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S his sarcastic criticism if he runs for presidency I ll definitely vote for himThis series will be always on my mind like Georgia and they will be my all time favorite books Edited 101019neal whyfull review to come The TollThe Greyson Toll iverSAVE MY CINNAMON ROLLS um hello where is this booky all i posted this is this booky all i posted this anuary i know when the book is coming out now lol I really
to give this book 1 for Jeri alone If you don t know what tokenism is you will understand this term after reading The Toll But let me get to the novel in general first before I start ranting about Jeri specificallyWhen I finished rereading Thunderhead a couple of days ago I did so with trepidation and excitement What will come out of the thrilling cliff hangers I thought Where will Goddard lead his New Order What is the future of the Scythedom How will humanity handle the absence of the Thunderhead in its lives What will the roles of Rowan and Citra be if they do indeed survive Will humanity reform itself in any kind of profound way How will people handle the impending overpopulation problem if left to their own devicesWhat Shusterman delivered in The Toll was a messy overlong boring meandering novel that also tried to be a commentary on the present day American political climate or so it seemed It culminated in the ending that was both neatly predictable and satisfying and at the same time a total copout The pacing and plot structure needed work There was a ton of characters introduced that ultimately had no bearing on the story arc They lived they did some inconseuential busy work they died or whatever Easily 200 pages could have been trimmed away The whole Toll story line while it dabbled in an interesting idea of how religions are born was long and sucked a lot of oxygen out of the narrative Citra and Rowan had minimal and mostly thankless roles of star crossed lovers to play in this novel and not much elseBut the most massive disappointment for me was by far the development of Goddard I truly couldn t understand how he managed to consolidate his power being a nonsensical tantrum y psycho mass killing villain that he was in The Toll Granted there hadn t been much to his agenda in either Scythe or Thunderhead but here in The Toll was an opportunity for Goddard to be explained Goddard had such a strong following but why There is a paragraph in this novel that actually could have been a great motivator for following someone like Goddard What IS an immortal humanity without scythes without the threat of death the only thing that stirs the blood of people the only limitation and the only fear This is the uestion at the a core of this series IMO but the way Shusterman answered it in the end was no answer at all In fact the resolution obliterated any ustification for ever considering creating the Scythedom with its violent methods in the first place Also not explained were changes in the rules of this world with Goddard suddenly able to run economies and have new administrative powers I think Shusterman s desire to bring current events and current president into the story to draw parallels changed his original world building to something that makes no sense at allNow Jeri Oh Jeri Jeri is the only gender fluid person ever introduced in this series and the way I saw it this character s main role was to be a mouthpiece for this particular issue Shusterman had become suddenly and inexplicably interested in and be objectified and used You could literally tell Jeri was grafted on top of the narrative to deliver the message because there was nothing else for this character to do That in this futuristic world where people don t die can rejuvenate and reinvent themselves have multiple families and lives and have an ample opportunity to explore everyone and everything anyone would need a lecture on gender fluidity was absurd I literally cringed in embarrassment for Shusterman while reading Jeri s TED talks on the subject of the gender fluid people are people too variety This is not The Handmaid s Tale for goodness sake we all have already understood that all social constructs like class gender race were a thing of the past in this series Even though it must be said Shusterman himself never brought up any other sexual identity other than cis in the previous installments Which makes Jeri s character even uestionable I am going to assume that Shusterman came to creating Jeri from a well meaning place but it sure turned into an awkward earnest exploitative disaster if you ask meA letdown Am I finally catching up wo. Hor Neal Shusterman’s Arc of a Scythe trilogy constitutions are tested and old friends are brought back from the dea. King of the Scythe island Nearly all of the scythes have passed away and any witnesses know well enough what narrative they should followScythe Goddard is back well in a way and despite the impulsiveness of his new body he is bound and determined to expand the reaches of his powerMeanwhile Grayson Tolliver is the only human on earth that the Thunderhead is willing to talk to and together they must combat Scythe Goddard s reachExcept the Thunderhead cannot work against a scythe it must find a way to guide the unguideable And Scythe Farraday finds himself increasingly restless on an abandoned island well except for his assistantbut that island won t be lonely for much longerThere is a hint of change on the wind And It S Coming Ever Closer You Can T Expose it s coming ever closer You can t expose lie without first shattering the will to believe it a lie without first shattering the will to believe it is why leading people to truth is so much effective than merely telling them Ahhh This book was SO dang goodI really love how Shusterman wove together all of these competing storylines in such a way that I never wanted to speed through one of them to get to the good part they were ALL good parts I especially loved Citra s arc her character started off so different from where it ended but it all happened so naturally that I was in absolute love with her grown up selfI definitely think Rowan should ve gotten a bit screen time He s one of my favorites and I would ve loved to see him in scenes But ah well Can t have everythingI do wish that the time frame was a little clearer in this one I did struggle a bit to follow at first because we start at one time ump around a bit and eventually all the characters end up together Note I don t mean time travel Des Souris et des hommes eBook: John Steinbeck, Maurice-Edgar Coindreau: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. just the one set is at present another storyline is telling us what happened a year ago etcIt made sense in the end but wow was I surprised the first time that happenedOverall I am incredibly pleased with this series and that ending I definitely didn t see it coming With many thinks to Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers and Neal Shusterman for sending me a free ARC in exchange for an honest review All uotes come from a published copy NOT from my ARCYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads HANDS DOWN ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES EVERI m crying I m heartbroken and I can t believe that this is over No books about this wonderful world and about this amazing characters Go read this books everyone Go read them because I assure you that it s an amazing series with a great story and plot twists that will leave you blown way I can hear Door s lyrics playing in my head This is the end my beautiful friend this is the end my only friend All the good things need to end at someday Even SPN after 15 freaking crazy ride seasons later has to end This is the second emotional thing I had to endure First one is saying goodbye to Winchester brothers and the second one is finishing this book waving at those beautiful characters So I m giving my full five gazillion shiny stars for the love of Scythedom Rowan Citra Goddard Anastasia Jerico my favorite newcomer and all those remarkable characters fantastic word building creatively visualized dystopian atmosphere provocative political system criticism you may see all those reflections of The US s political climate change which are intelligently inserted inside this bookI feel a little sad reading lesser parts about Rowan and Citra because they grow on me and they were easily likable characters I feel like they were my nieces slowly becoming mature fighting against all those biggest challenges obstacles and mostly defeating evil genius minds and their own securities I wish the author may decide to write a new special seuelust for those lovely protagonists But I found the decision not to see so much parts about them is necessary because I m a big fan of apocalyptic stories that future of the entire world is depending only one person s powers kind of heroism It s absurd nonsense and only can be seen and turned into a box office hits at Michael Bay s %0 rotten tomatoes pointed movies The ending was REMARKABLE SO SATISFYING I couldn t think any better conclusion That s why Neal Shusterman is genius author who is always million steps ahead from the readers You cannot walk to catch his brilliance You have to run a marathon but it s totally worth itI didn t cry so much since Lost s final episode not for missing the series the ending was ridiculously absurd and painful worse than GOT s final I loved this series I loved those characters I loved every pieces of this author s brain cells his political idea. Closed itself off to everyone but Grayson TolliverIn this pulse pounding conclusion to New York Times bestselling aut. ,
I was explaining this trilogy to my mom the other day and she said it sounded like it would make a cool TV series I have to agree day and she said it sounded like it would make a cool TV series I have to agree her Even though I didn t Lurve The Finale It Was Still Good the finale it was still good that I would re read and put it up there in my favorites list for surePrevious postI finished this awhile ago and Black Women in White America A Documentary History just haven t really been excited about reviewing it Basically I liked it I didn t love it It was too longIt does wrap everything up and I was happy with the ending The plot with Tolliver and the Tonistsust wasn t that exciting It felt like several of the new characters were created as plot devices for Anastasia to escape Goddard Ironically I kind of missed him and Rand as they weren t as big a presence here Neither was Rowan really It didn t even seem like Anastasia had much to do The main plot involved the island The whole build up to what was hidden in the bunker was a bit anti climaticI really think had this been about a hundred pages shorter I would have liked it I was interested in the what the ending set up as a possible premise than the rest of the book The addition of the captain Jeri seemed to be two fold providing a HEA for a character and to ferry people to the island Morrison the Scythe was one of the most interesting parts Farraday was moping around for most of the book It still kept my interest up until maybe the 70% mark and then I started to feel like it should be wrapping up Anyway not a complete bust but to be honest could have been better I guess it s hard to wrap up a trilogy or series More comments in the spoilerview spoilerMaking Tolliver The Toll made him kind of boring He was a uniue character in book two but it didn t seen like he had much to do and then got thrown together with Jeri at the end for a HEAOnce everybody got to the island it was like the characters had absolutely nothing to do I would have rather read about Rand and GoddardAll these new Scythes introduced and didn t really serve a purpose except to provide a getaway for AnastasiaRowan getting captured was pointless The Texas scythedom provided him a means to get on the boat but surely there was another wayScythe Morrison was one of the highlights I liked how the Thunderhead built space ships to send humans out finally The nanites that would kill 5% of the population every 20 years as a way to offset the gleaning if it didn t work out I guess that was a good plan but all the build up I expected something granderI did like the end how they finally got to be together And I did like that Farraday found meaning by compassionate gleaning for those who got a disease from the nanitesI don t see how the overall world got any better It s Leggiamo l'ora. Gioco e imparo. Ediz. a colori just the Scythes became obsolete and gleaning worthlessThe Tonists are boring and I would have rather not so much focus be on them hide spoiler the best thing about this book is the storytellingwriting without a doubt shusterman is a genius with how he weaves each of the characters old and new having their paths flirt with each other until they finally intertwine there are so many moving parts to the conclusion of this series that it feels like the reader is watching a puzzle being completed with each piece slowing finding its home until the final result is realised itsust so masterfully done that i cant help but praise the writing and how the story is told so much so that i want to round up my rating that being said i have finally become tired of the story itself luckily its now over i Le guide Ornitho just think the novelty wore off after the second book and this installment is much longer and drawn out than it needs to be in my opinion it also doesnt help that the reason i loved this story to begin with citra and rowen and how they interact with each other is not present for 95% of this novel its a personal pet peeve when stories separate the main characters so iust wasnt enjoying that aspect of the plot i do appreciate how everything is resolved and i think many fans of the series will like the conclusion but unfortunately i Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part just felt a little less invested in this than i was at the beginning of the series 35 stars I have read my way through 315 books to bring you my Top 10 Books of the Year videoNow you know that this one made the cut check out my video review to see the others ok Looks like they are REALLY serious about no spoilers so I llust say this was everything Literally blown away socks knocked offEverything My Review now that the book is out can t see why I should concern myself with humankind at all Rowan and Citra were last seen three years ago at the sin. It’s been three years since Rowan and Citra disappeared; since Scythe Goddard came into power; since the Thunderhead. .

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