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uit Drinking Easy Ways To uit Drinking For A Healthier Happier and More Motivated Life Without Alcohol Book 1 hY all the people In a country in which we associate war andopelessness a little girl uses the metaphor that Duty her dreams like the kites that fill the sky should be free to roamHowever I feel that because it is targeted for students k 2 this message will beard to convey I feel the children being read this book will need to be informed of the country s istory and why this young afghan girl as these opes and dreams Unfortunately Children at this age may not be able to comprehend the deeper messages Despite that I Am Glad That This glad that this at least attempts to show another side of the Afghan people and their constant struggle Eulate does show a positive relation between the Afghan children and us regardless of where we are and We Go Through No One Can we go through no one can our opes and dreams for something better Gorgeous The Food Explorer The True Adventures of the Globe Trotting Botanist Who Transformed the American Dinner Table heart breaking illustrations carry a young Afghan girl s wish for peace to flyer kite The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow high with all others who wish for it too There are symbols that will need discussion but some are uite clear like the tank bursting with a beautiful lily Her toys created from a junkyard sit on an abandoned tire but offer the ability to make peace just as she makeser toys I would use this with older students when studying the middle east conflicts the unvarying strife where children know nothing but that The proceeds from this book are donated to the Cometa Foundation supporting children s education and women s support in mid east countries Hope is beautiful Hope is everything And then we will all walk togetherhand in Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart hand along the same paththe path that leads us to the place weave all longed forthe place we Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle have dreamed aboutfor so many yearsA place wherearmony reignsa place of togethernessA place please forgive me if my eyes fill with tears that leads us towards PEACE. L dreams soon take wing and fill the Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms homes andearts of those around er uniting a people in their common desire for pea. ,

Beautiful illustrations but the story is too poetic and symbol ridden for small kids The Sky of Afghanistan is told through the eyes of a Afghan girl As SHE WATCHES THE KITES SOAR INTO watches the kites soar into air she sends er wishes and dreams with them Wishes for peace and opportunity and rebuildingThe text is like a stream of consciousness than a narrative More like a prayer than a plot But it s the illustrations that really caught my attention The muted color sketches blend with collage specifically maps and envelope markings The style is a blend of realistic and and envelope markings The style is a blend of realistic and shifting from images of the sky emblazoned upon the narrator s scarf to those of children flying kites from the rooftops There are subtle images of war such as the children playing with toys made from discarded trash or a tank Or A Soldier In A Helmet At The Bottom Of a soldier in a elmet at the bottom of image And there are images of ope such as a row of young girls in a classroom or children riding bicycles down the street Each page allows the chance for discussionThe publisher recommends this book for ages 5 7 I can see ow this would be appropriate in certain circumstances and when read with the parent Personally I would use it with older students ages 8 12 to discuss relevant events or as an example of multicultural literature This may not be a title that every family as on the bookshelf but it is most certainly one that could be used as a valuable teaching tool 12514 I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the language of this book with the text portraying the dreams of the narrator in rapid images The illustrations are poignant and at times surreal On one page the background is made up of a map of Afghanistan A small tank is drawn as if sitting on the map and a stem with a gorgeous orchid ish flower grows from the tankSeveral reviews negativel. Beautifully illustrated and undeniably moving this is the story of a little Afghan girl’s dreams of peace As er countr. ,
Y commented that the reader wanted a book that told of a story I didn t miss
The Tight Narrative Arc Instead 
tight narrative arc instead that the text captured emotions and dreamsAn important book from a small press to elp American readers begin to understand what life is like in places where education isn t as taken for granted especially for girls as it is ere A Young Girl In War Torn Afghanistan Dreams Of Peace A girl in war torn Afghanistan dreams of peace A kite representing er country flies from picture to picture bringing Do Better her messages of peace into theearts of families and people everywhere This is a story told through mainly through pictures and symbols For young children adult readers can emphasis the need for everyone to live in a peaceful world Challenge older readers to make their own peace kite and to emblazon them with their own message of peace Follow up by learning about Afghanistan and the war going on thereRecommended for lower and upper elementary I was so excited to read this book once I found it and I was disappointed with the actual text The storyline is ard to follow The message kind of comes across but not clearly Accelerated Reader 36Guided Reading Level P estimated 6 Traits Presentation I don t think I would use this book in my classroom it was not well written which is disappointing Beautiful pictures will draw children in but the text provides no context background or story The text is an adult s call for peace than providing a story or creating understanding for children A beautifully illustrated and moving story of a young Afghan girl s dreams of peace coming to er country wracked by war Originally published in Spain Ana Eulate s The Sky of Afghanistan IELTS General Training Academic Study Guide has a very powerful message about a Afghan girl withope for a better tomorrow A future filled with endless possibilities joy and Get IELTS Band 9.0 in Academic Writing Task 1 Data, Charts Graphs hope shared Y is wracked by war a girl’s imagination drifts toward the idea of peace forer people and for er country Her powerfu.
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The Sky of Afghanistan

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