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Sues only to leave them floating awkwardly aroundIt s usually asier for me to make allowances for older novels when it comes to sexism racism and other forms of prejudice and they re pretty much all on display here The women of this book still the re pretty much all on display here The women of this book still frustrate the out meTo be fair all of the characters are complex flawed and not Naked Choke entirely admirable But the abusive husband forxample is nearly portrayed as justified thanks to his obnoxious wife The philanderer partially redeems himself by assuming a leadership role Even when the women are brave and strong it s undercut by the constant observation that they re holding up better than anyone s low Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good expectations for them A lot of attention is given to their looksven in the case of the grandmother whose Murder at the Mansion extraordinary talent savesveryone The one woman who seems like a bright spot among this stereotypical group is dragged down into this stereotypical group is dragged down into and only recovers her standing by denying her own individuality for the sake of her husbandThe struggle for survival and group interactions were still really compelling at times But my thoughts about the book were asily sealed by the last few lines in which view spoilera teenager characterized only by being a victim prays that she ll have become pregnant by her poor drowned class conscious rapist hide spoiler I saw the movie with my friend Linda and an obsession was born We played Poseidon Adventure with our Barbies We played Poseidon Adventure with the Deitch boys from across the street Even though they had not seen the film in our crazed madness we forced them to play all the male roles I ven saw the movie Seductive Surrender enspanol on a trip to Spain Didn t understand a word of it Didn t matter I had it memorized My dad never one to miss an opportunity for ducation came home with a present one day Did you know it was a BOOK before it was a MOVIE he asked No I had not I began to realize that many of my favorite movies had been books first The Wizard of Oz Peter Pan Even Mary Freakin Poppins for cryin out loud It was probably a late age to make this discovery but it opened up a whole new world for me And unfortunately led me to waste many teenage years reading movie tie ins But that was my own faultThe Poseidon Adventure is my most read book I kept a running tally inside the front cover of my now bedraggled paperback I read it seven times Was it THAT good I m pretty sure it wasn t but I was young and in love with a movie a book and the idea that in a world before VHS and DVD I could rewatch my favorite movies whenever I wanted simply by reading them. Him during an interview He founded the Golden Gloves amateur boxing competition and wrote the book that inspired the movie The Pride of the Yankees starring Gary CooperGallico is known for his short stories and novels several of which were adapted to TV and film His short story The Snow Goose received the O Henry Award for short fiction; his novel Love of Seven Dolls was adapted into Lili an Oscar winning fil. .

This was less of an adventurous fight for survival than it was a character drama None of the characters were traditionally relatable they were all flawed some ven broken but all of them in a realistic way They are the wild mix of people you would really have at a realistic way They are the wild mix of people you would really have at a cruise which led to mostly compelling conflictsI felt uncomfortable reading this at times because some of the things happening really hit hard I think this was intentional but I m not 100% sure that some of the instances don t come from things being acceptable in the 60s that aren TRIGGER WARNINGS rape drowning death and claustrophobia Pros strong sense of danger and horror that provides a thrilling aspect Main story line was all about adventure and keeps the reader ngaged with no nonsense subplots different and keeps the reader ngaged with no nonsense subplots different typespersonalities working together trying to survive Cons Idiotic dialogue reactions from characters that was off putting some scenarios that the characters found themselves in that were unimaginable or ven confusing to comprehend Felt almost as if it was filler scenes Too many unlikeable characters and not a full and satisfying happy nding 4 Stars for The Poseidon Adventure audiobook by Paul Gallico read by Dylan Baker This was an interesting adventure Lots of fascinating characters in a challenging nvironment The narration was great too Until just a few weeks ago my only xposure to The Poseidon Adventure was the film made in the arly 1970 s When I discovered that it was first a book by Paul Gallico I knew I had to read it I m one who prefers to read the book first and then see the movie Having done it in reverse order this time I was interested to see how much the film held to or diverted from the book The
Poseidon Adventure Is The Story 
Adventure is the story a huge cruisecargo ship that is full of passengers on a 30 day cruise taken over the ChristmasNew Years holidays After xperiencing rough seas many passengers are ill and in their cabins one vening and only the brave hearted and hungry venture to the dining room for dinner For a variety of reasons the ship begins to roll viole Okay confession here When I was 11 my father took me to see the original Poseidon Adventure at the Beekman theater in Manhattan I loved it I was obsessed with it I think that perhaps my adult fascination with cruise ships was strongly influenced by it The idea of a cruise ship turning upside down was so damn surreal terrifying and compelling creatively I couldn t get it out of my mind as a kid Back when I was twelve I read the novel and loved it So just last year I On its maiden voyage luxury ocean liner SS Poseidon is capsized by a massive undersea arthuake A handful of survivors must fight for their lives struggling to make it from the upper deck of the ship to the hull the only part above water before the ship sinks Faced with rising water and the violence of desperate passengers and crewmembers the group must do verything it can to survive before time runs out Adap. Ound a copy of a first dition at a garage sale I picked it up and it s been sitting on my shelf ver since Well these days I m keeping a bedside vigil for my Mom and I m up a lot in the middle of the night so I picked up the book A bit of nostalgia I began reading and you know what IT S AWFUL So badly written the characters so under developed the dialogue so wrong But as with any famous sinking ship I can t take my yes away No matter how awful it is I m sure I ll read very last word So I suppose this book is my Twilight Paul Gallico had a concept That s all It was a concept that was good nough to carry it through Last year I saw good nough to carry it through Last year I saw movie again Still loved it Camp and dated in so many ways but still so much fun I still get teary yed when spoiler Shelley Winters dies Afloat North Atlantic SS Poseidon turned upside down because of tsunami due to undersea arthuake Unlike RMS Titanic the story of SS Poseidon is fiction and managed to inspire only 4 movie adaptations unlike the former *that inspired 20 movies both in TV or wide screen In fact when American novelist * inspired 20 movies both in TV or wide screen In fact when American novelist Gallico July 26 1897 July 15 1976 released The Poseidon Adventure in 1969 it did not generate much interest as it was seen as a lame version of the RMS Titanic storyBut I liked the movie Titanic of Jack and Rose in 1997 I saw it thrice at the movie house bought a VHS watched it again at home Then when VCD came out I bought a copy and watched it again Then a good pirated DVD copy came out I bought a copy and wat In the chaos of the dining saloon they had not ven been aware of the nature of what remained of the grand staircase merging at its widest point from the pool of oily water its golden handrails and carpeted steps curving upwards
To The Ceiling Where It 
the ceiling where it so utterly different that none of them any longer recognized it for what it wa One of my favourite sea adventure stories after watching this do you still want to go on that cruise you were contemplating Most are probably familiar with this story about a group of people in an upside down cruise ship thanks to the classic adventure movie that s based on it The book is salacious and brutal than its famous film adaptationThere s a heavy focus on the thoughts and discussions of the characters sometimes at the xpense of what s actually happening on the ship I had to re read than one action scene to understand what was going on This would have been acceptable to me if the themes that the story raised had been dealt with Snowflakes on the Sea effectively but instead the author brings up societal and relationship is. Ted into an award winning film by Irwin Allen The Poseidon Adventure is a thrilling tale with timeless suspense andxcitement ABOUT THE AUTHOR Paul Gallico 1897 1976 was an American novelist and sportswriter Born in New York City he graduated from Columbia University and became the sports ditor and columnist for the New York Daily News where he became known for asking champion boxer Jack Dempsey to spar with. The Poseidon Adventure

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