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I bought this book online being under the impression that it a book as opposed to a Cliff Notes version of Russo Japanese War so I was kind of a Cliff Notes version of the Russo Japanese War so I was kind of when it arrived in the mail It was better than nothing but it provides the briefest of overviews of the war This is ssentially a lengthy magszine article That s how books on war should be written I Cabaret: A Roman Riddle especially liked how they included simple but comprehensible maps tovery major military ncounter mentioned One of the maps was nclosed few pages later then it should have been but all the others were xactly at their correct place which is worthy of praisenot all military history books pay attention to such detailsworse not all ven include mapsHowever the best thing about this book does not All Roads Lead Home exclude the novice You don t need to know literally anything about the actors the political context or the military tech of thera to understand verythin. The Russo Japanese war saw the first defeat of a major European imperialist power by an Asian country When Japanese and Russian xpansionist interests collided over Manchuria and Korea #The Tsar Assumed Japan Would # Tsar assumed Japan would dare to fight However after years of planning Japan launched a surprise attack on the Russian Port The Russo Japanese War 1904 1905

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The major movements and battles of this short war which could have been seen as a precursor to the First World War and of this short war which could have been seen as a precursor to the First World War and didn t help the Tsar with his troubles at homeThe Japanese did remarkably well at sea but whilst being victorious on land did lose many soldiers in attempts to take Port Athur As often with this series the brief review of the nd of the conlict and it s impact on the countries involved and those further afield is as interesting as the main book itself Typical war book plenty of information about the conflict between Russia and Japan details about issues and problems faced #well detailed book would be useful for students of History at # detailed book would be useful for students of History at or University Or just for people interested in Military history I like it did not know allot about this conflict until I read the book well written asy to read the story format was clear and not complicated no The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis editorialrrors Good war book. Sprey Guide To series is a reworking of the popular Essential Histories series now available as non illustrated Books at a fantastic low price The maps and text remain the same giving a strong historical overview of some of the most important conflicts and theatres of war from the ancient world through to modern times. ,
G written and njoy reading it In this regard the author has done a superb job Of course if you ARE familiar with all these things so much the better Mind however that there aren t any photos so if you want to have a look at general Nogi s face or if you are interested how the fortifications at port Arthur looked from first person s perspective tc you ll just Have To Google It This Has Numerous Editing Errors And to google it This has numerous diting rrors and sometimes inaccurate but is overall not the worst thing I ve seen At the turn of the 20th Century the Japanese were concerned about the ownership of Port Arthur in China by Russia and launched an initally un declared war It was unlikely Russia were going to attack Japan and so Japan reuired diplomatic skill to keep the support of the UK and USA Wars in the Far East are rarely known about or talked about outside academic or wargaming circles but Jukes manages to clearly and Concisely Explain. Rthur On explain. Rthur on Liaoyang Peninsula in 1904 and the war that followed saw Japan win major battles against Russia This book xplains the background and outbreak of the war then follows the course of the fighting at Yalu River Sha ho and finally Mukden the largest battle anywhere in the world before the First World War The ,