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The Shadow ReaderS true So when I DO find an urban fantasy book I like I can t help but talk about it nonstop not to mention recommending it to veryone I know The Shadow Reader was one of those books I went into wit The Shadow Reader had Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America everything I love in a fae book Seriously I have a special place in my heart for fae characters Ahem Ash and Puck Wink wink It had action hot Fae guys adventure romance hot Fae guys court intrigue witty dialogue andpically cool fight scenes Oh and did I mention the HOT FAE GUYS Excuse me while I fangirlMcKenzie Lewis is a special human She can see the Fae and read their shadows This ability makes her a very important ally in the war raging between the Court and Rebels because she can tell where the Fae are teleporting to Just think of her as one hell of a blood hound and you get the picture For years she has helped the Court track down and kill Rebels until one day she is kidnapped by a rebel leader named Aren who henceforth in this review shall be known as Le Hottie While in captivity she discovers the war she once considered black and white just gained a whole lot colors in between As a result she starts second guessing her alliance with the Court and her awkward relationship with the King s sword master Kyol Le Steamy First off this is a really awesome debut novel for Sandy Williams The Shadow Reader grabbed me from page one and held me in a choke hold that would make Stone Cold Steve Austin proud And considering the last two books I ve read had me in a two star reviewing slump I was xtremely grateful for a fun read That s not to say this book is without its flaws Oh no Lol But there not to say this book is without its flaws Oh no Lol But there just something about it that makes me a lot forgiving The Shadow Reader is like a toddler just finishing up a cherry Popsicle on a hot summer day She s a little messy with "sticky fingers but she s just so darn cute you want to hug her anyway And that s xactly "fingers but she s just so darn cute you want to hug her anyway And that s The Color of Our Sky exactly I felt about this book Even though McKenzie did irritate me at times and the romance was toeing the insta love line I couldn t help but reallynjoy reading this bookThe PlotTwo words Action packed I don t ven think this book had down time It was just back to back revelations fight scenes sexual tension You know all those things to keep you on the dge of your seat This was a solid plot with pretty good world building I Obsession easily got a feel for the Fae s world but the only thing I would have liked to see was a freakin map McKenzie s ability to track the Fae s shadows is reliant upon her knowing where the locations actually are I would have liked to have been able to see where these places were myself on a map There is a lot of traveling done in the book between fissuring think teleporting in and out of the human world or between the providences of the Fae world So yeah it would have been nice to be able to flip to the map and seexactly where they were McKenzie s goal in the first half is to scape Le Hottie Aren and his Rebels and return to Le Steamy Kyol and the Court She Aren and his Rebels and return to Le Steamy Kyol and the Court She believes they are vil and remains loyal to the Court But she never xpects to fall for her captor and grow sympathetic to the Rebels cause When she finally does return to her sword master she finds that her loyalties no longer lie with the Court The CharactersLe Hottie Aren McKenzie and Le Steamy Kyol were smart sassy and classy respectively I usually don t like love triangles but this is one of those rare oc. Laim the Realm Her job isn't her only secret She's in love with Kyol the King's sword master but human and fae relationships are forbidden When McKenzie is captured by Are.

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45 stars The Shadow Reader is Sandy Williams debut novel and the first in the new MCKENZIE LEWIS series If this book is any indication I anticipate great things from Williams and this series in the future I njoyed The Shadow Reader immenselyMcKenzie is a "human woman with a talent that makes her "woman with a talent that makes her to the fae She is a shadow reader which means that when a fae teleports she can map where that fae has traveled to There are other shadow readers but McKenzie is an unusually good one As a teenager she was recruited to help King Atroth s Court win a war Now ten years later the Court still calls upon her services and it s taken a toll on McKenzie s life Her family has written her off as crazy Her college degree is taking far longer than it was supposed to And her forbidden flirtation with Kyol Taltrayn the King s sword master keeps McKenzie s love life on hold She s ready to retire as a shadow reader finish her ducation and live a normal human life Then she s kidnapped by rebel leader Aren Jorreb who also needs a shadow reader and verything changes McKenzie is attracted to Aren but at first figures it s Stockholm syndrome May I just mention how refreshing it is that McKenzie All Roads Lead Home even considered the possibility of Stockholm syndrome I ve read way too many books where the whole romance seemed to be rooted in it yet it was never reallyxamined But Aren has some unsettling information for her information that leads her to wonder whether she s been on the wrong side of the war all alongThis is a love triangle for readers who are sick of love triangles Why Because this is a good one The uestion is not just who s handsome or makes McKenzie s heart beat faster McKenzie is not just deciding between two men but two worldviews and two versions of the truth If one man is telling the truth the other is guilty of horrible things and vice versa and really no one s hands are clean in this war McKenzie is a fierce heroine not necessarily in the combat sense but in her determination to seek the truth stick to her own sense of thics and maintain her self stick to her own sense of thics and maintain her self She s strong in the face of psychological pressures that would break a lot of people and it s great watching her forge her own path that isn t uite what ither of her suitors has in mind for herMcKenzie s struggles play out both in her own psyche and in Williams well realized setting It can take a little while to get one s bearings in the fae world Williams has created but she does a terrific job of making that world feel fleshed out and lived in One gets the sense of a rich history and geography in the background ven if McKenzie only sees a small sampling of it in this first book I was reminded both of Karen Marie Moning s FEVER universe and CL Wilson s TAIREN SOUL in terms of the settingThe Shadow Reader kept me turning pages frantically and when I wasn t reading it I was thinking about how much I wanted to be reading it and finding out what happened next or What New Truth Would Be Revealed I Had A Lot new truth would be revealed I had a lot fun with The Shadow Reader and can t wait to read about McKenzie 15 starsI didn t like this very much and I m pissed that I bought the second book before finishing this one I have mulled over my review for a few days now and I m still trying to figure out why most people loved this and Even than YA my relationship with Urban Fantasy has been a love hate one In fact I ven made a table about it and it hold. A Houston college student McKenzie Lewis can track fae by reading the shadows they leave behind For years she has been working for the fae King tracking rebels who would Casions where an author tells me to Shut it Stephanie and read the damned book You will like it And lil old skeptical me goes HmmWe ll see about that Ms WilliamsWell here I am
eating my words 
my words I loved this love triangle If I were McKenzie who would I chose Le Hottie or Le Steamy Jeez I don t know They were both awesome guys Aren s the cocky son of a biscuit ater that has you wanting to smack that ridiculous grin off his face and kiss him at the same time While on the other hand Kyol is the "Mysterious Silent Type That "silent type that keep you up all night trying to puzzle out the secrets hidden in his yes AHHHH Hot Fae guys ICAN TEVEN Of course we have our heroine McKenzie I won t deny that there were times when she really irritated me because I thought she just couldn t see the bigger picture of the war and how the Court treated her all those years The Court specifically didn t want her learning the language of the Fae and she not once thought that was strange And one of the first things Aren does once she is kidnapped is have her taught the language This should have been a gigantic red flag to McKenzie but she remains loyal to the Court until it nearly very dearly costs her But she s supposed to be a stubborn heroine I get that I just wish she was a little observant However she is a strong willed heroine because she never does give up trying to scape her captives I have to give her props for that Even when she knows her attempts are in vain she continues again and again I have to admit though I did wish she didn t need uite so many rescuing from our hot Fae guys In fact why does she ven have a sword on the cover I kept waiting for her to kick someone s ass in the book but it never happened view spoilerOkay so maybe she did kill someone but that was an accident on her part hide spoiler Oooooh The Shadow Reader Oooooh average rating 414 Happy dayMy first thought My second thought My third thought My other thoughts are verging between ugh idiot duh gah and pass the jelly Imagine you have a cold But not a normal cold It s one of those bad ones where you have to drown in antibiotics and syrup You know the feeling you get when you are ating something and you can t feel its taste You look at the people you re sharing the meal with and see them moan in pleasure because the food is so delicious Don t you feel like stabbing them in the Just Cause eye with your fork because they can feel it but you can t That sxactly how I feel about The Shadow Reader My main issue is as you surely guessed the freaking love triangle I m not going to play the pick your side game Again Why are all authors using this damn love triangle theme I really don t get it It s unoriginal and boring and it will turn the book into this as well What s so hard to get It made the book too frustrating to the point of wanting to throw it out of the window to taste some of the acid rain I m having right now The fact that it s an book and that I ve read it on my Kindle which I love at the moment kept me from doing itAnyway I fail to see where McKenzie is badass she s of a typical YA heroine The Shadow Reader was supposed to be a YA they probably mixed up the genres somehow Which reminds me this book is so fcking predictable I knew how it was going to nd since chapter 10 Not CoolIn the nd Naito was my favorite character I d maybe read the next book for his sake only But I won t To the spam shelf with yo. N the fierce rebel leader she learns that not verything is as she thought And McKenzie must decide who to trust and where she stands in the face of a cataclysmic civil wa.