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D easily freak out any other boy that age #and many adult men as well Anyway Lucy and Fred work on a project for school a field guide #many adult men as well Anyway Lucy and Fred work on a project for school a field guide they document all the living things they find around town especially on the beach Lucy is the artist she studies the creature and draws it while Fred is responsible for the research he adds all the necessary information And when a shark turns up at the coast Lucy s adventure is just beginningWhat struck me the most is that this book sends such a simple message without having to spell it out be ind Maybe that s just what I personally take away from it but it s there There is not a single person in this book that is unkind Even though there is grief and loss even though people make small and big mistakes every word and gesture carries Obsession kindness This sounds like utopia but it was exactly the right tone for the story People simply cared for one another and it filled my heart with warmthThis is such a great book for children and parents alike I would recommend it forids age 10 because it does get uite complex at times but I Cabaret: A Roman Riddle know that they will love Lucy her friends and family just as much as I did Not only does it feature a myriad of role models like female scientists and artists it s also a touching story about friendship and loss Further it talks about anxiety and how it s okay to not always be okay AND you learn so many cool things about sharks I immediately wanted to watch shark documentaries and learn even about themThis book can t get any better but I still have to mention Xingye Jin who did the cover art and the illustrations inside the book I ve only read an eGalley of the book which wasn t ideal when it came to the shark drawings but they were breathtaking Many thanks to Penguin Random House International for providing me with an eGalley in exchange for an honest review Find of my books on Instagram This book is not for me I do not feelconnect at all for the main character Read up to 40% of the ebook First of all a confession I tend to run the other way with tender poignant and grief in books for any age especially if they are or less contemporary That said I d heard such praise for this title that Inew I had to read it And having done so I completely understand the enthusiasm while also having to say it still wasn t for me The book is uiet reflective introspective full of small moments and long long long I realize that when I do fall for this sort of book I tend to appreciate tighter and shorter a good example being Kevin Henkes Sweeping the Heart also out this year Both authors are exploring grief both books are melancholy but while this one feels just too much for me mind you Henkes feels just right So there you are Having been a children s librarian for over 20 years it s very rare for me to say that there s a new book unlike any I ve read so far but in this case it s absolutely true Kids are crazy about sharks I m crazy about sharks So when this galley landed on my desk with it s stunning shark filled cover and even shark illustrations within I was already in But then the story and the characters took over and I couldn t help but fall in love with all of them the heartbreaking Lucy who you just want to wrap up in a hug and tell that ever Heartbreakingly achingly gorgeously sad Also heartwarming and beautiful and excellently crafted what an absolute gift of a book All the superlatives I sobbed and finished it in one afternoon Sometimes you read about a book and it is so precisely your ind of book that you now without even reading it you ll love it Such was the case with THE LINE TENDER a debut middle grade coming from Dutton next spring This book combines so many of my favorite things a small seaside town ocean life grizzled fishermen sweet preteen friendships coming of age and griefKate Allen writes in a sparsely lyrical straightforward voice Lucy s discomfort in her own new feeling body her frustrated attempts to make sense of the things happening in her world are infinitely relatable Although the main events of the story are devastating and horrific Allen manages to eep a light touch infusing the book with wonder and hope alongside the sorrow The story unfolds deliberately not a breakneck read but also hard to put down in a way that reminded me of a Rebecca Stead novel If you love the ind of heartfelt thoughtful middle grade stories that balance heartbreak and hope eep an eye out for this one next springDo be aware that this is definitely upper middle grade suitable for 10 there s a little bit of language as well as some preteen drinking DNF at page 23 because the writing is abysma. ??meaningful” but no one can tell Lucy what it all meant To survive the fresh wave of grief Lucy must grab the line that connects her depressed father a stubborn fisherman and a curious old widower to her mother’s unfinished research If Lucy can find a way to help this unlikely uartet follow the sharks her mother loved she’ll finally be able to look beyond what she’s lost and toward what’s left to be discovered. A moving book about Lucy Everheart and her father Lucy S Mother Died When She Was Seven What Remains Is mother died when she was seven What remains is marine biologist mother s love of the ocean and all things shark As Lucy prepares for a long lazy summer hanging out with her friend Fred things begin to take a new turn when a great white shark is caught in the bay There are drawings here that are nicely done and a story that just swept me away with all of its heartache and healing Synopsis Lucy loses her marine biologist mom when she s young The summer she s 12 her #best friend who happens to be a boy dies Which is pretty predictable #friend who happens to be a boy dies Which is pretty predictable then there s sharks PLENTY OF SPOILERS AHEADThere was a lot that just didn t mesh up in this book for me First off the time period is very hazy At first I thought it was modern day and it s 100 pages in before we realize that it s all taking place in the mid 90s There s this weird this is what a real woman looks like conversation between Lucy and a friend that comes out of nowhere seriously they re just in a comic book store looking at comics and the friend tells Lucy Real women don t look like that Which first off I ve always had issue with the REAL women discussion We re all REAL Anyway later on it s shown that this friend has ind of been an older sister figure to Lucy so this conversation makes sense but we don t have that info at the time of the convo at all and it feels very random Then there are callbacks to it throughout the book again even though it didn t seem very important or like the characters were dealing with some deep seated issues there Of course the big crux of the story was obviously going to be Fred dying Saw it coming from page 1 But it was a weird situation and I didn t get how it happened He jumped into the uarry came back up was fine and thengot trapped by a tree How did that happen And I also saw that they were going to end up together if he hadn t died except Lucy didn t So she s spending all this time trying to figure out what s happening and were they going to be than just friends and I m like um duh girl Everyone new that was going to happen Pretty dang obvious there Let s get back to the story Which isyou somehow need to find your mom s old study because of closure or something And everyone is treating the study as though it s this huge mystery to be solved whencouldn t you just READ it to figure out what she was proposing And then talk to the local other marine biologists to see if they d heard of it because um they probably did and huh turns out that they ve actually been working with it for years and it truly isn t a mystery and you took half the book to find out what they d nown all alongAnd you re weirdly terrified of sharks even though your mom obviously taught you plenty about how noble and magnificent they are and your mom didn t even die from being eaten by a shark so where d this fear come fromMy copy was an ARC and maybe some of these concerns will be fixed in the final edition but here goes Some of the writing felt very disjointed like the writing didn t match up with what the author was intending to have happen or describe There s a scene where Lucy s having a conversation with Fred s mom everything seems perfectly normal and then suddenly Lucy s sobbing Then the writing makes it seem like everything s back to normal And then she s crying Like the words and descriptions on the page didn t convey the entire scene the way it was playing out in the author s head I understand that grief manifests differently from person to person but this wasn t a grief thing It was a writing thing Also another scene she s looking for her dad who hollers that he s down in the basement She goes down into the basement And he s startled to see her there A lot of really bizarre similes it made a noise like a tub of Vaseline falling into the toilet the way strangers hang around useless like when someone has had a seizure in a grocery store The smell was pungent like opening a fridge that contained a rotting animal Very descriptive but these are coming from our 12 year old narrator How many 12 year olds have seen multiple people have seizures in a grocery store Or opened fridges with rotting animals insideIt had a very sweet ending but the whole rest of the book just felt very awkward to me There s this song from the musical of Matilda that eeps going through my head when I read The Line Tender Have you ever had a song get caught in your head because of an ironic connection I m Sitting Here Contemplating Kate here contemplating Kate s uiet thoughtful contemplative novel and then the lyrics from the song Loud appear in my brain They say The less you. The Line Tender is the story of Lucy the daughter of a marine biologist and a rescue diver and the summer that changes her life If she ever wants to lift the cloud of grief over her family and community she must complete the research her late mother began She must follow the sharksWherever the sharks led Lucy Everhart’s marine biologist mother was sure to follow In fact she was on a boat far off the coast of Massachuse.

Kate Allen ↠ 9 Summary

Have to sell the harder you sell it #The less you have to say the louder you yell it The dumber the act the bigger the #less you have to say the louder you yell it The dumber the act the bigger the The less you have to show the louder you dress it If you re unfamiliar with the show that s the awful mother s reasoning behind choosing pizzazz over brains A lot of things sold to ids are easily slotted into the pizzazz category and that s not a bad thing I love the loud and the flashy just as much as a 10 year old might That said I also The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis know that there s a time and a place for loud and flashy literature and there s a time and place for intelligent subdued writing Not every middle grade novel out there has to have big set pieces violent encounters a roaring climax and a celebratory conclusion There are books forids that dare to be thoughtful than pulse pounding And if chosen freely by a child they can unlock something inside Something that means to the person reading than anyone else The Line Tender carries this promise in its pages It s the right book for the right readerWhen Lucy s mom died she was just seven years old A lot of time has passed since then and the girl has grown up in the sleepy tourist town of Rockport Mass In the summer Lucy and her best friend Fred spend their days working on their extra credit field guide When a large shark is captured close to the shore Lucy thinks of her mother s work as a marine biologist and shark expert But why are the sharks moving so close to humans these days If there s an answer to that mystery Lucy s not seeing it She d rather enjoy the summer and her time with Fred Yet when tragedy hits Lucy a second time she finds solace not just in the field guide but in her mother s old work By hook or by crook Lucy will see to it that her mother s plans are not left undone And along the way she might just be able to help the three men in her life move on from grief in their own ways as well I ve mentioned it before but it bears repeating that this isn t a book that moves at a rapid clip Recently I finished reading Eugene Yelchin s Spyrunner which was so fast paced I couldn t help but feel that if it physically touched a copy of The Line Tender the two books would explode upon contact As I read this book I tried to figure out what it might be about A dead shark No wait a missing dead shark Must be a dead shark mystery novel Wait what s that They figured out it dropped into the sea Huh Okay not a mystery It wasn t until the big reveal on page 109 that all the pieces fell into place Once that happened I felt a little relaxed It helped that I got een on Allen s turns of phrase Lines like I walked across the creaky floors to look out the window In the light of the streetlamp the leaves were bending upside down like it was going to rain Or There were three things on my mind tangled up like necklaces in a jewelry box Or Goose bumps covered my back like a cape Here s a good one Fred s backpack sat like a peeled banana on the step And her science teacher s bad drawings looked like preschool illustrations that someone had poked a hole in and deflated Sometimes it did feel like Ms Allen was pushing things like when she named her main character Lucy Everhart a tiny bit on the nose with that one don t you think But for the most part it was a relief to encounter an author unafraid to use her words Is it wrong that I d hesitate to call this book funny grief s a helluva buzz ill Because while it s no chucklefest there are real moments of humor Take for example the moment when Lucy spots her father naked in chucklefest there are real moments of humor Take for example the moment when Lucy spots her father naked in side yard pulling on his wetsuit Not a page later her neighbor Mr Patterson says Hello Lucy Your father has a hairy eister Yes he does I don t like looking at it No sir End of chapter What s interesting about some of the book s lighter moments is that I wouldn t say they lighten the grief any There s lots of My grief for her was like a circle I always came around to missing her again The Line Tender resonated deeply with me right from the start The first time I saw the cover and read the book I somehow new exactly what I was in for Not plotwise simply the overall feeling It s a sorrowful and hopeful uiet and ultimately tender storyAt the centre of the story is Lucy who loves her dad and misses her mum a marine biologist with a passion for sharks Her best friend Fred is the coolest guy on earth There is a moment when Lucy gets her first period so she runs across the street to Fred s house because he s got two older sisters and a mother that could help her out But Fred is home alone so he matter of factly hands her something against period pain and stays cool in a situation that woul. Tts preparing to swim with a Great White when she died suddenly Lucy was eight Since then Lucy and her father have done OK thanks in large part to her best friend Fred and a few close friends and neighbors But June of her twelfth summer brings than the end of school and a heat wave to sleepy Rockport On one steamy day the tide brings a Great White and then another tragedy cutting short a friendship everyone insists was The Line Tender

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