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Given the atmospheric claustrophobic setting in the Swiss Alps during a blizzard I expected to Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved like this book much than I did I wonder what went wrong hereLet s start with the things I did enjoy and the setting is definitely a treat An old sanatorium high in the Swiss Alps that has been converted into a fancy but sinister hotel it doesn t get much better than this And when a massive blizzard cuts off the hotel from civilisation and people start dying the stage is set for a tense closed door mystery Pearse brings her setting toife with vivid descriptions of the old TB sanatorium and its eerie presence despite having been remodelled into a fancy resort With a shady history the building itself seems to exude an air of menace and danger that made for a wonderful backdropSo why didn t it work for me Probably a few reasons and mostly to do with reader preference 1 Mainly I found the whole premise extremely unbelievable from the strange way that people suddenly start dying to the investigative efforts of a British policewoman on The Prime Minister of Paradise leave for PTSD who has absolutely no jurisdiction in Switzerland to the reveal of the final culprit and the motives of the murder spree I felt that the book suffered from the problem of trying too hard to fit in everything under the sun to make it a twisty read only to end up being confusing andacking cohesion2 The characters even though I Charlie O. and the angry A's liked the premise of Elin a policewoman with PTSD I felt that she always kept me at armsength and I didn t bond with her throughout the entirety of the book As a detective she didn t ring true for me even considering that she was recovering from a recent breakdown As for the other characters not only did I find most of them thoroughly unlikeable but they also The Sisters of Sinai lacked believability for me Some remained mere stereotypes I never really got the hang of I felt entirely emotionally detached throughout the book which took away aot of the enjoyment for me3 I have found from previous experience that I do better with closed door mysteries if they are told from one POV only which helps build suspense for me Here the POVs from the murder victims made the story appear choppy added an added element of having to suspend disbelief and took away a ot of the mystery for me Again personal preference other readers will totally disagree with me here4 The final reveal given that the body count rises throughout the book I expected an evil villain with a strong motive and found the final reveal just a bit acklustre and again farfetchedAll in all THE SANATORIUM was a book that contained all the things I usually ove in a novel but for various reasons did not end up working well for me With a wonderfully atmospheric setting and a mounting body count it will undoubtedly thrill other readers though so it s one you need to pick up and try for yourself rather than taking my personal reader preferences into account here25 stars Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK for the free electronic copy of this novel and for giving me the opportunity to provide an honest review please be aware of spoilers in comments read at your own peril blog facebook instagram So a character has this nervous habit of chipping her nail polish and then she s hiding somewhere within the hotel and they find her because they follow a TRAIL OF NAIL POLISH CHIPSI believe this about sums this novel up The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse has all the elements of a great story It was creepy in a remote ocation there are family tensions and people going missing Throw in a massive snow storm to top it all off I could not get enough No surprise really when it was named as Reese s book of the month for February If you Dark Passage likeocked room mysteries filled with suspense then this is the book for youElon Warner is a police detective from the UK She is currently on eave due to suffering PTSD after a case went very wrong Along with her boyfriend Will they travel to the Swiss Alps to stay in an exclusive hotel in the mountains This is no ordinary hotel It was converted from an abandoned sanatorium where patients were treated for TB In The Past It in the past It an unsettling feel to it and Elin feels uncomfortable from the minute they arrive Thy are there to celebrate the engagement of her estranged brother Isaac But things take a turn for the worse when a body is found on the hotel grounds in the middle of a storm They find themselves cut off and Elin needs to use her skills to try to find the killer before they strike againIt is a dark and eerie novel full of twists and turns I oved Elin and her inner voice could she trust herself what did she really want I was completely Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) lost in the story and read this over a weekend Thanks so much to Penguin Books Australia for sending a me this book to read This is a terrifically atmospherically chilling crime thriller from Sarah Pearse set in the snowy mountainous Swiss Alps in the resort of Crans Montana and Le Sommet An old disused TB sanatorium has been developed into an exclusive hotel by Lucas Caron run by his sister Cecile Elin Warner is suffering PTSD acuired after the fallout from a case that went wrong in her work as a police officer She has been off work for a year now and she needs to make a decision as to whether she uits or returns her situation has been exacerbated by grief with the recent death of her mother and she has never got over theoss of her younger brother Sam as a child She is going to Le Sommet at the invitation of her brother Isaac she has not seen him for some considerable time and has always had a troubled relationship with him but he is now the only family she has The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez leftElin and her architect boyfriend Will Riley arrive in Le Sommet to attend the party organised to celebrate Isaac s engagement to Laure a Swiss national and an assistant manager at the hotel On arrival Elin feels a growing sense of foreboding she does notike the remote hotel s modernist style with its minimalist decor and the various artefacts showcasing the hotel s past history as a sanatorium Things begin to go awry when Laure disappears and a body is discovered in the area Elin feeling a sense of terror with Isaac falling apart feels pushed into once again drawing on her police investigative skills Meanwhile weather conditions worsen considerably with heavy snow blizzards and the hotel has been advised to evacuate staff and guests with the high risk of avalanches However before everyone is able to Easy Breezy Miracle leave the hotel is cut off from the outside world Elin finds herself under heavy pressure to find a smart and organised killer without outside help as murders with a similar MO raise theevels of fear amongst staff and guestsPearse writes a dark exciting suspenseful and tense novel full of twists which just drips with the atmosphere of a hotel that exudes a creepiness and the ever present eaden weight of its past as a sanatorium and the menacing wintry mountainous ocation is a central character and threat in its own right Elin herself is haunted by the past there are issues and grief she is not certain she will ever be able to move on from and she is burdened by her uncertainties as to whether she can once again take on the mantle of a serving police officer although she becomes increasingly confident as her investigation begins to yield results This is a fabulously entertaining crime thriller that begins to yield results This is a fabulously entertaining crime thriller that my attention from beginning to end and which I think many crime and thriller readers will ove too Many thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC At an isolated hotel high in the Swiss Alps cut off by bad weather and avalanches a woman is murdered in a bizarre manner and another woman is missing With the police unable to get to the hotel guest Elin Warne. Alternate cover edition of ISBN 9780593296677You won’t want to eave until you can’tHalf hidden by forest and overshadowed by threatening peaks Le Sommet has always been a sinister place Long plagued by troubling rumors the former abandoned sanatorium has since been renovated into a five star minimalist hotelAn imposing isolated getaway spot high up in the Swiss Alps is the ast place Elin The SanatoriumCal and serves only to try and ay the path for a seuel I beg you do NOT write that seuel Please To uote Annie Wilkes it s a cheat I couldn t in good conscience recommend this book to anyone How a single person has found enough in this to offer a three star review The Doctors 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health let alone is beyond me If you find yourself reading it and debating whether to finish or not my only advice is don t I wanted to give up at about 30% but held firm to the belief it would get better and the ending would be clear and concise Trust me you should bail Bail now EXCERPT She closes her eyes and hears echoed threats Only babies tell and you re a baby Tell tell tit your tongue will split Her head is throbbing Do that again and Il kill you ABOUT THE SANITORIUM EVERYONE S IN DANGER ANYONE COULD BE NEXTAn imposing isolated hotel high up in the Swiss Alps is the ast place Elin Warner wants to be But she s taken time off from her job as a detective so when she receives an invitation out of the blue to celebrate her estranged brother s recent engagement she has no choice but to acceptArriving in the midst of a threatening storm Elin immediately feels on edge Though it s beautiful something about the hotel recently converted from an abandoned sanatorium makes her nervous as does her brother IsaacAnd when they wake the following morning to discover his fianc e Laure has vanished without a trace Elin s unease grows With the storm cutting off access to and from the hotel the onger Laure stays missing the the remaining guests start to panicBut no one has realized yet that another woman has gone missing And she s the only one who could have warned them just how much danger they re all in MY THOUGHTS An exciting read that The Go-Between left me breathless It is spine tingling and raised thoseittle hairs on the back of my neck in places The Sanitorium is a stunning debut novel by Sarah Pearse that cleverly eaves the way open for a seuel I can t waitIt is an atmospheric chilling twisty read set during a blizzard in a hotel in the Swiss Alps A modern ocked room mystery that incorporates horrific historic murders with the present day ones The setting is creepy in a modernistic minimalist way incorporating old subterranean parts of the original Sanitorium that was converted into a uxury hotel The characters are magnificent and entirely plausible I really didn t ike Elin at the beginning but as she developed and came into her own she grew on me She is uncomfortable in her own skin prone to panic attacks and on extended The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy leave from the police force following something that went terribly wrong on herast case Her brother Isaac I didn t warm to at all but I adored Will Elin s boyfriend and often felt miffed with Elin for the way she treated him Isaac s girlfriend Laure is a bit of a mystery She and Elin were childhood friends whose relationship came to an abrupt end She comes across as very self confident but there are secrets Deal Maker (Mixed Messages Book 2) (English Edition) lurking there too Elin and Isaac have grown apart over the years following their younger brother Sam s death and despite being at the hotel to celebrate Isaac and Laure s engagement there is a palpable tension between them There is also a tension between another brother and sister Lucas and C cile Lucas owns the hotel and his sister works for him There is a history between Lucas and Laure So we haveComplicated family relationships Family secrets Stunning scenery obliterated by a blizzard butA modern hotel built on a creepy pastNo way in our out so the murderer must still be there Aimited pool of suspects Twists aplenty I had no idea who was behind the murders yet thinking back the author has Godmanstone Blues left aittle trail of breadcrumbs for the reader to follow I was too busy avidly flipping pages and devouring the words on them to pick up her occasional clues I Ramp Rats: A Graphic Guide Adventure loved this read There was only one point almost at the end when my belief wavered aittle but only momentarily I had a wonderful time reading The Sanitorium and honestly I could go back and read it all over again 8 TheSanatorium NetGalley SarahVPearse sarahpearseauthor fivestarread contemporaryfiction crime detectivefiction familydrama murdermystery suspense thriller THE AUTHOR Sarah Pearse My Name is Abu Salem lives by the sea in South Devon with her husband and two daughters She studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick and worked in Brand PR for a variety of household brands After moving to Switzerland in her twenties she spent every spare moment exploring the mountains and the Swiss Alpine town of Crans Montana the dramatic setting that inspired her novelSarah has always been drawn to the dark and creepy remote spaces and abandoned places so when she read an article in aocal Swiss magazine about the history of sanatoriums in the area she knew she d found the spark of the idea for her debut novel The Sanatorium DISCLOSURE Thank you to Random House UK Transworld Publishers Bantam Press via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of The Sanitorium by Sarah Pearse for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions For an explanation of my rating system please refer to my Goodreadscom profile page or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom This review and others are also published on Twitter Instagram and my webpage Gosh Darn It I really had high hopes for this one and felt ike it started really well alas the ast third of it really dragged and I just wanted it to be over Needless to say this one unfortunately didn t work out as well as I d hoped Our protagonist was Elin Warner a detective who is on extended Spitting Daisies Communicating Through the Sunset leave on account of a case that went south When she receives an unexpected invitation from her estranged brother to celebrate his engagement at the remote and newly renovated Le Sommetocated in the Swiss Alps she jumps at the chance for some peace uiet As per usual as SOON AS SHE ARRIVES START as she arrives folks start ike flies and she appears to be the only half competent person present and available to assist in the investigation while ocal authorities attempt to make their way through the blizzard and take over It felt to me that the male characters were mere afterthoughts and the ineptitude and sheer incompetence of them really had me scratching my head Dare I say it felt ike this author had a grudge against men As ong as we are discussing the characters it was incredibly hard for me to connect with any of them including Elin The reactions to the events as they unfolded actually made me Cuckold Hotwife Erotica 10 Story Bundle laugh outoud A Couple Of Times As If Any Rational Person Would couple of times As if any rational person would the way most of these characters did The motivations for the person who dunnit were nonsensical and I really had to suspend my disbelief so than the average thriller I would normally read the whole reason for WHY just felt unrealistic and just absurd to me which I hated because this one had potential Additionally the epilogue didn t make sense to me eitherwas that supposed to be a cliffhanger Will there be a continuation of this story as in a series That would be the only way it made sense Please don t get me wrong this was fairly solid for a debut but I sincerely doubt it will stand out amongst all the thrillers I ve read by the end of 2021 I also felt Stumbling Giants: Transforming Canada's Banks for the Information Age like the blurbs from other authors on the cover had to be insincere as it didn t hold a candle to some of the great thrillers I ve read in recent months Did I mention I was severely disappointed by this novel I m not writing this author off but I will be cautiously optimistic for any forthcoming releases I have to say this isike the sixth Reese Bookclub book that has not worked out for me so perhaps I should reconsider auto purchasing them moving forward Anyway moving on to hopefully the next great read. Rning to discover Laure is missing Elin must trust her instincts if they hope to find her With the storm closing off all access to the hotel the onger Laure stays missing the the remaining guests start to panicElin is under pressure to find Laure but no one has realized yet that another woman has gone missing And she’s the only one who could have warned them just how much danger they are all. ,

Summary The Sanatorium


R a detective currently on extended Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East leave from the British police has no choice but to start the investigation andiase with Swiss Police Elin and her boyfriend Will have arrived at the newly opened hotel to celebrate the engagement of her estranged brother Isaac to Laure an old childhood friend now an assistant manager at the hotel Originally a TB sanatorium before the advent of antibiotics the building has been converted into a fashionable hotel by architects Lucas Caron and Daniel Lemaitre Daniel disappeared mysteriously before the renovations started but the building went ahead and is under the management of Lucas and his sister C cile In keeping with the original use of the building Lucas has made a feature of some of the medical devices used for treating the patients in exhibits around the hotelSarah Pearse has utilised the isolated Children of Ambition (Children of Vice, location and harsh weather to develop a very suspenseful and atmospheric murder mystery The description of the murderer is indeed the stuff of nightmares as is the strange mutilation of the victims Elin seave is due to PTSD suffered after her ast case went wrong but she is also mourning the death of her mother who she nursed at home Her unresolved grief at the death of her younger brother during childhood has also resurfaced now that she s meeting Isaac and Laure again She s really not in a good place suffering from panic attacks and initially terrified at being the only detective on site As the case progresses she grows in confidence and can t help but take control but she also makes decisions that put herself and others at risk begging the uestion of whether she should go back to policing She s a difficult character to connect with and her relationship with Will seems tenuous Although he seems very patient and understanding he can t seem to understand why she is not coping well For me the concentration on Elin s insecurity and neuroses tended to overshadow the plot and the other characters I was also not entirely convinced by the revelation of what the killer s motives were and felt the ending could have been stronger Nevertheless this was a good debut with a very creepy isolated ocation and suspenseful plot 35 With thanks to Netgalley and Random House UK for a copy to read This should have been 5 stars so many chilling and gruesome elements were present but it just never delivers The ending is a complete this is how I did it dump which really sucks Then there is another reveal was it a twist on a train at the very very end and I didn t even understand it If you did feel free to explain in the comments uite a Born in the Country let down This was a tough one for me On the one hand its a very atmospheric thriller with some great description and good dramatic tension On the other its a not so brilliantly executed mystery with one o Firstly I have to say I don t give 1 starsightly I m well aware that at the other end of this review is an author who spent a Out of the Shadows: A Memoir lot of time and energy on creating this story and I do not want to hurt anyone s feelings Writing a book is torturous and I have nothing but respect for anyone who finds themselves with their name on a front cover but this book should not be published without a serious overhaul I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and you always get honesty with meThe idea of a thriller set in a remoteocation in the middle of the Swiss Alps really appealed There was so much opportunity for creating an atmospheric setting and I have to say the author did a brilliant job I could clearly imagine myself there and how claustrophobic all that white open space would actually feel However that is the only positive I have to offer with regards to this book Elin our main character a detective on On Earth Were Briefly Gorgeous leave after a traumatic work incident is heading to the nowuxury spa previously a sanatorium to attend the avish engagement celebrations of her brother Isaac Herein ies my first problem she hasn t seen Isaac for ten years they have no real relationship and she genuinely seems convinced he had something to do with the death of their younger brother Sam when they were children an issue the author keeps coming back to With No Real Conclusion Until no real conclusion until end where it s tied up in approximately three sentences then promptly forgotten aboutIn fact we re Crazy Crafting Mad Libs led to believe the relationship is so bad between them that when their mother died just six months previously Isaac remained absenteaving Elin to get on with it alone So of course the first thing she would do is hop on a plane and travel to the middle of nowhere to join him in his joy Oh no wait she s not going to celebrate she s decided now is the perfect time to confront him about the murder of their brother except she is too scared to So doesn t Mainly because she s suffering from PTSD severe asthma and panic attacks Frankly she strikes me as the sort of person who would probably have sat this particular party out I would have I know I wish she haduite uickly Isaac s fianc goes missing there s a murder and another body is discovered up in the mountains Due to the weather and the police s inability to get to the remote Liferider: Heart, Body, Soul, and Life Beyond the Ocean location it s remote did I mention that the owner of the hotel who discovers Elin is a British detective asks her to take on the investigation Honestly they d have been better off calling up the gang at Mystery Incorporated and investing in Scooby snacks as Elin is without doubt the most incompetent investigator I ve ever heard ofAfter the first body is discovered hands and feet tied wearing an old fashioned gas mask with fingers amputated Elin comes to the conclusion this was not an accident You know what gave it away The fact the body was weighed down by sandbags Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a forensic genius Thank goodness we have such a brilliant mind on the case At one point I genuinely hoped Miss Marple might also be on holiday at theuxurious yet remotely The Darkest Touch located glass covered spaThankfully Elin seems uite aware of her own incompetence constantly doubting her abilities yet inexplicably determined to prove herself capable She spends half her time knowing she s missing something if she could just grab hold of the fully formed thought runs off on her own head first in to danger despite this being the reason she s oneave from the police in the first place earns nothing from her mistakes shares all the information she has with everyone including everyone she ultimately suspects yet keeps secrets from the Swiss Police who might actually be has with everyone including everyone she ultimately suspects yet keeps secrets from the Swiss Police who might actually be to help her and generally makes really ridiculous statementsAfter discovering another body herself having yet again gone off on her own without telling anyone where she is she is attacked by the murderer At this point she outlines everything she has deduced so far from her extensive investigation the murderer is strong Stronger than her No shit Sherlock I could go on but the point is Elin is an impossible character to ike She s a pathetic clich done very badly and has no redeeming ualities I found myself praying she d be killed just to give the story a bit of a twist but alas no It would appear even her boyfriend doesn t From Madman to Crime Fighter like her after talking to him about the case and admitting she s having a tough time he simply tells her to have a snack and to forget about it then pats her on the head and goes off to do some of his own work So despite the fact bodies are piling up he treats herike a toddler and then worries about his work emailsOK thenOnce we finally get the big reveal the who done it after many a false start it doesn t really make any sense It is so convoluted it needs extensive explanation and it s really aborious Don t even get me started on the epilogue which is hugely illogi. Arner wants to be But Elin’s taken time off from her job as a detective so when her estranged brother Isaac and his fiancée Laure invite her to celebrate their engagement at the hotel Elin really has no reason not to acceptArriving in the midst of a threatening storm Elin immediately feels on edge–there’s something about the hotel that makes her nervous And when they wake the following mo. ,

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