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Plus the other two once they become available I sincerely hope Valancourt continues the series for another wave of vintage horror paperbacks A guy fucks a pile of For Discrimination leaves and roaches shit in each others mouths I d give it ten stars if I could Well that was creepy The Nest is for cockroaches as Arachnophobia is for spiders Damn near sure to induce entomophobia this 1980 s creature feature horror brought back toife thanks to Gr On a 2 mile ong 1 mile wide island near Cape Cod the small community there is unaware that the cockroaches infesting Cod the small community there is unaware that the cockroaches infesting nearby dump are undergoing a strange and frightening mutation No this isn t a giant bug novel though these cockroaches are slightly arger than normal These roaches have rapidly evolved to form a hive mind intelligence as well as much stronger mandibles There are hundreds of thousands of them And they re hungryThis was a well above average creature feature certainly a step above the typical nasties

of the 70s 
the 70s 80s whose authors hoped to cash in on the success of James Herbert s Rats trilogy Still 448 pages is a bit much for a killer bug story though the writing was grade A pulpy goodness with vivid disgusting descriptions of gruesome roach on human violence Here s a typical exampleThe boy dropped his own body over his sister s trying to shield her The bloodthirsty insects crawled between them now tearing and ripping at both juvenile bodies The girl s silken corn hair was ropy with her blood and her brother s Their empty socketed eyes stared at each other face to frail face as they perished in this storm horrible than the sea had ever hurled at the islandDepressing But awesomeBut in between the good stuff there was a bit too much exposition on insect biology and habits in the form of speeches given by the two scientists brought in to help with the oncoming inevitable disaster Much of it was pretty interesting and I Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book ll take the author s word for it that all the crazy facts are true but there were seriously 15 20 page stretches of nothing but these speechesStill I m a sucker for these sorts of trapped on an island while being hunted bysomething type stories and this one scratched that itch rather nicely It was also very very dark with an almost hopeless feel throughout while still maintaining some semblance of pure carnage y fun You can tell that the author who normally wrote straight fiction under his real name Eli Cantor had a blast trying to continually outdo himself with each roach attack and that rubbed off on me for the most part Too bad he didn t rein it all in just aittleI wouldn t recommend the general horror fan to pay the crazy online prices for this but anyone into the James HerbertGuy N SmithShaun Hutson style critter novels as well as those into the whole trapped and hunted theme could certainly do worse than The Nest35 Stars 35150 stars I Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic liked the old school feel to this just enough to round up to 4 This story takes a bit of an odd perspective for me considering my very science minded young son is raising some giant cockroaches in a cage in his room right now amongst many other creepy crawlies Il definitely be African Literature 9 looking at them differently from now onol Fun creature feature horror this has nothing to do with the 1988 namesake film what did i say before to seek a copy of 80 s horror paperback in chinkland is way harder than to find a pure piece of gold nuggetjust Alien Conquest like the sweeter theick of ass is the stinky the fart it out blasts. To satiation Then the change in poison control was made and the huge mutants began to eave their nest in search of human flesh. The Nest

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355 starsOne of my favorite sub genres of horror is the creature feature and boy does this one deliverOn a small island off the coast of Cape Cod something is happening in the middle of the island s dump There s hissing and movements then someone s dog dies and so begins THE NEST I m not going to make Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery like this book is some kind ofiterary achievement because it s not Does anyone really pick up a giant cockroach book and think it s iterary I guess it s possible but it s not the case here What this book IS isjust plain romping and chomping F U NSet on an island in my home state the isolation makes for a cockroach feast And that s basically what we get cockroaches feeding on this one and on that one in increasingly inventive and gross ways See my previous statement F U N Being that THIS WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN BACK IN 1980 WE ALSO was originally written back in 1980 we also some preachy scientist talk some man splaining a smidge of schmaltzy romance a wee bit of anti feminism and a tad of classism Did I mention the gross cockroach kills Okay so this isn t the great American novel but what it is is a ot of gross out Womens Political Activism in Palestine laughter and chills and a few hours of mindless entertainment In these political times who couldn t use that I would have given this three stars based on the writing alone but I added a half star and rounded it up to 4 total because of the FUN factorRecommended to fans of 80 s horror and creature features Valancourt Books has teamed up with Grady Hendrix and Will Errickson Authors of PAPERBACKS FROM HELL to bring you an entireine of horror books from the 70 s and 80 s called the PAPERBACKS FROM HELL series Find out about the series here I was given an e ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback This is it 325I Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, liked it At times it felt both pretentious with having to constantlyook up words only to realize it seemed to just be using big words because it could not because it needed to Like a The alphas abused mate look what big word I know even though this is just a killer cockroach book and badly written I mostlyiked all the science but eventually it did feel a bit dry The romance feltweird tooand i m not sure why it was thereThat stuff aside though I did ike it for the most part It s gross has killer cockroaches A fun horror storyTW Fire Death On a small uiet island off the coast of Cape Cod there s something up down in the dumpThe rats are on the runand then they simply aren t there anySomething nasty has just moved up the food chainand the human inhabitants are next on the menuThe Nest is an old school Nature Gone Wild novel featuring healthy doses of gorebrought to you by the creatures that make pretty Much Everyone S Skin everyone s skin past repulsive into a relentless flesh shredding bone pulverizing armyYes folksthere appears to be a bit of a roach problemA fast fun read that only asks you to enjoy the ridethis ain t highbrow horrorbut it will have you seeing things scuttling under the fridge when you flick on the ightscan t ask for than that35 out of 5 stars A rollicking entry into the Paperbacks From Hell re print series If your favorite part of creature creepers is watching people get eaten alive this will satisfy your desires unlike any other Nearly every chapter includes a graphically described swarm of mutant cockroaches devouring human flesh A few innocent animals too for good measureTrue to the bizarre trends of 80s horror additi I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Video review co. It was just an ordinary garbage dump on peaceful Cape Cod No one ever imagined that conditions were perfect for multiple breedi. Ming shortly The Nest written by Gregory A Douglas aka Eli Cantor was originally published by Zebra Books in 1980 Since then the novel has BEEN OUT OF PRINT AVAILABLE ONLY out of print available only those persistent enough to find it in used bookstores Fortunately that is no The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures longer the issue thanks to Valancourt Books and their Paperbacks from Hell series With the help of author Grady Hendrix and vintage horror expert Will Errickson Valancourt is reprinting five vintage horrors for modern day readersThere is really no better starting place for the Paperbacks from Helline than The Nest It flawlessly captures the gory goopy animal attack entertainment of the 70s and 80s The story is simple enough mutated roaches overtake a Cape Cod town and begin eating everyone That s really all you need to know about the plot Sure we have a An Endless Lie large cast of small town characters but the focus is often than not on the vicious attacks of man eating roachesBy vicious attacks I mean vicious attacks These roaches are unstoppable They eat everything including the bones so as you can imagine the book is incredibly gruesome There are a few kill scenes that go on for pages describing in detail the extent to which these roaches feast on human flesh Combining those gore filled scenes with Douglas s flowery purple prose you have yourself a strange concoction of dark humor and truly unsettling hopelessnessTypically I find flowery writing to be very off putting an attempt at poetry that comes off as pretension The Nest definitely has that vibe but something about reading horrible gory deaths written in such an artsy way had me rolling on the floor It often feelsike the author is parodying high brow iterature so I get the impression that Mr Douglas knew what was doing hereEven though found this aspect of The Nest to be very I found this aspect of The Nest to be very there are times when the writing serves a different purpose This is where that unsettling hopelessness comes into play Imagine thousands of hungry man eating roaches scrambling toward you You stomp on as many as you can before you ock yourself in a room Some of the insects sueeze under the door while others chew their way through the wood They won t stop coming A flying roach My Hero Academia memes for kids - Funny New Memes 2019 lands on you cheek and begins biting You slap at it and its blood splatters into your eyes temporarily blinding you You can t see anything But you can feel feel the roaches covering your body They burrow into your skin As you slap at them take their place Even if you get all the bugs off your body you know it s tooate they are already inside you eating you from the inside Pretty hopeless right Once the characters are in the presence of these roaches there is no escaping The insects are as relentless as Douglas s writingUnfortunately while this novel is filled with gore terror humor and several shocking moments there are many scenes in which our characters sit around discussing the science of roaches These scenes are After the Tears long drawn out and very boring For this reason I have to deduct a star and a half from an otherwise bonkers five star book On the bright side I now know about roaches than I ever thought possibleOverall The Nest was a wildly entertaining reading experience made even enjoyable by Will Errickson s well written introduction If youike small town horror and animal attack books this is a must read 35 starsThe first three books in the Paperbacks from Hell series are available now You can subscribe to have those three books shipped to you. Ng that it was a warm womb fetid moist and with food so plentiful that everything crawling creeping and slithering could gorge.

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