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The Love Detective Love Detective #1Ng what you re going to get with the book but or less straight away you are engrossed and capti I was pretty disappointed with the first half of the book I ve enjoyed books by this author before but somehow this one isn t my cup of tea Ruby Miller s narration comes across as whiny overly dramatic and pathetic There I ve said it There were simply too many unwise and annoying things she did like overspending on useless souvenirs expecting the India train service to be luxurious and running away from Jack after spotting the ruby ring without clearing her doubts And it s not that she s a teenager The plot picks up halfway and I enjoyed reading about her impromptu exploration with Rocky and Billy I like the sound of Pushkar Sadly though I didn t feel convinced that Jack and Ruby could fall in love with each other The author doesn t really paint a clear picture of his personality apart from him having a sassy mouth I didn t feel a connection between those two And what are the chances that she meets the lady and her daughter who are connected to Jack On an airplane I now the author wove in a bit of magic and destiny stuff but the idea doesn t gel well in the story Lastly I find it uite ridiculous that Amy and Shine didn t seek advice from religious leaders for their apparent ill luck in their would be marriage Ruby had to fly to the rescue using google I don t now what can I say I like the author but not Ruby Miller Serendipity is the word that I would employ to describe this book This book is magical and is full of fantastical romantic vibe which I loved a lot My fascination over this book mostly comes from the description after description of India the mystical land of nature and gorgeous diverse culture The author Alexandra Potter did an amazing job of telling the story of the heroine Ruby s journey to take back her old self and believe in love once again Her visit to India to recharge her battery after a major heartbreak seems to get off on the right foot in the beginning She relishes the relaxing time at the poolside doing nothing other than reading or leisurely lying on the beach as well as strolling through the shopping alley Everything seems perfect and works well for her However on the day she and her sister Amy are supposed to leave for London Amy pulls a stunt of no show telling Ruby that she and Shine a dazzlingly good looking yoga instructor are eloping Ruby who has become jaded and lost her faith in true love her fiance turned out to be a two timer adamantly believes the marriage is a total mistake and resolves to go after Amy and talks her into giving up on marrying Shine But it is when things start to go southAs I mentioned earlier the depiction of India is very detailed and enthralling Nicely and tactfully blending the mystical and magical element which I think can only be attributed to India into the main plot it comes across uite convincing that India opens up Ruby s mind and rejuvenates her to the extent she s ready to believe in love once again The interactions that she had with the locals are all so delightful to follow and I liked Ruby s voice a lot She can be a bit stubborn and tends to jump the gun yet she is also witty and funny On top of that she is very sisterly Typical big sister type always protective of her baby sister while Ruby herself tends to make stupid mistakes A LOTHer transformation through her stay in India is certainly the highlight of this book Although I did find the depiction of her change of her perspectives toward love is not fully grounded I didn t get to see what exactly brought the change to her as t get to see what exactly brought the change to her as as I m concerned the solid and strong writing peppered with humor made this book even entertaining such a fun page turner I read this book in only three sittings which is uite a rarity for me That speaks volumes how I got immersed in the book Novertheless that s not to say I didn t have issues with this book I actually had some niggles especially in the romance department First Jack The love interest in this book He is supposed to be sexy and attractive but I didn t find him attractive AT ALL It might have been because I was primarily listening to the audiobook I m not saying the narration is bad it was pretty good actually but Jack s voice was a bit young and didn t deliver the sexiness that the book claims he has In addition to that pretty much everything about Jack is shrouded in mystery I got to now hardly anything about him other than he is American and came to India to Golden Hill keep a promise which he wouldn t even divulge eitherI suppose not getting tonow him enough could be the reason why I didn t care much about him Next the romance Yes the book clearly says Ruby is totally obsessed with Jack and is lust after him during their stay in Tajmahal but after that I didn t feel any spark or chemistry between them Their romance ind of fell flat for me thus the development in the latter part didn t sit well with me It wasn t just convincingagain as far as I m concerned And oh a typical hasty judgment on Ruby s side seriously how could she possibly reach such a ludicrous conclusion Frankly I was put off by it a bit and I felt my interest in this book deflate pretty uickly That said though the story does pick up in the this book deflate pretty uickly That said though the story does pick up in the all the mystery surrounding Jack the reason why he s there and the story behind it which is pretty romantic and bittersweet get unraveled and lead us to a happy ending The Rocky magic inserted in the ending was a bit too much for my liking but it s still romantic and magical I could live with that All in all The Love Detective is a witty magical and delightful read The gorgeous portrayal of India and its culture will fascinate you and make you een to visit there I betIf you are in the mood for a romantic comedy with a different uniue twist this might be for you. Extraordinary adventureSwept up on a magical mystery tour amid silks and spices palaces and weddings Ruby investigates different stories of love lost and foundBut will a romance of her own remain always out of reach Or can she find her happy ever afte. ,

Tive finally finally I can proudly say that I have read all of Alexandra s books and that this one is one of her best If I am not mistaken this is the first book in the series about Ruby and I really can t wait to see what Ms Potter has in store for us with the next books as this one was truly enjoyable and very freshRuby Miller is a writer but she finds herself in a writing backlog right now Well she writes romances but after being badly treated by her boyfriend she doesn t believe in love any so it s not a wonder that she usually sits for her computer and can t write a word how if she doesn t believe in love and men any So her agent suggests and offer she can t refuse that she should take a break following this advice Ruby finds herself on Goa India She can not only charge the batteries but also try some yoga and see her younger sister Amy And best comes back with a head full of stories to writeBut the things complicate a little when Amy confesses that she wants to marry the yoga teacher Shine and in the end she elopes with him Ruby sets off chasing after his sister through the whole India and here begins the true India adventure for her through travelling by a train being mugged meeting a handsome stranger Jack who in the end helps her riding on a camel and sleeping on the desert and taking part in many many weddings As colourful and livid as only India could beThis book is set mostly in India on Goa in Mumbai and Rajahastan and there couldn t be a better setting to it Although I must add straight away that there were many moments that I felt the author writing this book took the opportunity to recount her own experiences from travelling across India because she must have been there and done her research right I m not wrong and it s her travel memories than a book about Ruby Sometimes it happens that such books feel as travel guides than fiction but that was not the case there was a lot travelling and sightseeing but it was written in a light easy way and the detailed descriptions were brilliant vivid and so realistic No matter if of the beach on Goa or the famous Taj Mahal and Ms Potter has wonderfully transported the beauty of this all on paper plus she shares some very very interesting historical facts with usRuby was such a grouch at the beginning of the book She didn t want to take risks she felt at best at home and over after her boyfriend cheated on her she doesn t believe in love any Awww Ruby How is it possible when you are an author and writes romances This is probably the reason of her author s block because how can you write about love if you don t believe in it But I actually so fell for her I think you can t not like Ruby she s in fact funny and very prone to accident and is something could go wrong than you can be sure that it is going to be wrong She was also hot blooded and I couldn t understand her obsession with saving Amy but altogether she was likeable believable nice person and I think it might be fun to travel together with her Ruby belongs to my favourite category Of Characters Namely Those Who characters namely those who dynamic and develop and change through the story While I adored Ruby I was not the biggest fan of her sister Amy Too shallow and too egoistical for my liking she didn t take any notice of other people having always put herself up front and not thinking about conseuences She doesn t want to find a job Well let her She wants to get married to a guy that she doesn t now too good Well let her It s her life and people must also make their own misjudgements same as we made ourselves We must learn by our own mistakesAs in previous Alexandra s books there is a sparkle of magic in this one as well but I am not so sure if it sit with me this time As much as I enjoyed Rocky and especially his desert drinking accident I still am not sure about him and his plot There is magic and there is magic and it was just too obvious even for the fictionBut altogether I thoroughly enjoyed this journey with Ruby It was incredibly packed with action and colourful characters especially those that Ruby meets on her way to find Amy It s full of fun and brilliant atmosphere and I think this is Alexandra s best book yet She has brought the characters and the settings to life wonderfully A great read in fact warm and uplifting and the best way to forget about this dull grey world behind the window Really can t wait for the second book in the series Okay so first things first let me tell you why I chose this book It was available in the library near my place I have never heard of this author and I am a little skeptical when it comes to reading romance novels as the title suggested so I turned to Goodreads for guidance It showed 4 stars and I took to read the I turned to Goodreads for guidance It showed 4 stars and I took to read the Goa adventure and runaway bride these stood out and it instantly piued my curiosity I now that shouldn t have been the case but as I said earlier I get a little doubtful when choosing romance related storiesThis book is a cute love story even though the protagonist is far off from thinking of romance The author gets you to believe in destiny everything that happens to us is pre destined and will take its course at the appropriate timeThe diverse elements of India and the protagonist s journey make you feel like you are a part of the trip Be it the Goan beaches the train ride the road trip the beautiful Taj Mahal the attractive Udaipur or the picturesue Pushkar the description of everything is in such detail that you can t help but fall in love with all of it and yes even with India I downright loved reading the book still has me smiling For my first read of 2014 I am happy to announce all upcoming books need to be afraid Alexandra Potter s new release The Love Detective is not only a fabulous romance novel but an inspiring cultural whirlwind You start not really nowi. Way I'm a bit of a love detective Because what's a greater mystery than loveRuby Miller has lost her faith in love In an effort to forget her cheating ex and clear her writer's block she joins her sister for a week's holiday in India and embarks on an. One of the greatest days of my life Nothing but love for Alex To be honest this isn t really my genre but I bought this for my friend about a year ago and she loved it and immediately lent it back to me with instructions to read it It s sat on my shelf ever since but she mentioned it to me again the other day and I decided it was about time I read and returned it I d just finished a longer novel and I thought I could do with something like this to mix it up a bitI raced through it I only started it last night and finished it early this morning but it was such an easy book to get into I loved the main character Ruby Miller and I just got swept up along with her as she made her madcap journey across India There s a uote on the back of my copy which described Alexandra Potter s work as feel good fiction and I totally agree with that Sometimes we all need something cosy and comforting with a little bit of sparkle to remind us that life can be an adventure even or especially depending on your point of view if it s through the pages of a book Life should not be about the number of breaths you take but the number of moments that take your breath awayAfter reading the book well I must say What an ADVENTUREI mean despite the fact that as I ve started reading the first few chapters of Alexandra Potter s new novel I thought it was really going to be insanely boring But I was totally wrong Not only the book cover is really cute and catchy for its female readers even the story was actually nice So what made this novel entirely humorous to read Its those witty lines I just can t stop myself from laughing every time I m reading itFurther reading this book was also like being part of Ruby Miller s unexpected adventure to the multicultural land of India Its as if I was actually there sinking it all in Absorbing all those descriptions about these different places famous landmarks Indian food Indian Culture Traditional Outfits and of course the very famous Chai Tea Makes me wanna experience it so badlySo if your someone who ve really enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert s Eat Pray Love then surely you are really going to like this Chick Lit novel Also posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI m a HUGE fan of Alexandra Potter and I m proud to say I ve read and own almost all of her novels The very first book I read by her was You re The One That I Don t Wan t and it was that brilliant book that made me fall in love with Ms Potter and her beautiful writing The thing is no matter how many books by Potter you read you can never get enough of her charm humor and magical stories Having that said I was beyond thrilled to get the opportunity to readreview this book and even weeks after I read it I still can t get it out of my mind That s always good my friends rightThough I had high expectations I was literally blown away by this book It tells the story of Ruby Miller a romance writer who just got her heart broken by her cheating lying boyfriend How inconvenient right To earn your living writing romance at times when you have zero faith in love and men After being advised by her lovely agent to take a short yet much needed break from writing and home she decides to *leave for Goa India She ll have the opportunity to visit a fabulous new country see her sister *for Goa India She ll have the opportunity to visit a fabulous new country see her sister who she misses so much and come back fresh with loads of writing ideas But things get a bit complicated at the time she s about the leave India Her sister whom she s to meet at the airport stands her Off Telling Her She telling her she marrying Shine her yoga instructor and is staying in India Ruby has been taking care of her little sister for all her life and though Amy has always been the sassy one Ruby simply can not allow her to make such a HUGE mistake So she decides once again she s to save her sister even if she has no clue where exactly in India she isThat s when the real adventure for Ruby begins followed by loads of very awkward and funny situationsI truly loved every second of this book It s one of these rare books you admire everything about The cover is gorgeous and eye catchy and I don t now of a single soul who hasn t commented this is one of the most gorgeous covers they ve ever seen Second and yes most important is the lovely story which is beautiful written charming interesting and will eep you glued to it s pages The fresh efortless humor is one of the things I really admire Potter for Everything just flows perfectly The pacing is fast and there s just so many things going on making it a real page turner Ruby and Jack are wonderful characters you ll root for despite the fact Jack seemed a bit annoying at first both for Ruby and meBut I absolutely applaud to Ms Potter for the beautiful vivid descriptions of India I LOVE that country and definitely want to visit it one day to see the beautiful Taj Mahal and be mesmerized by it s greatness Ahhh that would be wonderful But in a way I saw it through Ms Potter s and Ruby s eyes I was transported to India and oh so loved the adventure Overall and I say this rarely this is a MUST oh so loved the adventure Overall and I say this rarely this is a MUST for all chick lit fans Just like each of her previous ones this book is wonderful WONDERFUL Honestly I didn t expect anything less than brilliant from Alexandra Potter She s definitely one of the authors whose books I can t praise enough So what are you waiting for Go ahead and get this book buy it lend iteven steal it if you have to ups I don t really want you to get in trouble thoughbut you now what I mean and READ IT Namaste Loved this book so much It was so good I couldn t put it down and I was always so excited to read the next chapter which is why I ve brought some books from Alexandra Potter which I m excited to read and I hope they ll bring me as much joy as they did with this one After reading The Love Detec. People always ask me what Ladang Hitam di Pulau Dewa kind of books I write and I guess you'd call them love stories but I also think of them as mysteries After all what makes two people fall in love I've written three novels on the topic and I'm still looking for the answersIn

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