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What a wonderful bookThis was historical fiction at its best The author did a superb job of creating a world that drew you in a superb job of creating a world that drew you in especially adored the characters they were very well written and meshed well together to create a beautiful s So sweet Confusing in the beginning though I love reading books set in the Highlands of Scotland they are filled with mystic lore and the beauty of the land The time is so different and the stories take me to places I will never see and characters that are bold and heroic The Outcast Highlander is a perfect Example Of The Kind of the kind story I expect when I pick up a book set in this eraBroccin Sinclair is the oldest of several sons but hated by his father he left four years ago with others in the clan exiled to parts unknown When his father dies Duncan his brother takes over as Laird as most believe Broccin is deadKensey MacLeod came back to Scotland after living in France for several years She knows the Sinclair family well and it was thought she would marry one of the brothers someday She comes back amidst trouble between Scotland and England her father is in jail and her mother is sick so she takes refuge at Castle St Claire where she knows that along with her brother they will be safeOn the way to Castle St Claire they find an injured Broc he does not want to o with them feeling they are better off without him but the family all want him back as Laird and to protect Kensey he marries her Distrust and responsibility hamper the marriage from the start and when Broc oes away with his former love Elizabeth To Rescue Her Husband rescue her husband his friend Duncan and Kensey are afraid he will not come back but what they do not know is how much danger Broc is in only to come home to find the castle is being attacked where they are all in perilI really enjoyed this story about Broc and Kensey two peopl Award Winning Author RL Syme writes a beautiful and engaging romance Star crossed lovers that meet after years of not seeing each other and under different circumstances Syme s Outcast highlander is about learning how to forgive have hope and holding onto a love no matter what the cost I m a big fan of Syme s and have been following her work for a while Anything she does she really puts her heart soul and tons of research in I really enjoyed the characters the dialogue and the entire story Those who love Scottish Romance are sure to love it There is an amazing heroine in Kensey and her redeeming hero in Broccin With any writing people want it written a certain way and may not like what was written I received this a free ARC for an honest review I don t feel right in rating this as I didn t finish it There was nothing wrong with it it just wasn t my cup of tea Overall the story wasn t terrible I felt the beginning was very ood but then it declined1st this is a clean romance I don t mind clean romance but this was a bit ridiculous It The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda goes from the coupleoing to their wedding bed then immediatly cuts to the morning my other problems includeThe hero tries to awaken the heroine the morning after their wedding to tell her he is leaving to save his friend She is tired and incoherent not knowing what s oing onYET upon awakening she miraculously remembers seeing her new husband in the arms of a woman while outside the bedroom door upon his leaving A bit of a stretchThere is little mention of the torture he endured while in prison which would have aided this story emotionallyThere was a funeral for Fiona a secondary character yet no ment. He's lost his family his title and his honor but he can't lose herKensey MacLeod returns home after a failed marriage alliance in France to find her world in turmoil her best friend married to an English sympathizer her mother at death's doo. The Outcast HighlanderBook which is just sad6 The childhood friends thing ets kicked to the side often than not and is never referenced where it counts When he finally tells her he loves her there is no mention to her of his long time love What is the point of even bringing it up Thanks author FAILTruth be told I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone with any shred of love to romance If you want to harp on romances here ya o I feel so cheated Celtic romance is not normally a enre that Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) grabs my attention but Iave it a try for my friend RL Syme And It Was Well Worth It and it was well worth it was a wonderful start to a series that I am highly anticipating There were some Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow great characters introduced in this first book that I am excited to see further developed as the series evolves I am eagerly waiting to see what else Elizabeth isoing to do because her character seems to be one that could row in any direction However I am a bit rumpy at the use of so many Gaelic words maybe this is common in this Norte: A Novel genre and therefor it is all too new for me There were a few words that were not defined in my Kindle dictionary and I amoing to have to o down that linguistic rabbit hole online at a later date An engaging historical read for a historical romance nut I was caught up with the family in the story and I want to know and about them I really enjoy the history side and was happy to see the authors note in the end that provided about the history and background of the story FIRST IMPRESSION FINAL IMPRESSION Paperback version that was re written with additional chaptersFirst Impression By page 77 I wanted to read of the series and these were my comments Very impressed Similar style of story telling to some of my favorite authors but with less detail For that reason it was easier reading although I sometimes stumbled over the names and places referenced It would have been nice to "have a little map word meaningpronunciation uide pages like in Amanda Scott s books Final Impression I am less "a little map word meaningpronunciation Mi karma y yo guide pages like in Amanda Scott s books Final Impression I am less I want to read of the series even though it is entertaining Oddly I can t decide whether toive this book a 3 star or 4 star reviewIt is a clean romance It is a ood story but centers around a key thing that is a major flaw That key thing was probably less than even 1% likely in 1296 so the entire story lacks believability The story lacks Scottish dialect details the story style I favor most This book could have soared with a traditional publisherstrong editor I was hud by the author s use of words that seem out of character Obfuscate was used 3 times on a page like character Obfuscate was used 3 times on a page like was the new word of the day on a desktop calendarAs it is this published book feels like a young writer s 2nd or 3rd re write for a college creative writing class and wouldn t have achieved an AThe writer includes her comments and some background in the final book notes She points out that the book is a work of fiction She also takes reat care to explain why she didn t invest time in creating Scottish dialect like a The Prime Minister of Paradise good many authors of thisenre and time periodDoes a Charlie O. and the angry A's good work of fiction need to be explained and defendedIf you haven t read many Scottish Highlander or medieval English stories then this book and series may be very satisfyingThe author writes that she enjoys writing works of fiction and is very happy when readers enjoy her work I just wish she spent a little time editing her books and focusing on producing a uality story that doesn t need explanation and meets the standard entry point with other authors of thisenre. Razed father Broccin Sinclair refuses to stand aside while the English invade his beloved Scotland But who should he champion The freedom fighter who saved his life the family who has forgotten him or the woman who captured his childhood hea.

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Ion of a funeral for his own brotherThe secondary characters should have been fleshed out There was too much obscurity I actually had to check to see if this was a book 2 in a series to see if I missed something from a previous book But nope this was book 1 I will not continue I missed something from a previous book But nope this was book 1 I will not continue seriesThe end was too abruptBasically it started out promising and then rapidly declined I The Sisters of Sinai gave it 3 stars because it was promising I would love to see this re written with love scences and added detail to the prison sceneI would not recommend this to anyone who loves HR and I like to think I am a pretty forgiving reviewer A ton of drama no emotional attachmentsIf you are looking for realism and a lot of unanswered dilemmas that seem to magically fix themselves here youo Broccin starts out finding Kensey in a field lost on her way to find Duncan to obtain his help Her father was imprisoned because he refused to swear fealty to the English king Her mother is on death s door and all that is left for her at her home is her underage brother her father s only heir Broccin is an outcast stripped from his life and kicked out of his family s land by his own father Knowing the only thing she can see in the foreseeable future is a loveless marriage is to marry one of her childhood friends and Broc will do his best to keep his love a secret so she can marry Duncan but Duncan already loves someone else It s a headache and nothing actually ets resolved Not really If you don t want to read the spoilers don t bother reading the further rants That s all I m oing to be doing1 Kensey S GETTING LOST TWICE IN THE getting lost twice in the but thinks it s a ood idea to leave her husband s land on foot in the end She is heading to France but she starts heading towards the direction of her previous home2 The letter Broc finds in the fire place proposing marriage It was never explained at all Broc just stuffs it in his belt but it really has no use in the story other than keeping him at bay from pursuing his love for Kensey Kensey never felt she was oing to marry Duncan because Duncan and her best friend Fiona were in love She was meeting him in the cottage to try and Dark Passage get Duncan to help her father who was imprisoned though the time lapse is unclear because it says in the same chapter Fiona sent word to her she was captured by Ross what s his name who is the nemesis of the book and Kensey later thinks to herself she doesn t want to be forever in between them3 Broc was an outcast though it never fully explains why There are insinuations that his father didn t forgive him for killing his wife in childbirth but you learn in the AUTHOR S NOTES at the VERY END that Magnus was just insane and paranoid There were no indications of either Plus he was a drunk4 They thought Broc was dead one minute ask forgiveness for not fetching him the next minute and then his familyive him American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare glares of anger because he just didn t want to come home That was all confusing5 The author doesn t like confrontations The reader isypped with both sex and violence The Entire Book It All entire book It all in the background not really in the forefront except at the end when Broc chops off a Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) guy s arm and Duncan chops off his head The people invading their castle just seem to disappear Broc and Kensey s father break out of prison and just appear one day and even the betrayal of What s his name s wife is all just sitting there None of the characters are very memorable except for Fiona and Duncan Duncan probablyets mentioned than Broc does the entire. R and her father imprisoned and thought dead As an English lord descends to claim her father's lands Kensey escapes north with her mother and brother and runs straight into the arms of the outcast HighlanderDriven from home and family by a
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