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G the way is merely good for a gasp before the inevitable sigh of relief provided by the convenient resolution right around the corner How many of these pulp serials did Heinlein churn out I ll sift through a dozen of them ventually I m sureThe Rolling Stones are a large family of geniuses The precocious twins Castor and Pollux get up to hijinks wherever their ship lands which is a lot of locales like Luna Mars and various asteroids Heinlein instructs us on family values and sprinkles in plenty of ighth grade science I m not ashamed to say I learned a thing or two It s often humorous fun lighthearted and merry Refreshing in the sense that the author is not trying to knock your socks off with literary pronouncements and huge set pieces He s telling a bedtime story It has fuzzy cat creatures and progresses by virtue of the prospector acumen of our undersized go getter main characters The father figure in the book is also writing a serial about a galactic hero I found that side plot to be an xtra layer of cute Robert A Heinlein is a much revered name in Science Fiction He won many awards including several Hugo awards and in 1974 was named the first Science Fiction Writers Grand Master Sometimes he is referred to as the dean of science fiction writers for his numerous novels and short stories Although always mphasising scientific accuracy he wrote very accessibly and was one of the first American science fiction writers to break into mainstream magazines So how does this arly novel originally aimed at boy scouts hold up The answer for me is not as well as I had hopedSpace Family Stone by Robert A Heinlein started life as a serial over four months in the magazine Boys Life This condensed version was published under the title Tramp Space Ship and by the nd of the same year 1952 it was published in book form in the USA as The Rolling Stones Space Family Stone is its title in the UKThe novel was well received by critics and public alike By now Robert A Heinlein had stablished a good reputation for writing juvenile novels in addition to his other writing and these were in demand George Pal s cult film Destination Moon a personal favourite of mine from 1950 was also doing very well and breaking new ground It was the first major US science fiction film to deal with the dangers of space travel and the conseuent problems of America s first lunar mission involving the astronaut s safe return It is as well to remember that this Buried event in real life was not to take place for another 19 years Robert A Heinlein was the film s technical adviser and the screenplay was based partly on his first juvenile novel Rocket Ship Galileo from 1947 He also published a tie in novella Destination Moon based on the film whose storyline also uses parts of his novel The Man Who Sold the Moon from 1949 which was not published until 1951Perhaps working in Hollywood on a Technicolour spacexploration science fiction film drama had influenced his writing At any rate this is the first book of his to mploy a jokey tone and to be honest the continual wisecracks wore a little thin for me though I am uite prepared to concede that this may be because I am English and sense of humour can be tricky to cross cultures I do feel that if I were now to watch the pisodes of Lost in Space that I so loved as a child in the 1960s I would wince in mbarrassment and find them sadly lacking Space *Family Stone Has A *Stone has a in common with that TV Although it is about space xploration it is a space opera with all the action firmly revolving around a Robert A Heinlein s new wife Virginia had suggested he write about a pair of red headed twins and so Castor and Pollux the 15 year old Space twins came to be born Frankly I find these the two most irritating characters in the book although perhaps they xemplify the American dream They are fledgeling ntrepreneurs who despite being high achievers turn verything into a business opportunityOther characters in Space Family Stone are the family matriarch Hazel Meade Stone a gun toting grandma one of the Founders of the colony on Luna She seems to rule the roost without uestion is crazy as a skew orbit behaves like something out of the Wild West and although the use of firearms is forbidden she ven wears a gun holster although it is filled with cough candyThe twins rather ineffectual father Roger although possibly the least accomplished member of the family skippers the spacecraft And boy do we know it as he increasingly resorts to variants on the theme of I m the captain of this ship and don t you forget it whenever any of the Stone family appears to have an original idea or become annoyingly nthusiastic Their mother Edith a brilliant scientist and doctor is a superwoman who gets her own way by forever repeating Yes dear Presumably this is intended to be droll It isn t Oh and by the way she does all the cooking although the other female members of the crew chip in when she is absentThere is a daughter whose part in the plot is so insignificant that I forget her name She gets motional at the drop of a hat dreams about the hunky young men whom she might meet at various space stations and sits knitting Then there is the baby Lowell nicknamed Buster who is an xtraordinary child a chess genius with telepathic skills All three females look after the baby xclusively Clearly he is intended to seem cute I am not ntirely sure when to say that certain aspects of #the humour are xtremely dated that this family is annoying to the point of crassness and that #humour are The Shadow Reader extremely dated that this family is annoying to the point of crassness and that seem to be stuck in their own little time warpOf course in 1952 the dynamics of this family may not have seemed much out of the ordinary The general view of normality has changed significantly to the point that many of us uestion the very idea and find a family setup like this one distinctly trying We also have to remember that this book is a satire and as such all the characters arexaggerated and larger than life Oh yes Meade is the name of the mimsy te. El would know that they came by it honestly Join the Stone twins as they connive cajole and bamboozle their way across the Solar System in the company of the most high spirited and hilarious family in all of science fiction This li. ,
The Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies easiest way to describe this book is that it s an amusing family road trip in spaceI ve come to adore Heinlein s dry sense of humour which often appears in one or two characters in his This is one of Heinlein s juveniles which means it doesn t have any adult situations and nothing too dire happens to anyone It s also written in a lighthearted whimsical fashion with a lot of witty dialogue and rapid uips that reminded me of the old screwball comedy films I laughed a lot Yet it is chock full of real hard science regarding astrophysics space travel and the physics of other worlds What a great way to introduce science to young people Recommended for ages 9 99 My first Heinlein read Fundamentally the story line is close to the Lost in Space television series of many years ago The book isasy to read and I highly recommend young readers take a look at how future space travel was viewed some 57 years ago The book has valuable insights into family values and dealing with nearly absolute isolation for long periods of time And they did not have Game Boys It doesn t seem likely for twins to have the same middle name Even so it s clear that Castor and Pollux Stone both have Trouble written in that spot on their birth certificates Of course anyone who s met their grandmother Hazel would know they came by it honestlyJoin the Stone twins as they connive cajole and bamboozle their way across the solar system in the company of the most high spirited and hilarious family in all of science fiction 35 stars The Rolling Stones was our fantasy book club pick for October and I thought it was a fun light sci fi read The twins Castor and Pollux reminded me a little bit of Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter They and their grandma Hazel were the best things about this book One thing I was slightly disappointed in was that the daughter kind of faded into the background and her father didn t seem to have nough faith in her abilities But then there is the very positive portrayal of the mother who is a doctor and the grandmother who is an ngineer and very independent and I liked that A couple of things to note are that the Trouble with Tribbles The Power Of A Choice episode of the original Star Trek series was a complete rip off of the flat cats in this book and there are numerous ideas from this book that seem to have influenced other sci fi stories and books over the years The Expanse series came to mind with its Belters and Martian coloniesWhile there were somenjoyably funny moments I did feel like the book was a bit dull at times I did like that it was short and asy to get through ven through the parts that dragged This was written way back in the 50s so some of it feels a bit dated Clearly Heinlein did not predict digital technology but I m not sure anyone would have at that point If you want to try some classic sci fi then I say give this a tryEvery time I think about this book I think about a space ship with bicycles stuck all over the outside of it and I smile Review also posted at Writings of a Reader Heinlein s juveniles have always been among my favorite SF I liked a lot of them than some of his later novels written for adults I read The Rolling Stones so long ago I barely remembered it but some of it came back to me as I listened to it again as an audiobookAlas the years have diminished my fondness for this light hearted space romp somewhat While it was a fun adventure about a wisecracking hyper competent family of adventurers seeking their fortune and something adventurous out in the solar system there isn t much to impress the modern SF reader about flying a rocket ship to Mars Venus and beyondThe Stones consist of Castor and Pollux trouble making teenage twins always scheming to get rich and prove they re the smartest people in any room who drive most of the adventure with their original idea to buy an old mining ship Somehow their parents are talked into this harebrained scheme with a little manipulation by Grandma Hazel who is a crusty old survivor of the Lunar rebellion in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and can continue to hold her own with anyone a fraction of her age The Stone family is rounded out by teenage daughter Meade and their little brotherAs in most Heinlein stories veryone is super competent the twins have what nowadays would be considered a graduate level understanding of mathematics which their father the moral center and patriarch of the family despite by his own admission having the lowest I demonstrates isn t nearly good nough Mrs Stone is a doctor Grandma Hazel is well Grandma Hazel and ven Meade who does little than fill in the girl box in the story is smart and accomplished in a few domainsThe Stone family is a uintessential upper middle class white family circa 1952 when this story was written flying out into space under WISE AND BENEVOLENT LEADERSHIP OF #wise and benevolent leadership of Knows Best And while Heinlein works out starship physics and travel in great detail gotta love those slide rules that always make an appearance making this story the sort of crunchy believable hard SF that would have thrilled young would be space pioneers back in the 50s obviously to us in the 21st century the idea that people will ver be jaunting about the solar system in private spaceships the way pioneers used to go west with little than a mule and a pack of supplies certainly seems naiveAs an introduction to Heinlein s juveniles with very little that is challenging or novel but much to xcite a young reader who s into space and adventure I do think this book holds a worthy place in the canon of Golden Age science fiction I prefer Heinlein to Asimov and the other hard S F G A GMs This is not one of his classics but it is an ntertaining and harmless read Recommended for audiobook which is read by a full talented cast and is accompanied by cheesy sound Monsieur Pain effects and old time radiora aesthetic charm A fun for the whole family space opera adventure where there is sure to be a heartwarming nding and very sign of tragedy alon. It doesn’t seem likely for twins to have the same middle name Even so it’s clear that Castor and Pollux Stone both have Trouble written in that spot on their birth certificates Of course anyone who’s met their grandmother Haz.

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Enage daughter the most old fashioned of the lotSpace Family Stone is the sixth of Robert A Heinlein s twelve juvenile novels written primarily for younger people The Stones are a family of Loonies or residents of the Moon which is known as Luna in the book Largely due to the ntrepreneurial twin teenage boys Castor and Pollux the family purchase and rebuild a used spaceship and go sightseeing around the Solar System The action takes place on the moon Mars the Asteroid Belt and around SaturnThere are ngaging incidents such as Castor and Pollux buying used bicycles on Luna to sell on Mars their first stop However their inexperience means that they run foul of local regulations view spoiler They are freed by their canny grandmother Hazel Stone hide spoiler 2019 Re readI first read this pre GR and my memory of it was such that I never wrote a proper reviewNow that I have refreshed my memory I ve bumped it up to four stars and count this as one of his bestFirst of all it s one of the juvenile books first published by Scribner s this one in 1952 and so the sixth in the series and so is good classic SF Enough science to count and than nough RAH storytelling to make this xtra worthwhileThis features a show stealing Hazel Stone one of Heinlein s most Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. enduring and intriguing characters Hazel was the red headed imp in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and this describes her decades later as a free spirited matriarch of the Stone family Hazel makes reference to Stranger in a Strange Land in context of Mars nine years before that publicationAlso noteworthy are the red headed twins Castor and Pollux Genius troublemakersrstwhile trickster gods I wonder if they were an inspiration for the Weasley twins Fred and George Both sets are mischievous mercantile and capableFinally this is simply classic Heinlein A ubiuitous theme in his canon is the loud boisterous adventurous family and the Stones setting out from Luna to Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 explore Mars and the asteroid belt is too good to miss If you re into stuff like this you can read the full reviewDegeneration The Rolling Stones by Robert A HeinleinOriginal Review 1980THE ROLLING STONES happens to be a fascinatingxample of degeneration Grandma uit ngineering because three less competent men were promoted over her Mother is a competent but very womanly doctor and Daughter what little we find out of her is mostly hormones I think it s also fair to say that TRS is the most liberal portrayal of women that Heinlein has ver created Granted Heinlein liked to write most of his famous material to well defined audiences THE STAR BEAST complete with tiresome mother and conniving female chum might have been written to order for BOY S LIFE but my copy doesn t mention any serialization means nothing though I have the Ace reissue and they are among the worst at crediting prior publication The review is dedicated to the first human to conduct a free space walk Alexei Leonov May 30 1934 October 11 2019A science fiction book from Juvenile series by Heinlein which strictly speaking does not have plot but which somehow works It all started with Stone twins Castor and Pollux looks like their parents took the asy way when they named their kids trying to organize a business deal The kids their age was never mentioned but I thought they were well in their teens were born in a Moon city To make a long story short they decided it would be a good investment if they buy a bunch of bicycles made on the Moon and sell them on Mars This lead *to the whole Stone family consisting of grandmother and overall tough gal Hazel their parents Edith and Roger their *the whole Stone family consisting of grandmother and overall tough gal Hazel their parents Edith and Roger their Meade and their kid brother Lowell to buying a decent second hand spaceship and heading for Mars They had different adventures and decided to visit the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter where they had ven adventures The interesting part was that the most adventures were medical Il morto di Maigret emergencies Edith was a very competent doctor I looked through the reviews and to my surprise found out the reviewers did not like the fact that Stone family was functional Like people have never seen a family that can live together in harmony never before Do we really come to this Speaking about the family the Matriarch Hazel was the best character hands down She never failed to steal any scene she was in Bravo Granny The twins taken together came close to her in being great characters but not uite on her level This trio made the book the rest of the characters were just along for a ride I mean to move the plot Why do Jetsons came to my mind all of a sudden Some other amusinginteresting things of note from the book One of its scene was taken wholesale into anpisode of the original Star Trek Because verybody and their brother included the relevant picture in their review I am not going to bother I will just mention that I really want a Martian "flat cat Another thing worthy of notice It is a safe bet no matter where "cat Another thing worthy of notice It is a safe bet no matter where person lives heshe inevitably complains about high taxes Let me assure you we the Earthlings have it asy verywhere Martian taxes are outright scary So if anybody think #About Founding A Colony On Mars Keep In Mind You #founding a colony on Mars keep in mind you not be able to afford it according to the book s optimistic prediction about Mars taxation Moon on the other hand is OK One nitpick the whole third generation of Stones was born on the Moon How come none of them have problems with bone density and muscle degeneration This is a big problem ven for modern cosmonauts that spend short time in free fall Heinlein was very careful about science part of science fiction how did he manage to overlook something so obviousIn any way the book is fun to read On the positive we have side Hazel and twins they rule On the negative side we have a weak plot and occasional slowdowns All of these yield firm 3 stars in my opinion I do not regret reading the book and will happily read Heinlein s next Juvenile adventure PS Did you know that Alexei Leonov was also an artist I loved his works when I was a kid I still Ght hearted tale has some of Heinlein’s sassiest dialogue not to mention the famous Flat Cats incident Oddly Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition enough it’s also a truexample of real family values–for when you’re a Stone your family is your highest priority. ,

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