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Not enough to sell ne s sell to the Devil though as Niezgoda explains earnestly ne must also do all he can to actively deride God earnestly ne must also do all he can to actively deride God religion Therefore any time Lennon mentions God religion Christ La tavola fiamminga or his soul Niezgoda pounces While he naturally makes hayf the bigger than Jesus statement though not as much as Cracked Dreams one might expect giving itnly eight pages any ther reference to God is dissected looking for hidden meaning For example when John Lennon following the massive Shea Stadium concert in 1965 remarked that it was louder than God Niezgoda arches an eyebrow curtly Why did he chose that analogy Niezgoda demands And when an exhausted Lennon tells childhood friend Pete Shotton at the height f Beatlemania that he Novelle Rusticane often feels he s sold his soul the nonplussed Niezgoda cannly take the most literate Beatle literallyNiezgoda is at his most bizarre though when analyzing music lyrics and album covers The intricate interwoven images n the cover f Revolver don t trouble him all that much but he s convinced that the album s name has to be a foreshadowing Toy Box: Silk of the kindf gun that would be used to kill Lennon fourteen years later Certainly the name Revolver has nothing to do with the fact that vinyl records were played by placing them A Great Big Shining Star on a turntable that revolved at a certain speed thus making any record in a sense a revolver right Again that sortf word play is lost Rail-Trails Midwest Great Lakes: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin on NiezgodaHe s fascinated by the infamous butcher cover for the Yesterday And Today album with the Beatles in butcher smocks covered with dismembered dolls and raw meat which Niezgoda is all but certain is Lennon s nod to the most reviling sacrifice to Satan the killingf young innocent children infanticide Niezgoda uotes Lennon s enthusiasm for the project I would say I was a lot Reformation Sketches: Insights Into Luther, Calvin, and the Confessions of the force behind it goingut Lennon The Witches of Gloucester once said as the final wordn the impetus behind the photo but either doesn t seem to realize To Live Out Loud or completely ignores the fact that both Paul McCartney and photographer Robert Whitaker have claimed credit for the idea too Whitaker s version in fact holds up to the most scrutiny as the photo was actually partf a series Brodsky Utkin of artsy photos Whitaker staged includingne in which George Harrison appears to be driving nails into Lennon s head Lord knows how Niezgoda would have interpreted THAT photoThe real stretch however comes in his scouring Manuela Color Canela = Manuela, Color of Cinnamon of the coverf A Collection f Beatles Oldies a relatively bscure album released in the UK and Australia in late 1966 While the Paul is Dead crowd point to the drawing Why Not Call It Cow Juice of the car getting ready to crash into the lounging figure s head as a death clue for Paul s alleged death by automobile Niezgoda s got something much clever in mind The figure s right crossed leg withnly slight imagination can be seen as the letter J and it rests aside the word OLDIES together they spell JOLDIES My Side of the Story or as Niezgoda explains JOL John Ono Lennon DIES Cue the thunderclap andpening notes f Toccata and Fugue And don t try to tell Niezgoda that Lennon was 16 months away from changing his middle name from Winston to Ono when the album was released he s already ahead

Of You It S 
you it s craftily constructed prophecy don t you knowSgt Pepper also falls under a similar scrutiny although unlike the Paul Is Dead gang Niezgoda isn t as much interested in the front cover as he is the back where the Beatles with the album s lyrics superimposed ver them appear against a blood red background nothing is ever red in Niezgoda s book it s always BLOOD RED McCartney famously stands with his back to the camera turning his back Open Secrets: Stories on John and what he knewf the fatal pact Niezgoda says solemnly but the real clue lies in the layout Stop Bullying Me! of the lyrics from George s Within You Without You the words lose their soul are perfectly centeredn John s waistline Pretty sinister huhEven sillier is Niezgoda s discussion Maddie Inherits a Cowboy of the drumheadn the cover f Pepper an image already veranalyzed by the Paul Is Dead aficionados Niezgoda relies Rasputin on the same parlor trick as the Paul Is Dead gang using a mirror to bisect the words LONELY HEARTS which he pointsut sinisterly are in a different font from the rest Royal Heirs Required of the drum to reveal a messy I ONE IX HE DIE For the Paul Is Dead people this convoluted hidden message means that Paul diedn November 9th with I ONE meaning eleven and IX meaning 9 for 119 Not for Niezgoda Instead he reads this as a taunt from Satan to John Lennon I won Nine he die Nine Niezgoda explains is the day Lennon died because it was already December 9th in Liverpool you see when John died in New York Hag's Nook on December 8thThat kindf convoluted numerology in fact is where Niezgoda becomes wearying Lennon himself made much The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare of the number 9 in his life he was bornn the ninth and included the number in the title A misteriosa chama da rainha Loana of several songs but Niezgoda comes up with some truly inane readings and sleightsf hand to arrive at his nines For example he points 年下彼氏の恋愛管理癖 [Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanriguse] out that if you dial the name JOHNONOLENNONn a push button phone you get 564666536666 and wow look at all those sixes which are really just nines standing Slippery When Wet on their heads Andnly Niezgoda could read One After 909 as an Julius Caesar: The Life and Times of the People’s Dictator omen it s waaay too confusing to explain how it predicts Lennon s death down to the day all the way down to a refer. K theorizes that John Lennon's murder was eerily foretold Following a fascinating and uniue trailf sorcery mysticism numerology backwards masking anagrams and literary and. .

The book certainly makes ne think It is hard to say whether Lennon was a sell ut but the author does an is hard to say whether Lennon was a sell La fortuna dei Wise out but the author does an jobf researching and describing the clues On Thunderbolts: Justice, Like Lightning... one hand it s fascinating On thether hand it s bunk Or I should say it devolves into gobbledygook We go from very shocking stories about Lennon urinating By Pike and Dyke :A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic on nuns idolizing Hitler and Crowley Yeesh that are carefully tied to hisbsession with the Medioevo «superstizioso» occult Then towards the endf the book there is a mad dash for and proof that leads us to pretty silly anagrams and a long section n numerology I m interested if Lennon used numerology BUT DUDE I DON T HOLD dude I don t hold it myself and if you think he sold his soul ummmm you shouldn t be so into numerology eitherSo while I zoomed through in the end I feel a little abashed about having gobbled this up I did find it interesting and bonus well written I didn t know what a bunch f weirdos the Beatles were especially Lennon Nazi salutes And the parts about Chapman were sadly interesting too So it s not like it s a trash book just that the The Beloved Scoundrel ookie spookie parts are really stretching Interesting but I wish he hadn t reached uite so far and desperately Also fascinating but leftut Downcanyon: A Naturalist Explores the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon of the book was an apparent reachingut by Lennon to Billy Graham trying to find redemption Ono shut it down That would have been better included than the numerology imho I read this book because I am interested in how Il Barça occult forces have shaped modern history Fromther books I was already aware that Italian Phrase Book occult forces were behind the creationf the Nazi party in Germany and were also tied to the creation Lovesong (Green Creek of and illegal activitiesf the CIA in the US I was also aware that there is some evidence that The Countess occult forces have had their effectn serial killers and some very successful musiciansUnfortunately this book was not seriously researched and its author draws his conclusions from sheer speculation rather than hard evidence One Gully Dirt: On Exposing the Klan, Raising a Hog, and Escaping the South of the fun and fascinating bitsf Beatles lore has always been the whole Paul Is Dead hoax The story spun by that particular hoax is that Paul McCartney allegedly died in an automobile accident in 1966 a stupid bloody Tuesday and the heartbroken Beatles decided to soldier Kelttiläistarinoita on without him replacing McCartney with a lookalike but planting cluesf Paul s demise in Beatles songs and n album covers Books could be written about the hoax and in fact a few have but now comes Joseph Niezgoda in The Lennon Prophecy A New Examination f the Death Clues Uomini ad Auschwitz: Storia del più famigerato campo di sterminio nazista of The Beatles to tell us that everyone s got it wrong The clues aren t there to detail Paul s demise Niezgoda says but rather to foreshadow John Lennon s violent death in 1980 payment to the Devil for a 20 year pact Lennon made with Satan in 1960Yes reallyAccording to Niezgoda at some point in December 1960 likely between the Beatles anticlimactic return from Germanyn December 10 when the group seemed Roma Noir on the vergef breaking up and their triumphant appearance at the Litherland Town Hall concert A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) on December 27 the night it is generally accepted that Beatlemania was born John Lennon traded his soul to the Devil in exchange for rock and roll fame and fortune Twenty years later in December 1980 the Devil called in the debt using a demonically possessed Mark David Chapman as his instrumentf deathOn that wacky premise Niezgoda devotes 186 pages to analyzing John Lennon s behavior scrutinizing album covers scrubbing lyrics for hidden meanings and generally working way too hard to come up with spooky numeric coincidences to support his theory Like the Paul is Dead theory I don t buy Love is the Enemy one wordf it unlike the Paul is Dead theory however this Exhalation one is neither fascinating nor even all that convincing Niezgoda s theories and his interpretationsf events lyrics and images are almost always eye rollingly dopey and ultimately reuire enormous leaps in logic Galileo or imagination to make lyrics album coversr anything else fit his theoryPart Oglinda salvata of the problem is that Niezgoda is completely humorless Sarcasm satire puns and playsn words are completely lost n him Lennon s wit ne Nemico of his most enduring traits baffles Niezgoda as does Lennon s usef metaphor and delight in wordplay And Niezgoda who calls himself a life long Beatles fan collector and scholar doesn t seem to be able to put Lennon Cannella e polvere da sparo or his uotes in context He can t tell when Lennon is joking braggingr being dismissive He s absolutely tone deafAnyway to spare you from ever having to read this thing I m going to give you a rundown f some f Niezgoda s claims to give you an idea f just how loopy and how spurious Niezgoda and his claims can beEarly n in a chapter titled Bewitchery f the Masses Niezgoda asks how to explain the enormous effect the Beatles had n their fans How does DOGA AST one account for the swooning the fainting the screaming Could it perhaps be their undeniable charismar talent Ridiculous Niezgoda says those are exactly the kinds Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of intangible and indescribable ualities that manager Brian Epstein and producer George Martin ascribed to the band and they re indescribable Niezgoda says because they were a gift from the Devil So Niezgoda s first evidencef demonic influence is Beatlemania itself in all its inexplicable unexplainable wonderIt Offering a new interpretation Bleach, Volume 05 of the hidden messages and symbols that havernamented Beatles mythology for years this examination f the Beatles' recordings and album artwor. Ence to Yoko as a his bag The punch MY TICKET MOMENT THOUGH THE MOMENT I KNEW NIEZGODA ticket moment though the moment I knew Niezgoda in way ver his head arrives Pentimento on page 122 as Niezgoda does some headscratchingver the band s name The Beatles was a curious choice La maga delle spezie of name for a band especially because it s spelled wrong In 1961 John wistfully explained to Mersey Beat where he got the idea It came in a vision a man appearedn a flaming pie and said unto them From this day The Last Testament on you are Beatles with an A With an absolutely straight face Niezgoda explains that Lennon had to spell beetles incorrectly so he could use the letters to make an anagramf seal bet hiding in plain sight his pact with the Devil As for the man n a flaming pie Niezgoda points ut his gears churning that man Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear on a flaming pie scrambles as pagan flame minion Apparently the punn beat in the word Beatles To Never Have Occurred To The Humorless Niezgoda He never have The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults occurred to the humorless Niezgoda he s busy making scary sounds and tut tut noises As for the pagan flame minion you can also anagram mann a flaming pie to make film an ape moaning but that hardly means Lennon had hidden aspirations Gaudi of being a voyeuristic zookeeper I can t tell if Niezgoda is being intentionally ridiculous herer if he s really that cluelessNiezgoda s last chapter contains two incredibly The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 odd bitsf contrived thinking and backwards logic The first is a way Astrología para principiantes out readingf James Joyce s Finnegans Wake a book published a year before Lennon s birth but which Niezgoda is nonetheless convinced contains prophecies Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief of Lennon s life and death And that s mostly because at certain pointsver its 600 pages Joyce uses words like beetle pepper and funeral The second is a wacky bit No Puedo Perderte of mathematics in which Niezgoda chooses three songs he believes place the final momentsf John Lennon s life to music I Am The Walrus Revolution 9 and 9 Dream Niezgoda informs us that the total elapsed time from the moment Lennon was shot to the moment he died was 17 minutes and I think we re supposed to get chills when he informs us that the total time playing time for those three songs is 17 minutes 42 seconds Niezgoda provides us with absolutely no reason why there should In Every Heartbeat or should not be a correlation between the playing timef these songs and Lennon s last moments It s a completely nonsensical premise and farcical train The Seraphim Code of thought and we re supposed to somehow be spooked by itBut that sortf spurious thinking is the norm for Niezgoda His premise is a bizarre Sortemesse one to begin with but The Lennon Prophecy is fullf so many thin lame and eye rollingly ridiculous theories that it s impossible to take seriously Yet Niezgoda does And no La fabbrica di cioccolato one he writes in his wistful introduction is sorrier than I about what is written here Except maybe thosef us who ve read it Really interesting read The instant hysteria and the dead Beatle clues make much sense interesting When Mark David Chapman saw this photo from the inside Klara with A K of Sgt Pepper he decided to kill John Lennon and left thethers to keep living image error Who was the real John Lennon and what was behind the mystery Serving Sera of the words and symbols that made up the artf the world s most famous rock group the Beatles Author and die hard Beatles fan Joseph Niezgoda has a few disturbing answers for you The Lennon Prophecy will Samurai! open your eyes to the unseen truth lurking behind the geniusf John Lennon and La meglio gioventù ofne f the most distressing tragedies f pop culture his 1980 murder at the hands Solea of Mark David Chapman Many who read this book will walk away unconvinced becausef their presuppositions that John Lennon was not capable By the Light of the Moon of selling his soul to the devilr that the supernatural does not exist But I would tell such people to explain the phenomena Molly Fyde and the Darkness Deep of the Beatles in a rational light if you can The group s unparalleled rise the meteoric endf their existence as touring entity the rumors and symbols and the bizarre end Iconologia, Ovvero Immagini Di Tutte Le Cose Principali a Cui l'Umano Talento Ha Finto Un Corpo, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint) of John Lennon all provide substantial fodder for speculation If the Beatles had not existed you could not have made this stuff up This book is very well thoughtut and students f the ccult will recognize that the author accurately evaluates how magick and ritual symbolism work Morte a credito out in the livesf those who dabble in Satanism Read it and see for yourself This book started OS Graficos Do Ventilador: Identificando a Assincronia Paciente Ventilador E Otimizando as Definicoes off strong and had so many interesting stories that really had me believing and kept me wanting to read and By the last few chapters where the author decodes lyrics anagrams etc it became really silly stuff that he is just stretching for and tries to justify with hiswn pinion rather than evidence And if you re going to use dozens f the Beatles lyrics to prove that John knew his fate by hiding clues in songs where was Rocky Raccoon in this mix The chapters Mill Hill on Chapman were also interesting Overall it was a fun and interesting read but way toomuch stretching This has to be the most ridiculous thing I ve ever read The stretches made to try to prove Lennon sold his soul The misusef words the author Star Wars Dooku: Jedi Lost obviously didn t know the meaningf for instance describing Satan as maliciously benevolent The crazy interpretations This Poison Will Remain of lyrics Thenly reason to read this book is for a good laugh at the author s expense It was so bad that it prompted my first review Un eroe dei nostri tempi on this site. Theological writings the book posits that John Lennon sold his soul inrder to achieve international fame and fortune and subseuently paid the ultimate price for his success.

characters The Lennon Prophecy A New Examination Geldsack of the Death Cluesf the Beatles

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