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Investigation into the murder of a prostitute in the vein of Jack the Ripper For A Contemporary For a contemporary novel Wendeberg s tone matches nicely with the proper Victorian classics but updated with a pacing in line with xpectations of readers that njoy murder mysteries I did not know that this was a prelude book to a series of AnnaAnton Kronberg stories Hence when I read the xcerpt at the nd of the book I found it jarring to read AnnaAnton when I read the xcerpt at the Spirit of the Wolf end of the book I found it jarring to read AnnaAnton a dueling dialogue with Sherlock Holmes While during the novel proper I believed Anna s intellectual prowess I found it suspect to pit her against Holmes That is only my initial thoughts from reading a few pages though so don t hold that much weight to my observations on that point The novel proper was uite good in comparison This is a Victorianra mysteryromance heavier on the mystery I loved the atmosphere I really liked how the author set the scenery so vividly Anna reminded me somewhat of Claire Fraser from the Outlander series So why a 3 I never could get a good grasp on Garret Other than being described as large I m not able to see him as a fleshed out character I also felt like the relationship between them needed time and time together to develop to the point I was sold on it Good but not great The Lion s Courtship is a preuel to The Devil s Grin It covers the meeting of Garret O Hare and Anna Kronberg Part romance Annelie Wendeberg style part thriller this book xplores the St Giles area of Victorian London in all its filth and horror while maintaining a ray of hope throughout the story I really njoyed this book and hope to see throughout the story I really Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose enjoyed this book and hope to see Garret and Anna ExcellentThis made such a refreshing change from the modern novels I usually read It s well written carefully researched and utterly believable Victorian London was a dark forbidd DNF at 47% She performs simple surgeries sometimes amputations She helps reluctant children out of their mothers wombs cleans and stitches up cuts When in a few months the summer arrives and heats up people s heads and makes them go wild about trifles her supply of bandages disinfectant and opium will melt away in but a few days Normally I wouldn t write a review for a book I didn t finish but this one is different Even though I decided not to go on I still think this is a pretty decent story at least as far as I read Annelie Wendeberg isn t only able to capture Victorian London atmospherically but also seems to have done her research when it comes to the medical procedures the protagonist Anna Kronberg performs view spoileran abortion forxample hide spoile. Urn Preuel to the bestselling Anna Kronberg Thriller series This book is not for the faint hearted Explicit language xplicit medical scenes violence poverty and prostitution are depicted without prettifyin. ,

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An interesting preuel to the anna kronberg series well written descriptions of the victorian london doesn t leave nothing to the imagination and im sure it was ven worse uite a twist in the ndit s time now to move on to the other books I love this author I read all the 12986 series1 Cut2 Fog3 Ice4 Vow5 War coming soonIt was so real so intense Micka Is A Very Emotional Character Who Tastes Words She Is a very motional character who tastes words She is living in a society after a mysterious disease kills 10 billion people It takes place in the future in a dystopian communityAfter I read all the four books in this series I kept putting off The Lion s Courtship thinking it was such a different genre than I am used to reading Finally I began The Lion s Courtship book 1 in the series and could not put it down I then proceeded to read the second and third books It was the second book that introduced us to Sherlock Holmes who is not the main character Anna Kronberg is and she lives in 1890 s when women were not accepted into medical schools She lives in London in a slum helping the ravaged poor in her area by night serving as a medical doctor by day at a London hospital dressed as a man going under the name Dr Anton Kronberg This woman is a strong smart capable woman who is trying to make her life count helping those in crushing poverty when she can and being London s leading Bacteriologist as Dr Anton Kronberg by day I love Anna and I am now than halfway into the third book Books in this series1The Lion s Courtship2 The Devil s Grin3 The Fall4 The Journey5 Silent Witness6 River of BonesIf you haven t read this author before choose to be surprised Start with ither of the series I have outlined here Totally different kinds of stories genres and characters Both have one thing in common Strong Smart women 375 stars I liked the no nonsense writing in this book I actually liked the whole writing style overall It wasn t perfect but I liked the way the author tells the story It was hard to really love this book because it s actually a little depressing because of the setting and real life circumstances and portrayal of poverty in past London The author did a good job at portraying what it was really like without sugar coating so that was a good thing but hard to read none the less I m pretty sensitive so this isn t anything against the book really I know it s a good thing to be reminded of the hardships people have faced and still do to this day But it s still a little hard to read about But the best thing about the story was Anna and Garrett I love them both a lot Garrett is so incre. London 1885 Anna Kronberg hides in the city’s most notorious slum offering medical treatment to prostitutes beggars and criminals of all kinds None of her neighbours knows her true identity and she makes. Dibly sweet loving I love his insecurities and his love for Anna He is just an xcellent character Anna is pretty awesome too She isn t some uptight prissy annoying female She is tough and gritty She doesn t dance around issues or situations she faces no matter how horrible and the story benefits from her no nonsense personality and keeps the story flowing at a good pace I love awesome female leads She is tough but also caring She is able to suppress motion when a job needs to be done but she s also kind and giving And she does have emotions but she doesn t let them limit her or control her most but she doesn t let them limit her or control her most the time And I love their love story It s sweet and real and slow building They are two flawed characters that come to genuinely njoy the other and care for Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, each other The other thing I like about this book is that it reminds you that there is rarely only right and wrong Or black and white There is so much gray area surrounding morals It s important to remember thatven though we like to think there is right or wrong we have to make sure we are also aware that there are so many circumstances and The First Ghost effects ofvery decision made that it is so hard to make snap judgements Anyways i really liked the story and it s originality I ll start by saying that I m a huge fan of the Anna Kronberg novels This book is the preuel to The Devil s Grin and delves into he relationship between Anna and Garret While this is romance there is a lot going on than that This story takes you through the slums of Victorian London for a closer look at desperate poverty prostitution and the plight of children born and raised in this nvironment without attempting to pretty it up The relationships that develop between the characters in this setting are fascinating There is a lot to like about Garret and Anna I njoyed getting to see of their motivations and interactions I love this series and this preuel xplained a lot not in an obvious way but like it was a chapter that had been torn out of the original book Full of suspense and character development it was intriguing and reminded me of why I loved the original book Anna Kronberg and Garret match well together at the heighten of Victorian living Author Annelie Wendeberg competently conveys the period and locale as a backdrop to an London impoverished neighborhood of subpar sanitary conditions The trepidation of Anna to keep her distance from Garret because of a secret she is keeping while at the same time finding herself drawn to him works well through the novel The subplot of the novel is the main characters. Sure it stays that way When the Irish thief Garret O’Hare breaks into her home in the dead of the night bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound and collapsing on her bed her life begins to take a deadly The Lion's Courtship