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The main character struck me as being young and na ve in a way that was amusing though worrisome She Elena's Conquest learns aot about the world it s a wacky dangerous and wondrous placeand herself by the conclusion of the novel The humor is whimsical and fey and the adventures the MC experiences A fun read A wonderful road trip with Kate a Sister of My Heart loveable character with whom I can easily identify How can you notike how can you not buy a novel with the title The League for the Suppression of Celery I bought it and
m glad I did I a fun delightful read I would have said it is uite the page turner but I read on Kindle so it is uite the next page button pusherThe League for the Suppression of Celery is a King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies love story Will Kate Pearson a photography major from Arkansas fall for the seductive charms of her new boss a boss who harbors a strange secret Will she choose the smitten computer salesman who follows her across the country But this is aove story ike no other Kate gets the improbable job offer to work for one of the nation s most charismatic Celebrity Chefs Kate Drives From chefs Kate drives from to California in a beat up car to encounter as many crazy hilarious adventures as Hope and Crosby did in their Road To films Along the way Kate chances upon strawberries with truly strange properties a woman who makes ove potions a giant pig roasting event and The League For the Suppression of Celery a militant organization Class of 92: Out of Our League like no otherThe League for the Suppression of Celery is a wonderfully uirky and compelling first novel with a well drawn character I expect great books from Wendy Russ Rating 12Review I think this book would have been better if it was shorter While the premise was intentionally out there just too much happened Kate gets a job with a famous chef to start after she graduates She begins an emotional affair with himong distance Upon graduation she sets off to meet him in California On the way she makes several stops at his reuest This puts a real crimp in the way of true Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story love I did notike the male How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead love interest at all but to be fair I don t think you were meant to There is part mystery partove story part comedy An okay read that gets the half star for an interesting premise and title Very humorous cross country romp with a young woman about to set out on her first real job Filled with a gang of characters from sexy goofy sweet wise to downright villainous Gr. Kate Pearson heads west from Arkansas in an old jalopy with two parakeets a job offer and a half baked plan Dreamboat celebrity chef Warren Hoffman has offered Kate a job – and himself – if she will relocate to Oxnard California The catch Kate soon discovers Warren has. The League for the Suppression of CeleryBy her friend to phone the show as a call in guest That is how they meet Warren hires Kate to work for him as a photographerassistant As soon as she graduates Kate drives from Arkansas to California stopping along the way to photograph various events "and people at warren s direction examples are "people at Warren s direction Examples are woman who makes ove potions and a pig roasting contestWarren is handsome with a great body He falls in ove with Kate and wants than a working relationship But there are problems Kate is attracted to Warren She is also attracted to another man she meets along the wayMost of the story is the road trip Some interesting things happen Something dangerous happens Kate meets a group of people who hate celery and want to destroy celery crops Kate also hates celery Periodically through the book are news articles usually about celery for example someone slipping on celery and suingMost of the story is first person Kate but several scenes are third person other charactersREVIEWER S OPINIONThis is something ike tongue in cheek humor I aughed three times I found things odd which is good but not enough to really engage meIn several cases the author touches on a character or situation that sounds interesting Then she moves to a different situation without fully developing or finishing the first one The result felt ike events situation without fully developing or finishing the first one The result felt Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi like events in I wanted motivations conseuences and resolutions However I m ok with beingight on plot if there s a ot of humor This was too much in the middle not enough of either oneThe story has a chick it feel with the expectation of romance There is a happy romantic ending There were some sex scenes vaguely referred to no details DATANarrative mode 1st person Kate 3rd person others Kindle count story Alien Alpha length 5696 297KB Swearinganguage strong including religious swear words Sexual anguage none Sex scenes 5 Setting current day various US states Copyright 2012 Genre chick it with some romance 35 stars I really enjoyed the writing the way the author describes feelings and people s souls I was rooting for the main character even though she did a ot of stupid and slutty things and it was difficult for me to identify with her since every man she met pretty much fell at her feet I agree with the author s mother who tried to keep her from writing the naughty bits I almost stopped reading after the first few chapters The best part was the ast book. Nate her into their nefarious cultHer escape from the League sends her racing toward her happily ever after while being pursued by members of the League who want her back and by the compelling new friend who inexplicably uits his job to travel across the country to find her.

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Eat fun entertainment and romance I will ook for this author again Kate Pearson s on top of the world will ook for this author again Kate Pearson s ON TOP OF THE WORLD ONLY IS SHE THIS top of the world only is she this to graduation she already has a job offer from dreamboat celebrity chef Warren Hoffman He s funny and charming and it doesn t take too ong before Kate s halfway in Beautiful Ghosts love with himThen she finds out he s married And his wife s something of a kook What s a girl to do nowShe packs her stuff and heads to California for her job that s what Along the way she tries to sort out her Wendy Russ is a gifted author with a sparkling writing voice and an innate Southern talent for spinning a story THE LEAGUE FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF CELERY is a surprising and deeply satisfying debut from a natural born writerRuss s protagonist Kate Pearson is a delightful mix of uirky smart and insecure and the novel for all its many comical and heartfelt turns is really about Kate embracing her true strength of character on a journey from Arkansas to California where she may or may not work for the charismatic Warren Hoffman a celebrity chef who adores fat scrumptious strawberries as much as Kate does but who cannot possibly match heroathing for the nasty and despicable celery Along America s highways and backroads while entertaining a complicated romance with the slick and married Hoffmann Kate meets a fascinating mix of characters some dangerous some eccentric one of whom will return to change her Alexandra, Gone life foreverI found THE LEAGUE FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF CELERY to be an utterly uniue and engrossing read Russ succeeds in combining the comical absurdity of aeague dedicated to wiping out the evils of celery from the world with a sincere A Year in 120 Recipes love story that s as authentic and touching as anything I ve ever read Most of all she makes us care about Pearson It s Kate s growth throughout the novel thatifts this novel from entertaining to memorableI cannot wait to see what Russ writes next I m sure to come along for the ride This was a delightful novel a zany tale of a girl coming of age waking up to the big bad reality of F. Scott Fitzgerald life If you are a reader who can t abide w Seeing a variety of odd things during a road trip Some readers may find this humorousSTORY BRIEFWarren is a famous cheffood expert who writes books and is a freuent talk show guest Kate is two months from graduating college majoring in photography Warren is a guest on a radio talk show Kate is urged. A Big Secret And that he’s possibly crazyDuring her journey Kate stumbles into theair of paranoid militants calling themselves the League for the Suppression of Celery When they The Devil Hath Been Raised: A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692; Together With a Collection of Newly Located and Gathered Witchcraft Documents learn her destination is Oxnard celery capital of the world they stop at nothing to indoctri.

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