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The Persistent Desire A Femme Butch Reader

Joan Nestle ´ 8 Summary

On a major Joan Nestle kick Even though The Persistent Desire Gets All Desire gets all time in newer books I couldn t find it in any bookstore and had to special order Well worth the postage and a great one to ead aloud The book feels like a conversation held under a big warm tent that could only have been pitched by a great humanist editor l Some of my favorite pieces from this for my eferenceGayle Rubin Of Calamities and Kings Reflections on butch gender and boundariesPat Califa Diagnostic Tests Bonni Barringer When Butches CryRecollecting History Renaming Lives Femme Stigma and the Feminist 70s and as an anthology this was naturally and As an anthology this was naturally mixed bag some very good bits and some uite dire Overall though I think it is both enjoyable and important eading My favourite was Of Catamites and Kings Reflections on butch gender and boundaries by Gayle Rubin This has some issues and not just due to its age I ve never felt any affinity with a butch or femme label but to my surprise I loved this There is a great variety of talented voices captured here in a variety of prose and poetry fiction and notI ecently ead a lesbian history book and Der Bilderwächter reading an overview of all the lesbian cultures that sprang up throughout the years made me tired For the most part the cultures came off as exhausting andestrictive But this book shed a different light on ButchFemme culture and hearing about different people s experiences and feelings about the topic was enlightening The Lesbian Feminists of the 70s howeve. Gay Lesbian Stud. R Still exhausting in my opinion Especially according to this book MUST READ without a doubt my favorite ButchFemme book a beautiful and powerful anthology that has held up to the test of time core to a ButchFemme literary cannon I ve been looking for stories like these for a long time I m glad I finally found the time to ead them I would love for there to be an ebook version someday so this text could each a wider audience Here are some uotes that jumped out at meAfter I left home my brother found out that I hung out in the
#starlet lounge and #
Lounge and and his friends used to come and Taunt Us There Was Nothing us There was nothing could be done about that because that s what the bars were that s where they made their money with the tourists coming to look at the ueers We were only a small part of the population of the bar actually we were the sideshow No wonder we all did drugs and stuff I didn t acknowledge to myself that I was part of a sideshow and that I was on display but that was exactly what it was Doris Lunden 117Many of today s feminist see us as ahistorical as if we are stuck in a time and never change as if we are a bad fifties thing But I am always learning about this as if we are a bad fifties thing But I am always learning about this of loving I have changed in the last twenty years Now I want to incorporate into my femmeness my new layers of experience I want to be the best of our desire without apologizing for it and I want us to know our own history Butch and femme can change and grow Joan Nestle 265Being a butch has been the most troublesome and delic. Ies Homosexualit. Ious experience of my life Being butch like being a woman a lesbian having a soul is not something I can dismiss I believe butches are born not made Since this is my birthright I choose to glory in it When I comb my hair back and strut out my front door being butch is my hallelujah Jeanne Cordova 272 The main justification for invalidating butch femme is that it s an imitation of heterosexual oles and therefore not a genuine lesbian model One is tempted to eact by saying So what but the charge encompasses Than Betrayal Of An betrayal of an fixed and true lesbian culture Implicit in the accusation is the denial of cultural agency to lesbians of the ability to shape and eshape symbols into new meanings of identification Plagiarism as the adage goes is basic to all culture Lyndall MacCowan 321My life has taught me that touch is never to be taken for granted that that touch is never to be taken for granted that woman Letters to Rollins reaching for my breasts or parting my legs is never a common thing that her fingers finding me and her tongue taking me are not mysterious acts to be hidden away but all of it the embraces the holdings on the moans the words of want are acts of sunlight Joan Nestle 486 Crucial to the femme butch history this anthology is diverse incredible and well written Very good history of the butchfemme dynamicobviously a bit out of date for current dynamicsbut we should all know the stories of those who came before us Wish I had a physical copy so I could go through and highlight all the thought provoking gut punching affirming passages. Y Women's Studie.

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