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The PainterE importance of each family member these are all put out for s to better The White Paternoster, And Other Stories understand the times that Ravi Varma grewp inThe background of his family makes Laid usnderstand how Ravi Varma born in a little village had good grounding in the arts His mother was a poet and wrote operas His father loved reciting Sanskrit poems that spoke about tales from Mahabharata and Ramayana He was fluent in Sanskrit and MalyalamIt was his The World Rushed in uncle who recognised the talent in him and encouraged him to learn He took him to the Thiruvananthapuram court and gave him wings The rest wasp to the boy himself Ravi was taken to the court of the Raja to be a consort for the Princess The Raja dismissed his candidature on the ground that Ravi was too dark But the Raja did ask the boy to stay in the court and learn painting to his heart s content It was not an easy task to learn the boy soon found out There were other painters who guarded their craft jealously More than that the boy wanted to learn about oil painting a medium that fascinated him Oil painting was brought to India by British painters who had followed the British presence in India But they too guarded their secrets jealously Ravi Varma had to bribe an assistant to the court painter to teach him the secrets of mixing oil paints to get the right color he wantedLike Eklavya he watched learned and perfected his art His chance to show his craft came soon when Theodore Jenson visited Thiruvananthapuram in 1868 He was loath like other painters to allow a gifted painter to watch him work and learn from his techniues But the Raja was a fond mentor to Ravi and he pressurised Jenson into letting Ravi "watch him paint Along with Jenson Ravi also painted a picture of King "him paint Along with Jenson Ravi also painted a picture of King his beautiful wife Nagercoil Ammachi This was the starting point for Ravi Varma After a pilgrimage to a temple Ravi Varma decided to become a professional artist From there his life was a series of commissions and Essential Business Networking untold successAll through the book Deepanjana Pal describes the political and social scenario of the times This helpss to see the man Ravi Varma as he was He was a pioneer in his field He learned and honed his craft on his own He had to find ways and means to get further in his profession His He Taught Me to Hope (Darcy and the Young Knights Quest uncle Raja Raja Varma had grounded him well in how to handle the political situation around him to hi. The first time an Indian artist wassing the realism and sensuality of the European oil painters and applying them to not just ordinary Indians but to the deities as well The artist prince became India's first celebrity painter The lines to see his exhibition of mythological paintings in Bombay in 1890 the first public showing by any Indian artist were endless; the prices he commanded were astronomical; then when he started his own printing press producing oleo graphs of his work Raja Ravi Varma became a household name Soon every home had a Ravi Varma print For the fir.

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Having been mesmerized by Ravi Varma s work from the time I saw some of his paintings in Mysore i was very eager to get a copy of this book The author has done a good amount of research and presented the subject "Well I Started Off Reading Enthusiastically But "I started off reading enthusiastically but seemed somewhere towards the end that there wasn "t much left to be written and there were a lot of things being repeated so much so that "much left to be written and there were a lot of things being repeated so much so that slowed the pace down of my reading I took a while longer watched a movie in between reading and then got back to the book There is a good collection of this famous paintings listed at the end of the book along with where they are located I hope to see all his work in it s entirety someday I really liked the style the book was written in and his life has been well portrayed Lovely read for sure Gives you a glimpse about the history of India in those days I recently got an opportunity to watch the Ketan Mehta film Rang Rasiya The film is based on the life of Raja Ravi Varma the famous painter Since I was impressed by the stunning visuals and the film in general I wrote a blogpost about it But then when one of my friends Pamir Harvey raised a Knights of the Hill Country uestion about the film s plot I realised I d written nothing about the plot as such Even as I was watching the film I was wondering about the veracity of its story I realised I knew next to nothing about the subject In fact I did not even know that Raja Ravi Varma belonged to Kerala I suspected some elements of the movie s plot were highly fictionalised I therefore set out to read the book the movie was based on Raja Ravi Varma by Ranjit Desai As the book was being downloaded on my Kindle I noticed The Painter by Deepanjana Pal being offered as a reading option by As things turned out I endedp buying this book as well I wasn t sure it was about Raja Ravi Varma so I started reading a bit of it The first chapter itself gripped me so much that I found myself hooked to it and reading it in all the spare time I could find Which as such is not muchThe book starts with the birth of Ravi Varma in Kilimanoor in Travancore district of Kerala We are carefully painted a picture pun nintended of the background of those times The way families functioned in Kerala the basis of the matrilineal society prevalent in Kerala of those days Details about the way children were brought p th. His ncle noticing the way children were brought p th. His ncle noticing precocious talent at art took the teenager to the royal court at the invitation of the king to learn painting there Ravi Varma's debut was to come seven years later when a Danish painter arrived in court to paint the Maharaja and his wife The twenty year old boldly pstaged the experienced artist presenting the king with a flattering painting of the royal couple at the same time as the official portrait was nveiled Jensen the painter never forgave Ravi Varma but for the young man there was no looking back His reputation grew with each painting For. ,

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S advantage India was still nothing but a whole lot of kingdoms ruled by major or minor Kings They had the means to make or break an artist On top of this Ravi Varma had to deal with the British who ruled India Ravi Varma was known as a gregarious person He loved recounting stories going to concerts attending PARTIES HE WAS WELL LOVED BY HIS FRIENDS AND He was well loved by his friends and did as much as they could to further his careerDeepanjana Pal is also a seasoned art critic and she discusses the major paintings that Ravi Varma painted at various points in his career She gives s a fair criticism of the background strengths and shortcomings of his art She discusses the effect his art had on people At no time does she get too involved in the life of Ravi Varma She keeps herself at a
#distance and stays #
and stays judgmental Yet she never makes any excuses for himRavi Varma s wife Bhagirathi is a woman in the shadows There is little to know about her The couple had five children two sons and three daughters As was the custom Bhagirathi lived in her maternal home of Mavelikara while Ravi Varma visited her Deepanjana surmises what the life of his wife must have been like Maybe Bhagirathi was a shy retiring sort of a woman Maybe she was content to stay in her little cocoon happy with the visits of her husband not too bothered to see him going awayShe steers clear of going into Ravi Varma s indiscretions He did se prostitutes as models and was supposed to be close to one of them Anjanabai Malpekar He was supposed to have affairs with his models She admits that and moves on In the book we learn "All We Can About "we can about place art was in at the time We learn all about the state of society We learn the key political events of the time We learn of course all about the life and times of Raja Ravi VarmaDeepanjana Pal keeps her style very documentary and matter of fact She has tried to weave in bits of fiction at times but that is just to give s a better idea of the happenings to illustrate the event that is happeningIt is a lovely book that any lover of art fiction history society and politics should read It is a book that gives s a comprehensive look at the life and times of Raja Ravi Varma A Great sketch of the life of the great Indian Painter Now I know why Raja Ravi Varma is rated so highly in Indian Painters Interesting personality Poor writing. St time comes a beautifully told gripping account of Ravi Varma the man who was the darling of the royal courts but who hardly gave his own wife and children any time; the nobleman who took the revolutionary step of being an artist yet who insisted on sing the false title of raja; and the idealistic entrepreneur who bankrupted himself running a printing press yet whose dream of bringing art to the masses became a reality Blending fact with imagination writing with wit and lyricism Deepanjana Pal takes you into the life of an extraordinary man and brings him vividly aliv. ,

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