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G beer How much is 15M in #1929 Money I Wasn T Sure And # money I wasn t sure and gave this book 5 stars even though it had a lot of language It was an incredible read I would have thought it was a fiction action language It was an incredible read I would have thought it was a fiction action if I didn t know better Absolutely amazing that this is all trueUPDATE still ust as good the second time around Eliot Ness tells The Story Of How Justice Finally Caught Up With Al story of how Justice finally caught up with Al Much better than the movie Ness tells how he and his men really were untouchable by Capone or his gang Though not acknowledged by Ness it seemed clear that for whatever reason God s providential care was on this man 35 stars This highly sanitized and at times fictionalized account of Ness formation of The Untouchables was ghostwritten by ournalist Oscar Fraley who informs us in the Epilogue that he published the book after Ness died while the manuscript was in proofs It reads like a 1950s detective police procedural the perfect source material for the Robert Stack tv series It was pretty clear from the opening pages that the book wasn t meant to be an objective look at Ness or his comrades but rather a work to praise and ultimately memorialize and mythologize his time in Chicago His personal failings and foibles of which there were many are not even acknowledged much less glossed The book ends with the imprisonment of Capone so Ness patchy post Untouchables life is not discussed nor his eually rocky marriages The most famous moments from the classic De Palma film which is a much better work are not in the book the Union StationOdessa steps homage shoot out Nitti being thrown off the roof in the book he ust goes to prison and the cheesy Let s do some good line In the case of the film De Palma s fictionalized mythologizing far exceeds that of the source materialWith all those many caveats this is still an enjoyable read much on the level of watching a tv series that captures your attention well enough to pass the time for a couple evenings Not necessarily worth tracking down unless you enjoy true crime reads although the level of truth here must be taken with a grain of salt and perhaps have already read better secondary sources A solid bedtimeairportwaiting room book for true crime reader. Bles should leap onto the bestseller lists when released as a major motion picture in June starring Robert DeNiro and Sean Conne. D the downfall of Al Capone but has novelty value as #Ness s final words on that exciting period in his career # s final words on that exciting period in his career Wirth This book is about Eliot Ness when he was ust getting started into the Prohibition Bureau It started out with him and his friend talking what to do about how to stop all the bootlegging and they came up with ideas Eliot Ness came up with a great and all the bootlegging and they came up with Eliot Ness came up with a great idea and friend went to the chief and later on I m sorry I can t do that because the leader of this suad is going to have free hand and not even I am going to tell you whom you should choose Eliot Ness 22 This uote show the first time they made the decision on who is going to be the leader of the team I think the Author did a great ob with this book because he gave great detail into every plot that was going on in the book It make it easily to tell what was going on in the book at the time I learned how it was like to be an officer during the Prohibition era There was a few parts in the book I didn t generally like because there wasn t much going on But all together this was a good book to read I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 because it had great detail and a good plot I would recommend this book to my other police cadets because they would like to know how crime was and how it was like to be an officer during the 1920 s It shows that gang violence is ust has bad now as it was then it hasn t changed much Very interesting first hand account of the bootlegging business in Chicago in the 20s and 30s Easy read read it in one day Interesting to see how Capone etc were making so much cash they could offer bribes of 100000 or a year a highly respectable salary even today I liked the 1987 Brian De Palma movie so when I saw this old paperback going for a few dollars at our local second hand bookstore I couldn t resist It is in fact terribly written and other people say it s not very accurate either apparently the ghostwriter has improved the story a good deal But assuming that the basic figures reported are roughly correct here s the thing that surprised meWe re told that Al Capone at his most powerful was pulling in about 15M a year from his various rackets the most important of which was selling bootle. Glehold on the nation told by the man who orchestrated the effort Enormously successful as a long running TV series The Untoucha. I may be the only person in the Western Hemisphere to not have seen the movie The Untouchables Even I m surprised the Western Hemisphere to not have seen the movie The Untouchables Even I m surprised I haven t seen than a minute or two here and there This type of story is right up my alley why Well because it s a true story real history it takes place I m sure you know during The Depression And Prohibition Depression and Prohibition gangster riddled and control ChicagoIt was a great story These men were exceptionally hard working and dedicated What they accomplished was truly an amazing feat I m going to seek out books in this I had always wanted to know what it was really like during those times to see how the war was fought by those agents asigned to taking down Copone and his henchmen What is also interesting to learn about those times was how much money those special agents were paid by the government compared to how much money Copone and his men were making the difference is huge Great cop and robber book of its time and I can see why each Eliot and his team of men went on to do bigger and better things in th I was ust 6 years old when The Untouchables series began running on television but I have vague memories of the noirish feel of the series and the expressionless determined face of Robert Stack as Eliot Ness Kevin Costner s Ness never really took the place of that neo human hero of the late fifties and early sixties in atmospheric black and whiteMy impression of Ness s own story told in this book is close to that mythologi I was entertained than educated by The Untouchables which is hardly surprising when you consider that Ness was a publicity monger who recognized the value of a good story and enhanced the truth whenever it fell flat There are phone threats drive by shootings and murders galore despite the fact that the son of one Untouchable Barney Cloonan told Ness biographer Paul Heimel that they were rarely shot at Although Ness and the Untouchables did not take down the Capone mob as claimed in the popular media they did damage the famous mobster s bootleg income inconveniencing him financially Ness died ust before The Untouchables hit print making it a haunting as well as intriguing read It s not an objective look at the dying years of Prohibition an. The Untouchables is the gripping true story of the team of men who broke the back of the vicious Chicago crime mob and its stran.

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The Untouchables