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Säure-Basen-Einkaufsführer eOod blessedI liked Claydon s story Clay is a likeable guy and just like the first book he had a fun story arc In anffort to stop the White drake s bid for world domination he sought out the source of his future vision in the southern pole His story retained the feel of an Indiana Jones adventure but this time managed to throw in some Wayward Pines style weirdnessLizanne Lethridge A blood blessed spy and assassin in the Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol. 3 Nervous System and Sensory Organs employ of the Ironship Trading SyndicateI liked Lizanne and her story arc in this second instalment was asngaging and interesting as her story arc in the first book Her story felt like a cross between Prison Break and Mistborn Lizanne was tough and ruthless but not too much so that it made her unlikeableCorrick Hile A naval officer on board an Ironship naval vessel This instalment sees Corrick take over as acting captain of his ship Sadly just like the first book his character did not have much of a story arc He basically just took Clay to his destination and battled a few sea drakes along the way I m sure Ryan must have a plan for Corrick but he has basically just been treading water for the first two books in this series Sirus We met him briefly in the first book He was the son of the curator of the Morsvale Imperial Museum of Antiuities who was in love with Tekela He was the least likeable of all the characters by a mile but that was not The Facial Nerve entierly his fault He had an interesting story arcven if reading it was pretty horrifying at times He was one of the unfortunates who did not Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants escape from Arradsia and he soon finds himself captured by the Spoiled and the White Drake Anthony Ryan has anngaging writing style which makes reading this one an Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently easy andnjoyable read He also has a talent for pacing and nding POV segments on cliffhangers that keeps the tension and xcitement up throughout the story I feel like I would love this series a lot if I not already read Anthony Ryan s other series The Raven s Shadow first Everything in this one is good just not uite as good as things were in the Raven s Shadow series There is also the issue of the botched series finale of Raven s Shadow I find that disaster has tainted my view of Ryan as a writer and caused me to lose trust in the way he is going to wrap up the various story arcs If I d not read ueen of Fire I could hope things would Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems end on a high but since I have I know all these characters are heading for death or a life of misery and that leaves me wary of getting toomotionally invested in any of them All in all I did uite Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework enjoy The Legion of Flame It was a definite improvement on Waking Fire As it stand I m looking forward to the next book so let us hope Ryan does not make such a mess ofnding this series as he did with the last one Rating 45 stars Audio Note Steve West took over narration duties from Steven Brand This is one of those rare times when I think they change was a positive one Brand has a great voice for general narration but does not voice act That makes it difficult to differentiate between the characters during the dialogue West was a big improvement in that regard I ve not always been his biggest fan but he does seem to be getting better all the time and gave another Angels Whiskey excellent performance with this one His general narration was good and he avoided selecting any annoying regional English accents for the characters so it was a win all round Heven did a good job with the female voices Anthony Ryan is without a doubt one of the greatest fantasy writers of our time Despite the immense Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities efforts of the mercenary band Longrifles the White Drake bringer of doom and once slaver of mankind is now released back in the world The Ironship Trading Syndicate has no other option than sending their best agent Lizzanne Lethridge to a suicide mission in the hope of finding a single man who by all accounts should have died some hundred years ago Claydon Torcreek on the other side of the world found the mysterious man from his vision Captain Corrick Hil and together with the crew of the Longrifles and the Viable Opportunitymbark on a journey to a land that no man has ver set foot on Will they find what they re seeking for in order to destroy this new threat or will their uestions remain unanswered He trailed off as he saw the xpression on her face wide yed and pale staring "fixedly at something that had banished her drunkenness in an instant Fighting a sudden paralyzing dread Sirus pulled the knife "at something that had banished her drunkenness in an instant Fighting a sudden paralyzing dread Sirus pulled the knife his belt and followed her gaze The drake sat atop a near by goods cart head cocked at an angle as it regarded them with a curious gaze its tail coiling idly like a somnolent snake Two very salient observations immediately sprang to Sirus s mind Firstly the drake s size It was far smaller than any he had seen before little bigger in fact than an average sized dog forcing him to conclude it must be an infant Second was its colour Not Black not Green not Red This drake was ntirely White Anthony Ryan s Blood Song was undoubtedly one of the strongest fantasy debuts in the last couple of decades arning him hundreds of thousands of fans Most of those fans were then disappointed that books 2 3 weren t Nearly As Good As The as good as the Some of them were ven skeptical of starting The Draconis Memoria in the fear of the same kind of disappointment with the later installments I m here today to xcitedly declare that this ISN T

the case if 
CASE If The Legion of Flame was far better than the already amazing The Waking Fire Both Michael J Sullivan and Mark Lawrence called Ryan a master storyteller and in The Legion of Flame Anthony proves them right From his graceful and solid prose to. E secured his people's future Instead he found a nightmare The legendary White Drake was awoken from a millennia long slumber with a thirst to reduce the world of men to ashes and the power to compel an army of Spoiled slaves to do itSpurred on by a vision he desperately hopes he can trust Clay and rebel naval officer Corrick Hile hijack a warship and head towards the icy southern seas searching for an. ,
Wow What a rushAs good as Waking Fire was this is ven better which isn t a guarantee in the world of fantasy series The narrative finally comes to full fruition and the The Seventh Witch epic scale of this tale becomes clear It takes a while to get going but once it does it s a rollercoaster ride all the way to thend Bring on the next one5 stars And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake easy I genuinely loved it The world building is just impressive and this bookven adds additional layers that were missing in the first one I found the book a bit slower than book 1 though yet this is an incredible story and I cannot wait to read book 3 I will go into greater detail later but as fantasy story lover this is a must in your TBR For centuries the vast Ironship Trading Syndicate relied on drake blood and the Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America extraordinary powers it confers to those known as the Blood blessed to fuel and protect itsmpire But now a fearsome power has arisen a drake so mighty that the world will tremble before it What No No no no That The Pocket Wife ending is killing me To say that I didn t see that coming would be an understatement And the way we leave Clay at thend of the previous chapterUgh Anthony Ryan has definitely mastered the cliffhanger chapter This time around I did resist the urge to peek ahead though After reading The Waking Fire back in December I was looking forward to reading this seuel and happy that I wouldn t have to wait too long for it This book was The Color of Our Sky everything I was hoping it would bexcept maybe for that nding There is never a dull moment in these books and I njoyed catching up with Clay and Lizanne and the rest of the characters I think the only thing I didn t like so much were the chapters from the Spoiled s point of view but it did give us insight into the Spoiled and the drakes Out of the different story lines in the book I think I liked Clay s the most The journey he goes on was full of interesting revelations and he just continues to grow on me as a characterI m looking forward to reading the next book in the series I really need to know what happens next But unfortunately it won t be released until next yearThanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for giving me a copy of this book to reviewVisit my blog at If you re looking for an Obsession exceptionally beautiful prose then this book should be on your list What can I say Mr Ryan did it again His writing is really good rich with descriptions and complexnough to provide the substance that is needed in this genre There are also many scenes filled with action and drama to keep you on the Cabaret: A Roman Riddle edge of your seatAnd just like in Waking Fire Lizanne is the outstanding character She is a true badass both capable and amusing with a touch of vulnerability Clay on the other hand annoyed me to nond which resulted in me lowering the rating In this book he acted like a spoiled fuckboy and I hate immature men His new love interest is than obvious so I can t help but wonder if this will turn into that kind of fantasy series in which the hero gets a new lady in very book only to have ach one of them killed off I hope not I m not interested in reading James Bond like books Can t you just develop him without turning him into a randy toy Gosh I wanna torture him so badlyI also found the Spoiled s parts a bit boring but I actually liked Sirus He developed from a pathetic moron into someone capable or lessAnd wow the White Drake is becoming tedious than Moby Dick D But I kinda find him fascinating view spoilerthe crazy dragon is turning people into the Spoiled aka slaves at least those that don t seem tasty makes them hump like rabbits ach night and rapes their minds on a daily basis And he s set on conuering the world hide spoiler This is the kind of legion never seen before A LEGION OF FLAME WITH WHICH OUR MONSTER GOD WILL of flame with which our monster god will the world to cinders The Legion of Flame was a very respectable seuel in Anthony Ryan s The Draconis Memoria trilogy After pondering my initial view when finishing the book I do believe this was I njoyed the first one but this was better The first book now seems like a stage setter for the world and characters which took me a while to get my head round in the first book So I was far able to kick back and All Roads Lead Home enjoy the story in this one Injoyed So I was far able to kick back and njoy the story in this one I njoyed Legion of Flame It had a good mix of action intrigue adventure and cool magic It also had good world building and benefits from the fact that Ryan is a good writer who knows how to write an ngaging story The Draconis Memoria series ticks most of the boxes a fantasy fan could desire It has a fascinating world Two political superpowers jostle for dominance in the form of the Corvantine Empire and The IronShip Trading Syndicate The Corvantine Empire is an Imperial Empure and that IronShip Trading Syndicate is a corporate run government They have their own regions of power but have to share land on the mysterious and magic rich continent of Arradsia Arradsia is key to global conomy as it is the only place where drakes are to be found The whole story is also taking place in ra where steam power and guns and the like are just becoming common place It gives the book a are just becoming common place It gives the book a steampunk vibe to it when the magic and technology combine The magic is pretty cool Mages in this world are called Blood Blessed as they gain their powers from drinking drake blood The various different colours of drakes blood grant different types of powers It is the need for this supply of blood that makes Arradsia such an important place The characters are fascinating In this instalment the POV cast xpanded from three characters to four Claydon Torcreek A young tough from the mean streets of an Arradsian settlement and a bl. Survival is the only currencyFor centuries the vast Ironship Trading Syndicate relied on drake blood and the xtraordinary powers it confers to those known as the Blood blessed to fuel and protect its mpire But when the drake blood lines began to fail a perilous xpedition was mounted to secure themClaydon Torcreek survived the fraught mission through uncharted lands in pursuit of a myth that might hav.

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His xciting and Just Cause engaging narration from his complex and intricate world building to his skilfully intertwined plot points and from his mesmerizing and multi leveled characters to his well thought out and balanced magic system The Legion of Flame is a complete fascinating unparalleled and perfect in any possible way PIECE OF ART You can find all of my reviews over at If you start only one new fantasy series this year make it Draconis Memoria by Anthony Ryan I thought The Waking Fire was one of the best books I dver read but Legion of Flame was ven betterLegion of Flame was the ultimate armchair adventure Each chapter was so good I had a difficult time finding decent stopping points and as such stayed up way too late on too many occasions to finish it Ryan nded ach of his chapters with an aggravatingly brilliant hook that just begged you to keep reading so I did There was always an abundance of action adventure xploration steampunk and of course dragons Every lement came together brilliantly for I ll say it again one of the best books I ve ver readIn both of these books Ryan takes you on an xploration of this world and allows you to discover its breathtaking historiesmysteries alongside some very memorable characters This depth of discovery combined with a very Indiana Jones adventure feel is truly the magic of these novels and one of my favorite lements There s such a sense of wonder with his world building stuff that will truly dazzle you I can t ven begin to guess what he has in store nextBoth books incorporate multiple POVs and they were all ually Fiesta Moon exciting to read about Each character was perfectly placed to give us a grand picture of what s transpiring and I triple dog dare you to pick a favorite they re all deserving of the title If forced I d say Lizanne struck a chord with me the most because her personality has a lot of duality making her very interesting to read aboutLet s talk about dragons for a minute The dragons are incredibly well conceived in this series So far their role has been much stronger than I d dared hope it truly is a dragon book I love the varieties their importance to the human populations their significance in the story and most predominantly how well they re being represented Ryan manages to keep all the things that I think comprise great dragons while simultaneously amping them up with his own twists They re brilliant And if this wasn t already one of my favorite books for story characters and world building alone it would be for the dragonsSo because of the amazing characters seamless blend of fantasy and steampunkxciting adventures page turning plot and killer use of dragons Legion of Flame is perfection I plan to recommend it as often as I can I d like to think Berkley Publishing Group Anthony Ryan and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review an arly copy of The Legion of FlameVia The Obsessive Bookseller at wwwnikihawkescom Other books you might like A strong middle book in the Draconis Memoria trilogyThe Legion of Flame is the second book in Anthony Ryan s Draconis Memoria trilogy and in my opinion it s a much better book in comparison to its predecessor The story picked up immediately after the nd of the first book and almost The Taste of Night everything about this book was much compelling to read probably because it felt like it s anpic or military fantasy in comparison to the previous book where it was a mix of Indiana Jones James Bond and Pirates of the CaribbeanI think the reason why I liked this one is that I M Already Used To already used to settings and characters of the world The first book took me than 200 pages to finally made me interested for this one I was interested almost completely Lizanne continues to be the badass female character of the series and there are some important vents and incredible action scenes happening in her POV However the last half of her POV was uite unnecessary in my opinion it didn t seem to have any major importance in the main story and it s like Ryan is trying to lengthen the pages of the book Only amidst war and horror did I discover What It Feels Like To it feels like to A life without it is a barren wasted thing Miss Lethridge Clay s POV received a major improvement and became my favorite POV in the book It s in his story that we get to see tons of new information on the world building but most importantly revelations on the drake s origins and where the Blood Blessed originally came fromI had a lot of trouble with Hile s POV in the first book and although his POV isn t boring to read any due to his story converging with other important characters I still think that he didn t really need a POV For two books his presence seems way overshadowed by all the other characters and if he didn t xist it won t matter to the story at all Maybe Ryan is preparing his character for the big conclusion in the third book but for now I stand by my words that Hile is an unnecessary characterLastly there s a new POV here I can t mention the name because it will be spoilers but I found that his POV a super nice addition to the series as it brings depth and complexity The Spoiled and some of the dragon s personality and behaviorsOverall The Legion of Flame is a great seuel that builds upon the foundation The Waking Fire laid Anthony Ryan can also certainly write his prose The Trust even seems like literature s kind of prose to me sometimes By thend of this book A Scandalous Regency Christmas everything seems to have been prepared for the final book and I sincerely hope that Anthony Ryan will be able to nail a satisfyingnding for the trilogy You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest. Ancient secret that may give them and their allies a fighting chanceThey are aided on another front by Blood blessed agent Lizanne Lethridge The spy and assassin will use her diplomatic status to infiltrate deep into nemy territory on a uest for a device to save them allAs the world burns around them and the fires of revolution are ignited these few Blood blessed are the last hope for all of civilisati. ,
The Legion of Flame
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