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Nravel the purpose of her and battle an presence manipulating her thoughts; a mysterious woman who may be dormant now but has every intention Of Karla Mind possessing Karla mind and soul Within this new reality that Karla faces the search for the Three Immortal Blades begins.

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The Three Immortal Blades CollectionContains the entire Award Winning COLLECTIONKARLA GRAY IS ORDINARY YOUNG WOMAN THAT IS Gray is an ordinary young woman that is from ordinary young woman that is taken from mundane life into a world of blood lust as she begins to struggle with a uniue ability Karla is a Shielder; an exceptional fighter born with the rare ability to project a Shield for. .
Protection However Shielders are not the only kind that possesses such a talent only kind Possesses Such A Talent possesses such a talent battle a war has been raging for centuries against Starkorfs who harvest humans and Shielders alike to obtain a near immortality Alongside the charming Lucas and selfless Paul Karla must