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Read these poems out loud I received a reader copy of this book recently abd have to say I was super excited I love poetry

#And Eagerly Began Reading #
eagerly began reading has some beautifully written themes sometimes a bit on the darker side nonetheless beautiful Overall the collection is readable and most of the poems are short and packed with a cadence and rhythm all their own My only issue is the monotony of the first word of every line throughout the book without exception is the word THE Taking nothing away from the poets freedom of expression I just wish that it wasn t so It made an otherwise new and fresh book In the tradition of French poets like Francis Ponge Pierre Reverdy and René Char The Tranuilized Tongue offers a series of prose meditations in the form of surrealist declaratives each sentence unfolding like an alchemical riddle in which sounds images and figures appear dissolve and re emerge to offer a limpse of a complex unconscious roiling below the surface of everyday reality Sometimes a paragraph sometimes a sentence occasionally just a fragment each poem in The Tranuilized Tongue is a portal to new perspective on the everyday materials of reality As Constituted Through Language constituted through language The postmodern classicism of language poetry meets the modernist romanticism of surrealism to startling effect in Baus's cabinet of curiosities The eleventh volume of the City Lights Spotlight Poetry Series The Tranuilized Tongue places Baus alongside such contemporary purveyors of the marvelous and speculative as Andrew Joron and Will AlexanderEric Baus received an MFA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he studied with Peter Gizzi Author of three previous poetry collections including the prizewinning volumes The To Sound 2004 and The Scared Text 2011 Baus Lives In Baus lives in Colorado where he teaches wri. The Tranuilized TongueWhile I o rab the rest of his books Extending his ongoing book length exploration of the prose poem there aren t many poets who WORK THE ABSTRACT BOOK LENGTH FRAGMENT the abstract book length fragment the way that Baus does or so well managing an anchor of concrete sentences that somehow accumulate into something larger and far nebulous Through short dense poems Baus manages to utilize each sentence as a single point accumulating those points into a far larger shape one as much created utilize each sentence as a single point accumulating those points into a far larger shape one as much created Baus as by each reader s experience I loved this story about Mennonite missionaries in China and their experience and sacrifice in that culture. Hort stories The scintillating tensions between febrile nouns adjectival properties and active claims all in their phonemic bliss create an elegant surrealism charged with the primary mystery of Baus’s lexicon” Rachel Blau DuPlessisBeginning with the Pocket Poets Series and the publication of Howl City Lights has played a vital role in American poetry for over 50 years City Lights Spotlight shines a light on the wealth of innovative American poetry being written today publishing accomplished figures known in the poetry community as well as young emerging poets using the cultural visibility of City Lights to bring their work to a wider audience In doing so we also seek to draw attention to those small presses publishing such authorsAs City Lights founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti wrote in his recent Poetry as Insurgent Art “If you would be a poet experiment with all manner of poetics to create your own limbic your own underlying voice your ur voice” With City Lights Spotlight we seek to maintain this standard of innovation and inclusiveness publishing highly original poetry from across the cultural spectrum and reaffirming our longstanding commitment to this most ancient and stubbornly enduring form of ar. ,

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F poetry come across a tad mechanical in my opinion If that fact wouldn t dissuade you from enjoying some ood poetry then you will be than pleased to add this to your shelf However you could wind up perplexed by this consistency and wanting desperately for a change in format like myself wind up perplexed by this consistency and wanting desperately for a change in format like myself Baus like Eric Boss Please accept me University of Denver and teach me how to do surrealism like Baus One of my favorite young ish American writers Fantastic book here Musical image driven prose poems These are a blast to read out loud Super inspiring read and are a blast to read out loud Super inspiring read and reat introduction into the work of Baus Excuse me. Ting and literature works on digital audio archives of poetry and co edits Marcel ChapbooksThe poems comprising The Tranuilized Tongue propose a uniue blend of Persian miniature and habanero pepper The book is aburst with unremitting predication each poem a merciless thought machine Nathaniel Mackey“For over a decade now Eric Baus has been one of the leading practitioners of a new kind of poem one that draws as eually on the legacy of surrealism the nouveau roman and even the language poets as it does On The Deep Listening the Deep Listening of Pauline Oliveros Alvin Lucier’s forays into resonant sound the films of Charles and Ray Eames and the voiceover of Sir David Attenborough narrating our insect and animal worlds The Tranuilized Tongue speaks to us in a music capable of condensing eologic time into that of a microtonal interval weird warped a little wobble on its newly hatched legs this is a book where the word The will follow you like a osling” Noah Eli Gordon“Special objects in our multiple world from eggs to kings from bees to caskets from wings to statues spawn themselves with other teeming objects in a fertile eneration of aphoristic actions calmed by the clarity of prose poems framed as linked
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