PDF NEW The Roman Family Ancient Society and History ¸ Suzanne D. Dixon

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As governed on that lawThe types families that existed in Rome were many the elite the wealthy and senate classes freed soldiers farmers to name a fewI gave the book four stars to Dixon s writing style It seemed rather choppy and she seemed to go on tangents in the first chapter making it difficult to follow her argument at times This was the major source for my class project for Roman History in graduate school an analysis of Roman marriage I remember thinking the book was really fascinating. Ively on legal evidence fell short of describing the reality of Roman life Many relations not recognized by law the slave family for instance or The Marriage Of Imperial Soldiers marriage of imperial soldiers tolerated socially and eventually gained some legal recognition Other topics include love and other aspects of the institution of marriage the role of the children in the family how families adjusted to new members and how they dealt with aging and deat.

Suzanne D. Dixon í 8 Summary

The Roman Family by Suzanne Dixon is your basic overview of what constitutes typical Roman life The book provides discussion on the trends of research as well as contemporary comments on the Roman family Topics covered include the rights of the paterfamilias marriage filiifamilias the life cycle and old age I read this book for an Independent Study course through Brigham Young University called The Family in Europe and it was a course option to take for my undergraduate program The course is based on studying Unfaithful spouses divorce and remarriage rebellious children aging parents today's headlines are filled with issues said to be responsible for a breakdown of the traditional family But are any of these problems truly new What can we learn from the of these problems truly new What can we learn from the in which societies dealt with them in the past Suzanne Dixon sets the current debate about the family against a broader context in The Roman Family the first book to bring together wh. He social history of European familiesReading about Roman families and its Relation To The Law During to the law during late Republic and early Imperial eras of Rome was fascinating My personal tastes are in Greek and Roman classical periods and I thought this was a nice start to it all Reading this book led me to add tons of other books that Suzanne Dixon used as references including Cicero Virgil and many othersThe book referred to The Twelve Tables which was what officially establish the basis of Roman law and how society At historians anthropologists and philologists have learned about the family In Ancient RomeDixon Begins By Reviewing The ancient RomeDixon begins by reviewing the regarding the family in general and the Roman family in particular After considering the problems of evidence she explores what the Roman concept of family really meant and how Roman families functioned Turning to the legal status of the Roman family she shows how previous studies which relied exclus. The Roman Family Ancient Society and History