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    EBOOK READ (The Perilous Year) Author Connie Brummel Crook Review The Perilous Year So the seuel to The Hungry Year Connie Brummel Crook's The Perilous Year and I do rather wish that the title wer

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Definitely and in fact realistic enough in and of itself such as Kate getting married and leaving the family farm the Father Remarrying And Alex And remarrying and Alex and therefore having to get used to a stepmother and then a new baby sister the featured search for pirate gold well personally I have always found these types of stories a tad too predictable not all that interesting and therefore while The Perilous Year is absolutely and definitely readable and with that sense of adventure and excitement and indeed also AN ADEUATE ENOUGH SEUEL TO THE adeuate enough seuel to The Year I can on a personal enjoyment level only consider The Perilous Year as a low three star reading experience at best. Away in a home of her own and the boys are stuck with a new stepmother Who's a fine lady to boot She refuses to leave no matter what the boys do and earns the boys grudging respect especially Rayn'sIn one way or another the twins' new stepmother brings them adventures than they ever dreamed possible Soon they are putting their lives on the line for her for each other and for their family's hono. ,

Not all that realistic and therefore certainly not nearly as evocative and as believable as the first novel as The Hungry Year where the possibility of Kate Ryan and Alex perhaps starving to death due to the lack of food during a harsh winter certainly tears at one and massively opens one s eyes to the stark realities and potential dangers of pioneer life although I do expect that especially boys from about the age of ten to twelve or so might well find The Perilous Year and Ryan and Alex escapades with James and Ivan in search of buried British gold exciting and Entertaining But While Much Of The Actual Background And Framework But while much of the actual background and framework The Perilous Year is most. For something exciting than the dull life and the backbreaking labour of the settle farmer Alex especially dreams about those pirates they've heard stories about roaming Lake Ontario and helping themselves to what they need from whoever has it That's the life for himThings get shaken up a bit when father brings something unexpected home from King's Town a wife In short order Kate is married and. ,
So the seuel to The Hungry Year Connie Brummel Crook s The Perilous Year and I do rather wish that the title were a trifle less derivative a bit imaginative features the many adventures of Kate s twin brothers Ryan and Alex who are now considerably older than they were in The Hungry Year long for a bit of adventure and sometimes do massively resent the tedium of farming life and its daily grind of necessary but certainly not always fun and easy chores Now while I have indeed for the most part uite enjoyed The Perilous Year Personally Perilous Year personally do find at least some of Ryan and Alex s pirate treasure adventures than a bit too fantastical for my tastes in other words. The Hungry Year a Silver Birch Fiction Regional Winner in 2002 told the story of Kate and her small twin brothers Ryan and Alex and their struggle to stay alive in the backwoods of Ontario during the infamous winter of 1787 88 Enthusiastic Readers Begged For Another Story This Time About The Twins begged for another story this time about the twins Connie Crook through splendidly in The Perilous YearThe twins are twelve ears old now and long. .

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