopaedia where medical knowledge and myth busting meet aood dose of humor and I d recommend it to anyone who has or used to have a vagina and to anyone who loves someone with one my own partner has expressed interest in reading this for his own education and I ll ladly pass it on Note I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review All my book reviews can be found here Buy on BookDepository. Fun filled journey Discover the truth about The vaginal microbiome Genital hygiene lubricants and hormone myths and fallacies How diet impacts vaginal health Stem cells and the vagina Cosmetic vaginal surgery What changes to expect during pregnancy after childbirth and through menopause How medicine fails women by dismissing symptomsPlus Thongs vs lace the best underwear for vaginal health How to select a tampon The full lory of the clitoris and the myth of the G Spot And so much Whether you're a twenty six year old worried that her labia are uncool or a sixty six year old dealing with painful sex this comprehensive Norte: A Novel guide is sure to become a lifelong trusted resource. If it is a miracle the vulva has made it this farThe culture of chastising women for sex which has been around ever since The increased friction from dry tissues andor the obvious discomfort of their partner was apparently a turn on for men I have often wondered if normalizing a practice that made sex painful for women was an invisible chastity belt AND I hear from women that some male partners don t like lubricant or say it affects their erection It s only a few millilitres of lube far less than an ounce so it s not exactly as if his penis is encased in pudding If he uses this too wet excuse then either he doesn t know what an excited vagina feels like or he could be projecting his medical condition typically erectile dysfunction onto you This eArc was provided by Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you very much If you have a vagina you should read this book if you don t but love one or you should read parts of it as wellIf you do have knowledge about it and you definitely should this will not be aroundbreaking reading but you ll still learn some interesting facts from itNot to mention the writing style which is compelling as hell if all non fiction books science enerally speaking would be written like this I don t think I ll stop reading them And if she really is in real life as she is in her book it would be wonderful all doctors to have the same vagenda as hers most of them don t tell anything unless you ask and then they seem annoyed to explain such a trivial uestion you dared askingThe book is extensively researched and covers all topics regarding female enitals that you can think of I m still trying to find something not covered at least briefly by it There were parts which did not interest me much such as pregnancy or trans men however they were interesting to read as wellI must say I m amazed by what some women do to their vagina in terms of hygiene drying their vulvas with hair dryers or wiping the interior with cleaning wipes or other chemicals why on earth would you do that And here is one answer 77 percent of women aged 18 25 said they washed inside their vagina because that was what their partner wanted Guys stop asking that and do your homeworkShe debunks some myths related to what one sees in porn and thinks as accurate as it is not I liked her comparison on this Sex in porn is about as realistic as driving is in car chase scenes in action movies This too on cleaning Just keep in mind you re not removing baked on food and you don t have to nuke the influenza virus so nothing harsh or bactericidal is needed and Wipes sprays and odor control suppositories could very easily kill Mi karma y yo good bacteria and irritate the mucus and the lining of the vagina in the same way as douches Every one of them also has damaging messages on the packaging such as effectively masks natural odors and wonderful tropical scent It s a vagina not a pi a colada Anyway I could put here entire pages with her uotes but I ll leave you to discover it by yourself And trust me there are things to learn even if you know a lot And even if you don t learn much you ll love the author and her common sense well addressed advicesHighly recommended I moing to make a bold claim if you are a person with a vagina you need this book Whether you read it front to back or use it as a resource tool it is one of the most important books I ve read for my own health and well being and I commend it to everyone I m a relatively informed cis het woman and I still learned so much in this book Dr Jen Gunter writes in an accessible engaging style Her astute insights and observations are interspersed with humor and wit Her oal is to empower and inform and she than did the job I especially appreciated how she showed the role of patriarchy in women s health Medicine has been steeped in man splaining from the start We need so much research and information on vaginas and vulvas and she is shining a bright light for us There are chapters like how to discuss concerns with your doctor as well as chapters on topics like menopause enital hygiene "TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME NOT AS BIG "Shock Syndrome not as big a risk as I thought and hair removal It s one of the most thorough resources I ve ever read and I feel so much empowered as a result as well as aware of what I didn t know before because of how little The Prime Minister of Paradise good information is out there We are constantly exposed to poor research and oftenaslit for our concerns so it is beyond helpful to have a uide at the ready should you experience any symptoms or receive a diagnosisThis is a truly inclusive book Chapter 3 is specifically about trans people Vaginas and Vulvas in Transition "It Was So Great To "was so reat to the various concerns and barriers to care addressed Throughout the book she specifically notes risk factors and concerns for those who are lesbian bisexual or transThe myth busting portions proved to be particularly valuable whether it was something I d heard or done before or not For instance I was flummoxed to learn wearing cotton underwear to prevent yeast infections is a myth Something I ve heard my whole life But there s negligible research to prove that claim no matter how often I Ve Heard That Advice Same Goes With Peeing After ve heard that advice Same The Sisters of Sinai goes with peeing after to prevent a UTI Two studies showed there is no correlation thereRelated to all this myth busting is Gunter s stringent research methodology She takesreat pains to reference when research has been negligible when sample sizes are too small to ive us clear results when search is needed and so on She backs up her work and shows where information was needed to make a determination There s also an entire chapter on how to evaluate medical research which includes how to determine whether bias is at play and where to even start online As someone who was a sociology major I wish this was something people knew particularly how to evaluate research uality so I was lad to see her lay it outI ll be recommending this one to everyone I know All my ratitude to Dr Gunter for writing itDisclosure I received an advanced copy from Citadel Press in exchange for an honest review I m buying 10 copies of this book to ive to the women I care about Dr Jen Gunter is a damn Dark Passage genius with a heart ofold and one hell of an awesome vagenda Everyone who has a vagina or who loves someone with a vagina needs to read this oneThere are so many reat uotes but this is the one I keep revisiting Power and health are inseparably linked This book deserves to be pre ordered I hadn t planned to read this book until I read my GR friend MonumentToDecency s review of it As I cannot possibly write a better and entertaining endorsement for this book I urge you to hop over to her. Estions so much convincing confusing contradictory misinformation In this age of click bait pseudoscience and celebrity endorsed products it's easy to be overwhelmed whether it's websites advice from well meaning friends uneducated partners and even healthcare providers So how do you separate facts from fiction OB GYN Jen Gunter an expert on women's health and the internet's most popular o to doc comes to the rescue with a book that debunks the myths and educates and empowers women From reproductive health to the impact of antibiotics and probiotics and the latest trends including vaginal steaming vaginal marijuana products and jade eggs Gunter takes us on a factual. .
The Vagina Bible

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It is best to avoid blowing air into the vagina I m just Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) going to leave that there completely out of context and let you deal with figuring it out all on your ownItrinds my The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez gears to no end hearing that rubbish that menstruation is something women should be proud of a reminder of our femininity a reminder of our beautiful womanhood a reminder of our fragility or of our ability to create life yadda yadda Shut the heck upFor many women periods are painful and unnecessary 90% of the time pretty much unless you re then and there wanting toet babyfied Why can we not just turn them on and off prn I Easy Breezy Miracle get migraines from hell with mine Three days of incapacitation plus an extra day of migraine hangover every fucking month Admittedly after 20 years of migraines I finallyot a diagnosis beyond the oh just take some paracetamol that should clear your headache right up so Everything you wanted to know about the vagina but were afraid to ask or didn t know who to ask or couldn t find anyone to askJennifer Gunter covers the vagina basics such as where everything is located and what everything is for including what makes up the Vulva and the parts and anatomy of the clitoris She oes on to debunk and or prove myths such as is there really a G spot or is it really just the parts of the clitoris near the bladder and vaginal wall on some women filled with blood and sensitive Does eating pineapple really make a woman s vagina smell and taste sweeter Can women really ejaculate and if so what is the fluid FYI it is not as sexy as men like to I follow this author on Twitter and she s really funny and amazing and I love how she sticks it to male trolls and idiots perpetuating medical falsehoodsSex ed is really not what it should be in the United States and I think a lot of people leave school just as confused as before if not so 5 for Jen s vagenda The patriarchy and snake oil have had a ood run but I m done with how they negatively affect and weaponize women s health So I am not oing to stop swinging my bat until everyone has the tools to be an empowered patient and those who seek to subjugate women by keeping them from facts about their bodies have shut up and taken a seat in the back of classThat s my vagenda This book is for you ifyou carry a vagina and vulva or don t carry one but want to educate yourself on them Period PrefaceWhat a book I love it so much My oodness I really do I am 100% honest when I say that I will The Pleasant Light of Day get this book for all my vagina carrying friends AND myself This is definitely one of my most significant reads Jen s book is eye opening empowering sobering based on facts and decent studies feminist fantastic and so many adjectives Just buy it Itoes without saying that The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health giving a summary of such a fantastic scientific book is impossible Jen s writing style is clear and straight forward She has a very honest and down to earth way of communicating facts and her experience as ayn She makes away with many ridiculous claims and practices that both society and science perpetuated but are actually crap She also very clearly explains how patriarchy is still ruling a place where men have nothing to say the vulva and vagina Not only is this a very feminist read it is also addressing ineualities in access to health due to racist systems and freuently underlines the fact that being a woman is not only about having a vagina Here s what to expect I ve marked what I found particularly useful with a moon GETTING STARTED1 The Vulva 2 The Vagina 3 Vaginas and Vulvas in Transition 4 Female Pleasure and Sex Ed 5 Pregnancy and ChildbirthEVERYDAY PRACTICALITIES AND V MAINTENANCE6 Medical Maintenance 7 Food and Vaginal Health 8 The Bottom Line on Underwear9 The Lowdown on Lube10 Kegel Exercises SKIN CARE AND CLEANSING11 Vulvar Cleansing Soaps Cleansers and Wipes 12 Vaginal Cleansing Douches Steams Sprays and Potpourri 13 Hair Removal and Grooming 14 Moisturizers Barriers and Bath Products MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS AND MYTHOLOGY15 The Truth About Toxic Shock Syndrome 16 Are There Toxins in Tampons and Pads17 Menstrual Hygiene MENOPAUSE18 Menopause19 Treating GSMMEDICATIONS AND INTERVENTIONS20 Cannabis21 Contraception 22 Antibiotics and Probiotics23 Cosmetic Procedures Injections and Rejuvenation SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS24 General STI Information 25 STI Prevention 26 The Human Papilloma Virus27 Herpes28 Gonorrhea and Chlamydia29 Trichomoniasis30 Pubic Lice CONDITIONS31 Yeast32 Bacterial Vaginosis33 Vulvodynia34 Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasm and Vaginismus35 Skin Conditions36 UTIs and Bladder Pain Syndrome 37 Pelvic Organ ProlapseSYMPTOMS38 Communicating with Your Provider 39 I Have Pain with Sex40 I Have Vaginitis41 I Hav a Vulvar Itch42 I Have Vulvar Pain43 I Have an Odor44 I Have Bleeding After SexPUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER45 Medicine Cabinet Rehab 46 Internet Hygiene and Apps47 Journal of Old Wives Tales REFERENCESACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Some aspects I highlighted throughout the book with Jen s facts opinions in cursive many of them with a feminist vagenda The unclean vagina Obsession with reproductive tract purity and cleansing date back to a time when a woman s worth was measured by her virginity and how many children she might bear A vagina and uterus were currency Playing on these fears awakens something visceral AND It is important to remember that the concept of female cleanliness has largely been driven by a male dominated society that for centuries if not longer has decided normal female enitals and secretions are dirty the mighty penis A penis #is not the most reliable way to achieve female orgasm AND The idea that a penis is mighty enough to bring #not the most reliable way to achieve female orgasm AND The idea that a penis is mighty enough to bring labor is to be honest a bit eye rolling AND Everyone okay the patriarchy seems very impressed with the ability of a penis to row but the few centimetres of change that a penis can muster up pales in comparison with the vagina s ability to stretchthe unimportant clitoris Males of the time were unsure of the role of the clitoris and likely thought it unimportant This stands in sharp "contrast to the anatomic lory of the penis Society including medicine is obsessed with erections while the clitoris barely "to the anatomic lory "of the penis society including medicine is obsessed "the penis Society including medicine is obsessed erections while the clitoris barely as a footnoteaccidental anal sex Some women report coercion regarding anal sex as well as so called accidental but actually planned anal penetration by their male partners As someone who has had anal sex I cannot for the life of me understand how men can be asshole y enough to do shit like this Every single person who does this should be tied up and then be penetrated anally without lube See how accidental it feelsA tip from Jen about all this cleansing cleaning etc products The way some of these products are promoted makes it sound as. OBGYN writer for The New York Times USA Today and Self and host of the show Jensplaining Dr Jen Gunter now delivers the definitive book on vaginal health answering the uestions you've always had but were afraid to ask or couldn't find the right answers to She has been called Twitter's resident ynecologist the Internet's OBGYN and one of the fiercest advocates for women's healthand she's here to ive you the straight talk on the topics she knows bestDoes eating sugar cause yeast infections Does pubic hair have a function Should you have a vulvovaginal care regimenWill your vagina shrivel up if you o without sexWhat's the truth about the HPV vaccineSo many important

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