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Karl Marx said To abolish religion as the illusory happiness of the people is to demand their real happiness the demand to ive up illusions about the existing state of affairs is the demand to Controversies in Neurosurgery give up a state of affairs that needs illusionsI m not a communist but I 100% agree with that But why on earth would men in Afghanistanive up the illusion that women are a lower form of human life when they benefit so much Still less why would they ive up religion when they say their repression of women is based on that Better to accept the very minor illusion of a few women being men and keep all their rights and privilegesThis is a tremendously powerful boook and despite its title covers a lot of Europe too mainly Muslim countries but not entirely Its main message is Women are Unacceptable Women are the Lowest of the Low Women are such trash you can do anything to them you male want to All women are ood for is Cleaning Breeding boy babies irls are a disappointment and Sex And the only way out of such an appalling life is to Become a Man To start with a Boy a bacha posh even an imitation one by dressing in boy s clothes cutting the hair short no doubt adopting an appalling attitude towards women and never ever peeing at a communal urinal When you et to puberty providing you can resist the blandishments of your peers about beautiful long hair and kohl around the eyes jewellery and perfume and despite all evidence to the contrary do not believe as they do that you will make a love match with a handsome man and live happily ever after caring for your babies you can continue life as a manAnd despite all evidence to the contrary the real men will accept you as one Evidence to the contrary How in a village or a neighbourhood could not everyone know exactly what ender everyone else really is Probably because people are kinder than political and religious systems and know that a woman who has no husband or father to provide for her or male of any age to accompany her outside her house to shop for her would be in very desperate straits This acceptance of a male who cannot marry or have children a crucial aspect of manhood in this society is the kindest way of treating your neighbour as you would want to be treated might have to be treated But what about when these bacha posh o to the cities where they are unknown are they shown such tolerance or if unmasked if that is the right word what thenIn this way this acceptance of changing Marketing Excellence 3: Award-winning Companies Reveal the Secrets of Their Success gender Afghan and the other mostly Muslim societies who restrict women s lives so they literally cannot live without a man are very modern It is perhaps the only way in which they are Read May 2017 finally reviewed Dec 2019 because of reading Kevin Shepherd s excellent review Bacha posh a hidden Afghan custom of resistance Meaning dressed up like a boy in Dari bacha posh areirls raised and presented to the world as boysHaving at least one son is mandatory for a respectable Afghan wife Failing to produce a male child is shameful A woman who has only daughters or even worse no children at all is a disgrace to her entire family It matters not that it is in fact the father s contribution that actually determines the sex of the child In a country where the literacy rate hovers around 10% myths and lies are passed down unchallenged You’ve Got Murder generation aftereneration after Cambridge Marketing Handbook: Services generation Aood wife can determine the sex of her child simply by making up her mind about it In a world where women are often confined to the home unable to step outdoors unless accompanied by a male family member baby Developing Resilient Organizations: How to Create an Adaptive, High-Performance and Engaged Organization girls are no cause for celebration The baby blinks a little and her tiny mouthasps a few times She is perfect down to her tiny rasping fingers Yet to many in Afghanistan she is nais ul al or stupid by birth as a woman euals a creature lacking wisdom due to her weak brain If she survives she may often o hungry because feeding a irl is secondary to feeding a son in the family who will be iven the best most plentiful food If in her family there is a chance of the children Done.: What most religions don't tell you about the Bible going to school her brothers will have priority Her husband will be chosen for her often before she reaches puberty As an adult very few of life s decisions will be her own pg 43There is a tendency here in the West to lay the blame on Islam for the woes of Afghan women but that is an ethnocentric point of view Islam itself is no anti progressive than Judaism or Christianity All organized religions are susceptible to tyranny when they are hijacked by social and political institutions as a means to control othersIt should come as no surprise that in a society where women are second tier citizens some littleirls are raised and presented as little boys Whether it s an act of resistance A Means To Preserve means to preserve protect the honor of a family or a work around for a daughter s freedom of movement and education it is an acceptable but secret solution to an unacceptable but inevitable situation Bacha posh is a way to function in a dysfunctional society Batshit crazy Yes But is it any crazy than ay US Marines who are forced to present as heterosexual in order to serve their country What about South Africans who bleached their skin in order to present as white under Apartheid Or and I m paraphrasing Jenny Nordberg here what about Jews who presented as Protestants in order to survive the holocaust Deceptional presentation is a coping mechanism in any society where one survive the holocaust Deceptional presentation is a coping mechanism in any society where one one ethnicity one ender is unjustly favored over another Jenny Nordberg is one hell of an investigative journalist She uite literally risked her life to ferret out the truth about the practice of bacha posh and its conseuences This was 351 pages of enlightenment empathy and cross cultural understanding that I will carry with me for a long long time We are who we must be In The Underground Girls of Kabul Swedish journalist Jenny Nordberg reveals a hidden practice in Afghanistan of presenting young Utenrikspolitikk og norsk krisehåndtering girls as boys for part or all of their childhood In an oppressive patriarchal society that demands sons at almost any cost theseirls are known as bacha posh I have met Liker - liker Ikke - Sosiale medier, samfunnsengasjement og offentlighet girls who have been boys because the family needed another income through a child who worked because the road to school was dangerous and a boy s disguise provided some safety or because the family lacked sons and needed to present as a complete family to the village Oftenit is a combination of factors A poor family may need a bacha posh for different reasons than a rich family but no ethnic oreographical reasons set them apartNordberg attempts to explain the complex role of a bacha posh by sharing the moving personal stories of a number of Afghan women including Azita a female parliamentarian who turns her fourth daughter into a boy Zahra who refuses her parents attempts to turn her back into a irl Shukria now a married mother of three after living for twenty years as a man and Sh. An investigative journalist uncovers a hidden custom that will transform your understanding of what it means to row up as a Singing the Kyrgyz Manas: Saparbek Kasmambetov's Recitations of Epic Poetry girlIn Afghanistan a culture ruled almost entirely by men the birth of a son is cause for celebration and the arrival of a daughter is often mourned as misfortune A bacha posh literally translated from Dari as dressed up like a boy is a third kind of child – airl temporarily raised as a boy and presented as such to the outside world Jenny Nordberg the reporter who broke the story of this phenomenon for the New York Times constructs a powerful and moving account of thos. The Underground Girls of KabulEr was excellent The ownership of an Afghan irl is literally passed on from one male her father to the one who becomes her husband He will take over the ruling of her life down to the smallest details if he is so inclined uote from book The story is basically that of survival of a irl in Afghanistan seemingly one of the worst places to be born a woman Afghanistan is a country where the birth of a son is heralded as one of Tattooed Beauties: The World's Most Beautiful Tattoo Models: English Edition good luck and where the birth of a daughter is one of misfortune The daughter would not be a problem if there are sons but if it is only a family ofirls it is not just the child that is unlucky the mother is considered unfortunate and a disgrace and even the husband is pitied In this story even very educated women accept blindly the fact that sons are the protectors of the family the uardians of the family honor and the person who will look after them in their old age So the son is importantIn this backdrop we have the strange phenomenon of a irl of the family being designated as a boy to all intents and purposes from dress mannerisms and behaviour till puberty when she has to revert to being a Founding Mothers girl From Azita to Mehran to Shukria to Zahra this journalist unravels the story which is not acknowledged or spoken about of how families adapt theirirls to either provide the escort the sisters need or in many instances to provide the magic element that them being a boy brings on the family because subseuent pregnancies bring only boys The story of bacha posh shows how this third The Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventurers, and the Dawn of Empire gender live unacknowledged in society and whose families simply accept that it is best for the family uncaring of the psychological or physical effects on the child concerned It is the family unit that is most important the honor and position of the unit not the individual which is of prime importanceWe follow Azita s path a female parliamentarian who has to trod a very narrow path between her constituents her illiterate husband and her four daughters She is trying her best to provide something to her supporters provide education and some kind of normalcy for her daughters and also pacify her husband and in laws with money and material comforts so that they would literallyet off her back This is a very emotional read and one that makes me extremely lad I was born Sri Lankan Sons are liked in my part of the world but the female infanticide prevalent in parts of India are non existent and the attitudes of Afghanistan do not exist at all The book shows the spirit of the Afghan woman in the context of the war in Afghanistan both Russian and American interventions doing almost nothing for women How this situation could be prevalent today in the 21st century is a sad indication of the fact that somethings just do not change That men themselves would want to keep their women in servitude and submission and be so cruel and unforgiving is difficult to both understand and accept but that this is the plight of a lot of women who have no recourse to either justice or even familial support The latter was one I found very difficult to understand because once the daughter was married she was almost thought of as an outsider and someone else s responsibility Despite Azita s mothers entreaties and opposition there was nothing she could do in her daughter s case as it became a case of either accepting her husband s orders or facing divorce herselfA subject handled with sensitivity and discretion understanding on her side of the inherent characteristics of the situation and the position of women and definitely not being judgemental on each individual case A few years ago I sat in a Swedish classroom with other foreigners all studying Swedish We came from a variety of backgrounds and were iven an assignment to ive a presentation in Swedish about a famous person from our home country One young woman who often brought her small baby to class in those fantastic Swedish prams that have never become popular in the United States began her presentation about her home country Afghanistan As she explained to the class illiteracy was incredibly high over 90% of people in the country cannot read or write Decades of unrest war and overnment corr The oppression of women is worse than I understood The beliefs described in this book are not easy to understand But the author suggests the same beliefs prevail in men and women While the book was important to understand different beliefs and ways to live the author lost much of the attention with repetition I won this book from a Goodreads Giveaway What an amazing revealing educational piece of work Afghanistan s history culture and traditions are explained in detail Yes we know that women are their husbands property We know that there are neither rights nor freedoms for women in this middle eastern country This book oes FAR BEYOND what the average Westerner thinks or believes about Afghanistan The immediate focus of this book is the practice of bacha posh allowing daughters to live as boys until puberty forces them into womanhood The birth of sons takes precedence over everything else within Afghanistan s society If a wife them into womanhood The birth of sons takes precedence over everything else within Afghanistan s society If a wife to produce sons the husband may take a second wife for that purpose And until a son is born a daughter may be dressed as a boy This saves the family s reputation and standing in the community The selected daughter is allowed to dress and act as a boy She has "the benefit of education and a taste of the freedoms that only males enjoy These irls " benefit of education and a taste of the freedoms that only males enjoy These irls to think independently than those who spend their childhoods as females only Understandably when it comes to transition back from boy to irl there are those who refuse to do so The research in this book is impressive Nordberg s fieldwork as well as accessing the immense trove of written historical documentation about Afghanistan and its culture proves that Islam is not the problem in Afghanistan The problem is the strong belief in centuries old traditions combined with non stop violence and years of foreign intervention that wreak havoc on the political economic And Caste Systems There caste systems there how does one Ambition and Accommodation: How Women View Gender Relations go about affecting change From this book it seems that foreign interlopers are throwingood money after bad Western civilization views Afghanistan as committing crimes against women and denying basic civil liberties that we hold dear Why should our beliefs in American Kinship: A Cultural Account gender euality be pushed upon these people Perhaps Afghanistan needs torow at its own pace Maybe what is right for Westerners cannot be achieved in Afghanistan until their own people are ready to bring about such laws and changes for themselves This book answers uestions about Afghanistan s history and culture while exposing bacha posh The value in this book is not only in the answers it reveals but in the uestions that it raises about Afghanistan s future I m so An Ethics of Interrogation glad that I read this book and that I OWN it thanks to Goodread. Both remain in male disguise as adults At the heart of this emotional narrative is a new perspective on the extreme sacrifices of Afghan women andirls against the violent backdrop of America's longest war Divided into four parts the book follows those born as the unwanted sex in Afghanistan but who live as the socially favored ender through childhood and puberty only to later be forced into marriage and childbirth The Underground Girls of Kabul charts their dramatic life cycles while examining our own history and the parallels to subversive actions of people who live under oppression everywhe.

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Ahed an undercover female police officer who remains in male disguise as an adult The author also explores the traditional roots of the practice within the cultural political and religious framework of Afghan society and how it contributes to the lobal dialogue on Animal Ecology gender issues The way I have come to see it now is that bacha posh is a missing part in the history of women concludes NordbergWritten with keen insight and sensitivity The Underground Girls of Kabul is a fascinating and poignant account of women s lives in Afghanistan Like many New York Times readers I read Nordberg s first article onirls disguised as boys in Afghanistan and was fascinated It s a topic that deserved a book and fortunately Nordberg went deeper and wrote oneThis book relates many stories of irls disguised as boys and women disguised as men Sometimes changing a irl to a boy is done to raise the family s social standing as both fathers and mothers are looked down upon for not producing sons Sometimes it s done for practical reasons Afghan boys can work outside the home but John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 girls and women are rarely allowed to do so And many families do it for superstitious reasons believing that creating a faux boy child will hasten the birth of a real one The transitions back to femininity are eually diverse one eight year oldirl is changed back early because she s terminally Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde girly anotherirl a teenager refuses to change back and Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation give up her freedoms despite family pressure Some women who spent time as boys during childhood look back on it as an empowering experienceiving them self confidence that lasted into adulthood others especially those who changed back as older teenagers or adults are left confused feeling not uite male or femaleOne of the biggest surprises for me was how accepted this practice is in Afghan society I d imagined families Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question going toreat lengths to hide the true Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism gender of their daughters but despite or perhaps because of the rigidity ofender roles dressing irls as boys functions as an acceptable release valve Appearances in many cases suffice One father admits to forgetting that his son isn t a real boy sadly this does not make him rethink his clear favoritism for this child he can form a bond with an honorary son it seems but not a daughter Even the schools et involved in the case of one young Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson girl all the teachers play along and help protect her secret by letting her change clothes in a separate room when necessary The rules are clear dresses forirls pants for boys But it is not for the school to Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture get involved in a family matter a teacher explains Whateverender the parents decide upon the school should help perpetuate Cross dressing seems less a matter of truly convincing others than of being credible enough to let everyone pretendNordberg does an excellent job of presenting this information clearly and letting readers into the life stories of the women she meets we Edge of Venomverse get to know them as individuals as the book provides a window into their daily lives Two authorial decisions bear mentioning though First Nordberg repeatedly mentions that women have disguised themselves as men in many patriarchal societies and that broadly there have always been people who pretended to be something they weren t to avoid discrimination This broader context is useful but Nordberg never develops it in any detail Second a substantial chunk of the book focuses on the life of an Afghan parliamentarian the mother of the first disguisedirl Nordberg met despite the fact that these sections Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) go far afield from the subject ofirls disguised as boys The parliamentarian Azita has a fascinating story that illuminates the challenges faced by women in Afghanistan Nordberg mentions early in the book that 90% of Afghan women suffer some type of domestic abuse in their lifetimes but it s the individual stories that bring home how abusive behavior is foundation of ender relations individual stories that bring home how abusive is the foundation of ender relations for most people Still I wish the book had spent as much time on the stories of some of the disguised Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine girls and women as it spends with AzitaOverall I found this to be a captivating look into another culture and very readable though sometimes depressing Some of the marketing for this book focuses on Nordberg s discovering a cultural practice westerners had previously overlooked but her treatment of the people she writes about is always respectful She seems to have immersed herself in the culture far than a typical western journalist and earned the trust of the women she met I would certainly recommend this book to anyone interested in Afghanistanender issues or feminism Extraordinary journalism tumbles out of Afghanistan at a staggering pace From Steve Coll s Ghost Wars and Ahmed Rashid s Descent into Chaos to Rajiv Chandrasekaran s Little America and Jake Tapper s The Outpost the wars and suffocating corruption afflicting this crossroad s troubled people have been exhaustively chronicled These singular correspondents rarely excavate past the past the front rooms of Afghan society however because their stories come and An amazing book club discussion book that had our Blue Guide group deep in discussion for 2 hours in which all the members contributed to one of the most passionate discussions ourroup has ever heldI kept thinking as we all sat around the table discussing Afghan culture and Western culture What if 12 Afghanistan ladies sat around a table discussing western culture what their thoughts would be on our lives and traditionsI had actually rated this book 3 stars until we had our discussion and upped the rating to 4 because I didn t realize until the roup discussion just how much this book affected me This was a book that make me angry sad and taught me a reat deal about a coulture I knew very little about and to be Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare grateful for the menfolk around me who respect me as a wife a mother a sister a boss and a friend I now realize What I take forranted everyday may just well be someone else s everyday struggle An investigative journalist uncovers a hidden custom that will transform your understanding of what it means to Island Girls (and Boys) grow up as airl Nordberg interviews several women and it is through their stories we learn what it means to live as a Bacha Posh Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier girls who are are born female but are brought up as boys in family s where there are no male children in a country where men rule and women do as they are toldThe book is uite detailed and uite a lot of research has taken place by this Journalist while it is uite a factual read it is extremely interesting There were times when I did feel the stories overlapped a bit and became repetitive and some of the scientific research I would uestion and hence my original 35 stars but this is a book that does make you thinkets a discussion oing and temperatures rising and "for that alone this book is is well " that alone this book is is well 4 StarsI listened to this one on audible and the narrator Kristen Pott. E secretly living on the other side of a deeply segregated society where women have almost no rights and little freedom The Underground Girls of Kabul is anchored by vivid characters who bring this remarkable story to life Azita a female parliamentarian who sees no other choice but to turn her fourth daughter Mehran into a boy; Zahra the tomboy teenager who struggles with puberty and refuses her parents' attempts to turn her back into a irl; Shukria now a married mother of three after living for twenty years as a man; and Nader who prays with Shahed the undercover female police officer as they. ,
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