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The Runaways

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The airport The only things which she has in her possession are a passport a red her possession are a passport a red and a small bag with a necessary change of clothing and some make p She yearns to leave Karachi behind forever and feels as though she is making a real break for freedomBhutto makes se of the third person perspective throughout which allows her to follow each character effectively I liked the way in which their very different journeys to radical Islam were set out and spoken about Bhutto sets out that each of her protagonists is going through a crisis of a sort Sunny is confused *About His Sexuality Monty Is *his sexuality Monty is by the
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in which wealthy parents act around other people and Anita s feels as though she is worth than the restricted and restrictive life she lives in a tiny house with her mother and hustler of a brother Each of Bhutto s protagonists is complex and humanised There is a build p of their backstories as well as the influences in their present day lives which lead them to travel to an Islamic State stronghold in Ira The action in which the three characters meet takes place between Mosul and NinevehThe contemporaneous nature of the novel which spans the period between 2014 and 2017 creates a kind of See How She Runs urgency Its themes and concerns are so relevant tos Bhutto explores in a measured and The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog unbiased manner what could drive such young impressionable people to join such a feared and frankly terrifying terrorist organisation I found her considered writing absorbing and admired the way in which she gave context andnderstanding to the paths which her characters take The Runaways offers a great deal of food for thought and is timely and relevant Fatima Bhutto it s a famous name and also a name marked with sanguine sagas in South Asian history In a way violence is always described in stark black and white terms these days and I wanted to think about it in a different way How much pain do you have to be in to go to war against the world What does it mean to feel wounded by the world to be humiliated and isolated I am haunted by the violence I ve experienced You have to expose violence to light to air it s the only way you can rob it of its power says Bhutto This novel reflects a cathartic expression of the violence in her personal life experiences The story traces the suppressed and directionless lives of three youngsters from different social milieus all in search of self worth and validation Sunny an Indian Muslim expat in Portsmouth is bullied and belittled by the whites and his own kind he is ashamed of the pathetic efforts his father makes to be accepted into the white society His cousin Oz returns from Syria to show him a way out of this mist of pain loneliness and confusion to glory and heroism through jehad Monty who through being the son of an elitist family of Karachi has the swankiest cars and every other affordable luxury has a nagging sense of inadeuacy due to a pervasive Dont Ask, Dont Tell unidentified fear He is smitten by Anita Rose who draws him for her fearlessness and brash confidence in spite of her being on the opposite side of the spectrum through coming from a minority Christian family living in the faceless labyrinth of a slum of the same shiny cityIt is paradoxical how Sunny and Anita growingp in bigoted scenarios of suppressive and belittling social religious and domestic violence choose to become part of radical fundamentalism and embrace greater violence to find an elusive sense of identity power and restitution in a world of rejectionThe lives of these three frustrated youngsters are destined to cross paths in the dreaded wasteland of Mosul where a bloody orgy of violence pushes them down a dark path of no return this path which was to lead them to the promised paradiseThe author attempts to portray the religious brainwashing and subseuent recruitment of vulnerable youngsters into the so called religious war against the west and the irony that it has in fact little to do with religion and much to do with distorted mind frames and power games In spite of the racy subject the narrative is listless and devoid of any thrill surprises or excitement Characters are somewhat sketchy and come across as Alexander Hamilton unfinished portraits that fail to evoke much empathy There are infreuent oases of literary redemption in the book through some well scripted paragraphs and phrases but the rest of the road is a trudge What kind of person wants to be a jihadi Who joins the Islamic State Does membership of such an organisation signal villainy of the most anarchic kind or is it possible that something far banal is at work Male 26 singleite well educated but not an expert on the Starting Today uran this is the profile of an average fighter joining ISIS The Independent 22 April 2016When entry documents were leaked from ISIS as described in the above article by Lizzie Dearden they revealed th. Arachi lives Monty whose father owns half the city and expects great things of him But when a beautiful and rebellious girl joins his school Monty will find his life going in a very different directionSunny's father left India and went to England to give his son the opportunities he never had Yet Sunny doesn't fit It was a promising book interesting premise butnfortunately it was just Disappointing While Reading This While reading this kept thinking about another Pakistani writer s recently published book Home Fire by Kamila Shamsi which covers some of the same themes muslim immigrant identity in the west running away to become part of radical fundamentalism but that one was so very well done especially compared to this novel This book did piue my interest and I went through it very ickly But while reading it there were just lots of disappointments I would say that the potential was there but it just wasn t executed properlyThere Some Parts Here And There Which Are Done Well *some parts and there which are done well the novel as a whole just doesn t cut it There s lots of inconsistencies in the flow of the book certain things in the plot didn t make sense as if maybe they tried to fit things together forcefully which didn t fitIf reading its blurb interests you I would recommend picking p Home Fire by Kamila Shamsi Despite it having a promising start this was such a disappointing read I don t know why I inflict so much pain Signs of War and Peace upon myself It was agonising I was lucky enough to finish this book in time for the book tour today It wasnplanned but I do feel The Pipe Organ (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, uite pleased with myself as I hardly ever review for a tour If you want to know further details about the plot check out keeperofpages as she did a great synopsis yesterday In essence this is about three people who go to fight in the war in Syria Verdict I bloody LOVED it As a British Muslim I felt nervous about reading a book not only by a Muslim author but also with content that I know has such divided opinion However Bhutto provides so much perspective on the topic of radicalisation I really don t like the word but it s the one most commonlysed in this field and we all know what it means We are presented with individuals who differ from each other and lead very different lives They have their own perspectives and personal challenges to deal with Their reasons for going to war are very much individual There is a strong sense of loss of not knowing who they are and where they belong The book takes you to Pakistan the UK and Ira Given the current political climate never has a book been so important To open our eyes and let Sublime Planet us see things from the other side of the fence We as a society are soick to judge and make comments about those who believe they are going to fight for a worthy cause little do we know about their background or circumstances Bhutto does a marvellous job in this book of attempting to make the reader Our Martyred Lady understand how claustrophobic young people can feel and expand our knowledge on this relevant and important area The plot did lull a bit for me when both boys are in the desert but I can t take away the impact it had She has a new fan in me and I cannot wait to read of her work Rating 5 Fatima Bhutto s latest novel The Runaways comes with the tagline How far would you run to escape your life Theestion is a pertinent one given its subject matter The novel follows three young adults from vastly different backgrounds who for various reasons decide to run away from their homes and join Islamic State Despite this bleak plot line Mohammed Hanif has called the novel big hearted and beautiful and Elif Shafak believes it to be tender powerful and richly embroidered In The Runaways Bhutto follows Anita Monty and Sunny Anita has grown p in dire poverty in Karachi s biggest slum and only after forming a friendship with her elderly neighbour does she realise that her future holds hope and a way out of poverty Monty also from Karachi is from an incredibly wealthy family his father owns half of the city and expects a great deal from his son When beautiful and rebellious girl joins his school Monty is forced to make some difficult decisions about his own future Sunny s father moved from India to Portsmouth in order to create a better life for his child Despite his father s best efforts Sunny feels as though he straddles two cultures and does not really fit in When he reconnects with his charismatic cousin he too takes a different path to the one which his father had hopedFrom the outset the scenery and settings are vivid and described in all their beauty and horror The Runaways is highly atmospheric in conseuence Bhutto writes for instance On Netty Jetty overlooking the mangroves kites swarm the sky like a thick cover of clouds waiting for lovers to throw chunks of meat to them or if the lovers cannot afford the bloody parcels sold on the bridge then small doughy balls of bread Of Karachi Bhutto writes Under the cover of darkness before the floodlights bleed into dawn a mynah bird with its yellow bandit beak and orange eyes cut through its coarse black plumage sings At this point which comes at the very beginning of The Runaways Anita has made her way to. How far would you run to escape your lifeAnita lives in Karachi's biggest slum Her mother is a maalish wali paid to massage the tired bones of rich women But Anita's life will change forever when she meets her elderly neighbour a man whose shelves of books promise an escape to a different worldOn the other side of .
At Western recruits were much likely to be young to Have A Fairly High Level Of Education And Interestingly Enough a fairly high level of education and interestingly enough have only a very basic knowledge of the ran and Sharia law The Runaways is a story about three Muslim teenagers who become jihadis and I cannot help but think that Fatima Bhutto has done a brave thing in tackling this timely but difficult subject She has aimed for the subtle context and nderstanding as opposed to outright condoning or condemning their actions and it s a fine line to walk She dares to humanise her characters and she also dares to suggest that each of them became jihadi warriors by a series of accidents Sunny Monty and Layla come from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds but what they all have in common is a sense of isolation None of them is particularly religious but they are all culturally Muslim and they are all looking for meaning in their lives Like most teenagers they are insecure in who they are but they want to be something or at least belong to something important The novel jumps from Sunny in Portsmouth England to Monty and Layla in Karachi Pakistan Eventually the stories of all three characters will be woven together like a braid and their commitment to varying ideals and their responses to violence will come *to a head in NinevahMosul The novel is fast paced and increasingly tense as the story *a head in NinevahMosul The novel is fast paced and increasingly tense as the story and moves location to Syria and Ira In some ways Sunny is both the least and the most sympathetic character His character is the most richly developed and I think that Bhutto draws a far clearer line between Sunny s internal conflicts and his attraction to IS I wouldn t suggest that this novel will be an enduring work of art but it does tackle a topical and difficult subject matter and I felt that Bhutto writes with both nderstanding and authority Thanks so much to Viking Books and Penguin UK for the gift of this book As to be expected with such subject matter the reading here isn t often easy but handled with great skill by the author making it a very powerful and informative read By giving her characters economic social and political difficulties Bhutto reinforces the point that radicalism has little to do with religion 16 year old AnitaRose aspires to a life in Karachi s most affluent neighborhood despite her origins as a servant s daughter born and raised in the slums 17 year old Monty the son of an eminent businessman seeks purpose after a privileged Their Reluctant Submissive (Knights in Black Leather, upbringing Sunny also 17 thoughiet and disillusioned is first generation British from Indian parents restless by the expectations that his father places on himBhutto delves into the personalties of the youngsters and the result is an opportune read seeking to Ethics Playbook understand the root causes that push youngsters into joining terrorist When a writer doesn t sit among common people what is shehe to write about thencommon observations Because of the celebrity status of the writer of this bookdue to political background she has failed to pen down any How to become a Kingdom Millionaire uncommon observations of commonShe is a method writer her novel is well crafted with touches of fine editing and ending however the story is weak especially the war seems like a Twitter war The jihadis depictions are the same as they are shown in Hollywood sonreal I liked the character of Lyla but it s incomplete and paradoxical as if the idea of the female protagonist is hired from Bano The Duchess of Vidal udsia novel raja Gidh Nothing exciting about other characters either Another writing piece that might soothe Western audiences This is a well written and compelling novel with fantastic characterisation It s very hard hitting and thereforeite difficult to read at times but is certainly a powerful book Fatima Bhutto s main claim to fame is that she belongs to the famous Bhutto political dynastyof Pakistan She is s main claim to fame is that she belongs to the famous Bhutto political dynastyof Pakistan She is niece of Benazir Bhutto The Bhutto name has helped launch her writing career but belonging to this dynasty has also meant that she has endured plenty of suffering in her personal lifeincluding the murder of her fatherMurtaza BhuttoShe began her writing career through her memoir about her fatherSongs of Blood and SwordThough one sidedit is still much better than her fiction bookswhich I have struggled to readAt over 400 pagesthis book is longit s way too long On top of thatthe writing is very mediocre It did remind me of Kamila Shamsiefreuently sing Urdu wordslong windedflowery sentences describing life in Karachivery slow pacingand even the theme is similar to Kamila Shamsie s Home FireThe book follows the journey of three young peopleas they become radicalized Two are from Karachiand one is from London I skimmedI tried to stick withbut I couldn t This book would just take too longI have already read Home Fire and it s much better And I m simply not enamoured of Fatima Bhutto s writing styleor her worldvie. N anywhere It's only when his charismatic cousin comes back into his life that he realises his life could hold possibilities than he ever imaginedThese three lives will cross in the desert a place where life and death walk hand in hand and where their closely guarded secrets will force them to make a terrible choice.