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When I read the summary I was instantly captivatedBut then when I got the book and started reading it I got one disappointment after anotherThis book has a

great blot that 
blot that poorly written Unfortunately for me because I was sure I d fall in love with this book and re read it over and over again That ll teach me not to judge a book by it s summary and to read other people reviews before buying any book Ok my other issues with the book The 2 main characters did not have one meaningful conversation They hardley knew "Each Other At All "other at all they jumped in the sack and then declared love for each other Plus there was no background info to explain why the Sera was the way she was What situation turned her into this untrusting scared person My ongoing dislike of the Sera continues when after Nigel saves her life and then gives her the best sex of her life she dosent speak to him for 3 days She decides that its important to have her defenses independece and cold heartedness than to let someone in and trust them and love them I understand her fear its only. Sera was moved by the plea of the woman who’d posted the ad for a surrogate to carry her moved by the plea of the woman who’d posted the ad for a surrogate to carry her son’s child Beyond that it sparked a need dormant within her She still had her doubts as to. Ith anger over this stupid chic The sex scenes were "Really Great In This Book But I Could Not Enjoy "great in this book but I could not enjoy bc the rest of the story was so far fetched and un reachable or relatable This will be the last first and only book from this author that I read DNF This is one of those books that the story could have been great butThis has to be one of the most poorly written and poorly edited books I ve ever read and I ve read some beauties The story had no cohesion The timeline jumped around without anything to link the smexy scenes The grammar was poor there were a lot of words used incorrectly the sex scenes were muddled with inconsistencies and the POV kept jumping around without warning The main characters definitely had some chemistry and if the story had been proofread by someone with a small grasp of grammar it might have been good Sera answers an ad for a surrogate mother A mother s son was dead and wanted a grandchild Only the son wasn t dead after all Very short read It had lots of potential and I did like it but I felt it needed a little development. Slip by her She discovered a lot of things she hadn’t counted on morning sickness a sky rocketing libido and the sudden arrival of the things she hadn’t counted on morning sickness a sky rocketing libido and the sudden arrival of the she’d never expected to meet her baby’s fath.

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Normal but its not just her in the situation she needs to think of her kids as well Any blind person could see that Nigel was going to be a good father and for her to just categorize him as every other man that let her down was unfair to her kids unfair to him and just an excuse to remain the way she was her desire to not want to change seemed selfish and really she just comes off as bitch Not only "Was A Bitch "she a bitch she was a hypocrite She was the one that was shutting the door in his face right after they have sex et she was Placing Nigel in the category with all the other menYou can t have it both ways either he is a fluke Or You Are Just Trying To Find you are just trying to find wrong with him to break up with him because Lippenbekenntnisse you are a coward and care aboutour pride Plus there was no real resolution I didn t feel like they really resolved their issues just skipped over them and moved on to happily ever after I am getting really tired of this type of female character that is so prevelent in many romance novels It makes it hard to enjoy the book bc our so consumed Whether she was actually cut out to be anyone’s mother and whether or not she could juggle motherhood with her demanding business but realized it was an opportunity she didn’t want to.
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