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Rsonally I liked the idea that Kate was always this stubborn woman but that s neither here nor there The main tossup I really had involved the ending stubborn woman but that s neither here nor there The main tossup I really Had Involved The Ending The Original The involved the ending the original The of the Shrew Petruchio or less turns Katherina into what would have been considered the perfect emale mild complacent and completely obedient to her husband while in The Taming of the Werewolf Kate and Petruchio are in love Yes she is still tamed Kate and Petruchio are in love Yes she is still tamed it is her choice in Werewolf while in Shrew this isn t necessarily the case While the original work is extremely sexist to the point where it had me grinding my teeth I also realise that this was how those times were So yes I wanted to punch Petruchio but at the same time this if 16th century Italy With The Taming of the Werewolf it is a lot less sexist but the whole alling in love at the end really bothers me Sure I like Petruchio a lot but as I pointed out this is 16th century Italy Sure love is possible but considering that Petruchio and Katherina have only been together or a ew days and that Petruchio originally married Kate My Wifes Affair for money alone it seems damn unlikely So what s better Having it be authentic or having Petruchio be less of a dick and letting women and some men have that romanticantasyOverall this was a book of extremes Dîwana Jan for me There were a variety of things I loved and a multitude of things I despised making this uite the see saw Does this book have issues Clearly Is it worth reading I d say yes Is it worth buying I m not sure on that I guess it would depend on the priceor me I have to admit I really enjoyed this The shift between narrators really kept the pace up and made you sympathetic to both of them. Hand A large dowry is a rich incentiveindeed or this less than gentleman romVerona even if there areissuesThe sexual politics of Renaissance Italy succumb to the true nature of the beastwithin This is Shakespeare withTEETH. E room I didn t since this was not my personal copy I constantly had to stop reading and calm myself The irst this happened was when Shults gave Kate The irst time this happened was when Shults gave Kate love story where she alls in love with a servant boy by the name of Amadeo First off the loving outside of your class is extremely overdone That s NOT TO SAY I DISLIKE IT BUT IT CAN to say I dislike it but it can very old and when you see something played out all the time the author need uite the talent to make it seem worthwhile to the reader However I think it was the he ll be the only love in my life tripe that had me grinding my teethThe other thing that bothered me when the author was writing alone was when Kate turns into a wolf She still seemed human to me Now I am in no way saying that every werewolf should lose all it humanity I think the humanwolf mindset is brilliant but in my experience ew authors have been able to pull it off well Sure Kate says she longs to take a bite out of a living rabbit but it always Naples! felt like simple words to me I neverelt the wolf s passion in Shults writing Now I do like the The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey fact that the author integrated real wolf traits in her character I liked that she made her werewolf wolf like than monster like What s is she seemed to do her research on how wolves act though I didind a couple of mistakes As I said her werewolf just too human minded Itsuka for my likingEverything else was a tossup to me on whether I enjoyed it or not Part of this was Sylvia Shults giving Kate a reason to be a shrew because being property isn t reason enough and to dislike Bianca I liked that she tried tolesh out Kate but I disliked that the author had Kate start out as your typical Renaissance woman Pe. Y HANGS ATAIL”Because Katharina is cursed She has a earsome temper and a sharp tongueAnd even sharper teethKISS ME KATE FOR WE WILL BE MARRIED ON SUNDAY”I'LL SEE YOU EATEN ON SUNDAY”Petruchio is determined to win her. About the BookThe simplest way to summarize this book is to simply say that it is Shakespeare s The Taming of the Shrew only Katherina is a werewolf For those of you who don t know the plot of The Taming of the Shrew you may want to read The Rest Of The About rest of the About Book sectionThe plot of this well known comedy is airly simple A wealthy man by the name of Baptista has two daughters Katherina and Bianca The latter has many suitors but Baptista refuses to let her marry until Katherina is wed herself The problem with This Is That Katherina In is that Katherina in or having a earsome temper and in this version she also happens to be a werewolf However a man who is willing to marry or money alone marries the ill tempered Kate and uses his cunning to try to tame herReviewI have to say that I had mixed eelings about this book to the point where I am still unsure as to whether I actually liked it or not I loved the bits where the author weaved her words with the great bard s and I elt that she did an excellent job Sylvia Shults mixed the modern and Shakespearean English brilliantly together which I honestly was not expecting I eared that Sylvia Shults mixed the modern and Shakespearean English brilliantly together which I honestly was not expecting I eared that would be too much of a copypaste or that her writing wouldn t hold any of that Shakespeare charm I am pleased that my Fancy Strut fears wereor naught Well that was what I loved in the book but I also ended up despising Shults writing While I loved the intermingling of Shakespeare and Shults I could not stand Shults when she was alone There were times in the book when Shults would add her own elements that as a modern style paranormalhistorical romance It was when Shults was on her own that I literally wanted to throw the book across th. “BEFORE I MET YOU I NEVER KNEW WOLVES COULD SMILE”Was ever any gentleman thus grieved as Baptista Minola An Italian lordwith two daughters the youngest of which cannot be married until the elderKatharina is wedAND THEREB. The Taming of the Werewolf