The Sisters of Sinai How Two Lady Adventurers Discovered the Hidden Gospels (E–pub)

The Sisters of Sinai How Two Lady Adventurers Discovered the Hidden Gospels

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F this book in the New York Times months ago but "never bought it When my good riend the Rev Mary Earle "bought it When my good riend the Rev Mary #EARLE IT AND LENT IT TO ME I WAS #it and lent it to me I was looking The Protestant Temperament forward to reading it mostly because these were women adventurers in the late 1800 s But what I discovered in reading about the twinsascinating lives and travels there was so much to experience in this book since Janet Soskice put their discoveries into the cultural context I have taken some seminary courses in textual criticism but the dating and importance of extant manuscripts was made real to me by the author s depiction of the various personalities in this ield This book has so many ascinating The Radiant Child facts about the burgeoning scholarship The author skillfully portrays the interest in the ancient texts of the East during this period Interesting too was the lack of educational opportunities offered women but the Scottish sisters Agnes Lewis and Margaret Gibson were remarkable in their mastery of ancient and modern languages and earned the respect of those with higher degreesI also gained some understanding of the role of providence in Presbyterian thought as understood by Lewis and Gibson For example they benefitedrom a large inheritance and elt like it was their destiny in turn to benefit the world by translating ancient gospels and other ancient manuscripts and because of their great means to purchase manuscripts that were looding the market They also were unafraid to engage in uncomfortable and hazardous travel across the Sinai take dangerous ocean voyages and other ventures because as they saw it if it was their time to die it was God s decision and preordained Presbyterian ue sera sera Wonderful read The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data for someone who is a an armchair traveler and enjoys tales of Biblical history Two Scottish Victorians take offor the Sinai cope with sand and camels charm the reclusive monks at St Catherine s Monastery and manage to be credited or their discovery although male scholars are sniffing around and trying to usurp their place Excellent writing as well lucid prose and a lively style Pull up your chair to the ire and spend a happy Sunday reading I can t say enough about these two extraordinary women who not typical Victorian and not college educated because women were denied college entrance in the 1800s mastered French German Italian Spanish along with Arabic Greek Hebrew and Syriac traveled by camel slept in tents unaccompanied to the Middle East six times the Tempting Eden first time in 1868 discovering in 1893 at Mount Sinai in Egypt an ancient manuscript of the Four Gospels written in antiuainted Syriac They photographed 400 pictures of the manuscript helped translate themound other valuable manuscripts wrote over 20 books hob nobbed with scholars and received honorary doctorates Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, from three universities Both married late in life Margaret at 40 Agnes at 43 only to have their husbands die after three years Their discovery of the Syriac Gospels is considered one of the most important manuscriptinds ever Incredible story with incredible research and deftly written. E Talking to Dragons feared to tread in the Middle East they slept in tents and endured temperamental camels unscrupulous dragomen and suspicious monks to become unsung heroines in the continuing effort to discover the Bible as originally written From the Trade Paperback editio. H twin sisters Agnes and Margret Smith They were light years ahead of their Victorian time educated above their gender tenacious well traveledluent in multiple languages and raised to be independent thinkers and doers No hoity toity tea parties or gilded hotels Three Times the Love for these middle agedemale travelers Camels tents riding skirts and Dragomen were their traveling norm It was on one of their trips to St Catherine s at Mt Sinai prior to loating the Nile and other "distant shore adventures where they discovered the oldest complete compilation of "shore adventures where they discovered the oldest complete compilation of our Gospels and helped to translate it too Oh what a stir this caused #In Both The Academic World #both the academic world that of the Cloth Not always The Bride of Willow Creek favorable either And nearlyorgotten Until Ms Soskice resurrected their story If you enjoy adventure history stories GREAT INVESTMENT, THE featuringascinating people and strong independent women doing extraordinary things this book is or you FVIE History Adventure Utterly Fascinating STARS Agnes and Margaret Smith were born into wealth allowing them to adventure unencumbered by practical concerns but ortuitously The Lively Art of Writing for the twins theirather had a remarkably progressive outlook on childrearing or a mid nineteenth century Scotsman John Smith supported his daughters education unusual or the time they were educated alongside boys and Smith imbued in his young daughters a ascination with oreign languages and culture The sisters were encouraged to live independently and independence was thrust on the girls after the death of their ather and with late marriages and early widowhoodSoskice s account makes it clear the death of their ather and with late marriages and early widowhoodSoskice s account makes it clear the sisters didn t suander any of the opportunities they were given They are most amous or discovering and assisting in the translation of the Syriac Sinaiticus the earliest known version of the Gospels 4th century written in Syriac and a key to understanding the early evolution of the New Testament But before and after this eat the women spent years traveling across the Middle East tramping through unforgiving desert working in remote and inaccessible archaeological sites It s hard to imagine a radical life or two nineteenth century ladies of privilege Back when I was an undergraduate I spent two years living in the Colony the sprawl of buildings owned by Clare College at the The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness foot of Castle Hill The central building of the complex is a late Victorian mansion called Castlebrae which had theollowing inscription on a plaue in the The Leadership Gap front hallThis house was originally the home of DR AGNES SMITH LEWIS 1843 1926 and DR MARGARET DUNLOP GIBSON 1843 1920 Inseparable twins tireless travellers distinguished Arabic Syriac scholarsLampada Tradam Let me hand on the torchI never went much to Castlebrae but was always intrigued by the plaue and hope that some day I wouldind out the story behind it Thanks to Janet Soskice s book I now know much the Smith sisters Agnes and Margaret born in Scotland and Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) fabulously rich developed a strong interest in the roots of ancient scripture and had the means motivation Agnes and Margaret what a pair I had read a good review S orormal language training the twin sisters nevertheless made one of the most important scriptural discoveries of their time the earliest known copy of the Gospels in ancient Syriac the language that Jesus spoke In an era when most Westerners male or Serenity Role Playing Game femal. This book was a rare surpriseor me I don t normally read history or adventure or biblical textual criticsm but this book contains elements of each This is the TRUE story of twin sisters Agnes and Margaret who lived during the second half of the 19th century They were born in Scotland and raised Presbyterian "DUE TO PROVIDENCE WHO IS AN UNSEEN BUT VERY "to Providence who is an unseen but very character in the story they end up inheriting a ortune Women were not permitted to attend university in Victorian England but this did not stop the twins They were self taught especially gifted in languages They also loved to travelAlthough each was married or three years before becoming widowed the twins spent most of their lives together On a journey to twins spent most of their lives together On a journey to Catherine s monastery on Sinai Agnes discovered a manuscript of all our gospels in syriac a orm of aramaic the language Syriac a Tressed to Kill form of Aramaic the language spoke which pre dated anything known at that time She steamed the pages apart over a camp kettl The Sisters of Sinai is a book about the Codex palimpsestus Sanaiticus No wait Don t turn the page The story of the discovery of this earliest version of theour Gospels in Syraic early 4th century and the painstaking work of bringing it to the notice of the academic world of Biblical study is an adventure story To read the rest of my review go to my blog at This is an amazing book It is well written and an excellent read I had never even heard of these sisters Agnes Lewis Margaret Gibson Their lives were exciting and their scholarly contributions on the highest of levels According to sources they were luent in 12 languages including Hebrew Greek Syriac Arabic In the mid and late 1800 s they traveled Egypt Sinai 5 6 times without their husbands unbelievable They made riends with the monks at the St Catherine s Monastery in the Sinai desert and were able to The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev find one of the oldest accounts of the Gospels on a palimpsest and went on to translate it On a later visit with a Jewishriend Schecter they helped him gain access to a genizah of the oldest and most complete medieval Jewry accounts They had exercise ropes installed in the ceiling of their home Castlebrae and were very physically it They unded Westminster College Cambridge They often bought up property and let it out or miniscule amounts to those in need Their stamina and intellect are jaw dropping Wow how impressive their lives were In one sense this is a charming tale of two sisters whose passion or truth led them to learn ancient languages travel through deserts negotiate academic suabbles and discover olios previously unknown to modern scholarship On ano Enthralling Educational Entertaining Absolutely amazing I m gobsmacked really wishing I could travel back in time and journey with these extraordinary ladies Goes to show whatever it is you desire to do if you refuse to let gender or age or naysayers or inconveniences keep you rom The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School following your dreams you can accomplish amazing things Superbly written in accessibly intelligent language Soskice has penned a delightfullyascinating book exploring the lives of Scottis. A Christian Science Monitor Best Book of the Year A Washington Post Best Book of the Year A Library Journal Best Book of the Year Agnes and Margaret Smith were not your typical Victorian scholars or adventurers Female middle aged and without university degree.

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