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The Kasari Nexus Rho Agenda Assimilation #1

characters ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Richard Phillips

Ry Janet Price and their #son Robby they flee North America intending to reach New Zealand via Lima Peru But #Robby they flee North America intending to reach New Zealand via Lima Peru But crack force of Special Forces led by Daniil Alkaev is on their tail and if they re caught the future of the Earth itself hangs IN THE BALANCEFAST PACED AND EXCITING THE KASARI NEXUS the balanceFast paced and exciting The Kasari Nexus a gripping read The author s military background comes to the fore packing the story with gripping battles that draw the reader in Of course the nature of science fiction ensures that not all these battles take place with recognisable weapons but Phillips expertly overcomes this ensuring that the battles on Scion seem just as plausible as those that occur on EarthWith so much detail going into these encounters the novel could be forgiven for neglecting character development but The Kasari Nexus doesn t fall ito this trap Each of the characters is well rounded with their own niue personality that doesn t falter Each character reacts to their situation as their personality dictates and this helps engage the reader in the story I ve found in the past that some science fiction neglects this aspect and distances the reader when someone acts out of characterIf I was to have one issue with The Kasari Nexus and it is a minor problem it comes in the form of the book s place in the overall Kasari story Coming as it does after a previous trilogy there has already been a detailed history built Simpsons Comics up for the characters So as not to alienate new readers Phillips occasionally has to refer back to events that have already happened to explain characters actions Thisnfortunately breaks p the flow of the story from time to time providing a minor irritant that aside I would recommend giving The Kasari Nexus a read An entertaining read and a definite thumbs p from mereview facilitated by the wonderful people over at NetGalleycom This book can t decide if it is sci fi spy novel adventure novel or romance Just could not get engaged I received a free advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my nbiased review I only read story books that are recommended by friends and family In this case I am not sure how I stumbled on this series BUT THE MOMENT I STARTED THE FIRST BOOK OF the moment I started the first book of s agenda I wanted to finish the whole series After finishing the Rho s agenda three books I realized that the Rho s agenda assimilation series has not been published yet I was glad to find out that a pre released copy is available for my nbiased review This book like it s characters has matured from the teen science fiction to adult thriller series I do not want to spoil the. E against the warrior nderclass but with the intent of ltimately ruling both And when Jennifer is captured by the brutish Koranthians her alien enhanced abilities make her a crucial asset in battling the Kasari and their winged alliesBack on a divided Earth Jennifer’s brother Mark and Jack “the Ripper” Gregory wage. .
This is not a complete story There is no ending in this book As a chapter in a longer saga it was OK I LOVED The Rho Agenda trilogy but book one of the Assimilation series was not to my liking Had this been my introduction to Richard Phillips I would have stopped hereI will give other books of his a try because man I REALLY enjoyed The Rho Agenda Supposedly the first book in the series but it s constantly flashing back to the interesting things that happened before this story started there is way too much exposition in this book It s distracting and the narrator feels like that friend who recaps the last season of the show you watch together 15 minutes before season 2 All the adjectives and descriptions are cliched The men grunt and ooze masculinity the women are sexy as hellEvery character is on an pward trend There are no opponents that present real threats There are no obstacles that the characters cannot overcome The protagonists have the best technology and their enemies can t figure out what s happening Every good guy is special in some way Even minor throwaway good guys are cycling champions and natural geniuses Throwaway bad guys wish they had followed through on their New Years fitness resolutions I bad guys wish they had followed through on their New Years fitness resolutions I this genre Domination Fantasy it s written as if its target audience are slightly dense white collar middle managers who fantasize about ruling the world with nopposed benevolently absolute power next to their compliant hot wives and anyone who doesn t like them is a fat bad guy It took me a little bit to get the gist of the story and the layout of the book but by chapter 4 I had it Then the story moved right along This is one #of those books where you keep saying just #those books where you keep saying just chapter just one chapter etc Until you are done and wishing for The opening instalment of Richard Phillips pcoming Kasari Rho Agenda Assimilation series The Kasari Nexus is a fast paced political thriller on an intergalactic scale Stranded on an alien spaceship countless light years from Earth Jennifer Smythe and Raul Rodriguez have only their wits to keep them alive With no hope of returning home and a ship in desperate need Of Repair Their Only Solace repair their only solace a small inhabited planet their ship has targeted as its next destination But as Scion draws ever nearer all hope of shelter is crushed when scans indicate that the malevolent Kasari Collective already has a foothold on the planetMeanwhile back on Earth their opposition to proposed intergalactic dealings with the Kasari have made Mark and Heather Smythe enemies of the UFNS Alongside their security team of Mark Grego. Jennifer Smythe escapes Earth’s invasion by the insidious Kasari race hijacks an alien starship and survives the deadly passage through a wormholeBut escape is short livedWhen Jennifer emerges on the new world of Scion she is confronted by the same deadly enemy Now the Kasari have sided with the planet’s angel like elit. ,
Fun by pointing out the details from #The Book And Therefore Would Only Say #book and therefore would only say if have have read the rho s agenda then you should continue to read till the story finishes you will not be disappointed This may be the first book in the Rho Agenda Assimilation series but it is book 7 over all in the 9 book series Very sci fi And a loved it Great action on earth and in space on the other side of the niverse Great to see the Ripper in action Kids are all grown More to Love (A Perfect Fit, up now Read this with my Sep KOLL and I will come back to book 8 in a couple of months Richard Phillips The Kasari Nexus is the first book in his Rho Agenda Assimilation trilogy Unfortunately for me since I didn t realize it when I started reading it also happens to be the 7th book in his overarching Rho Agenda series So there are a whole lot of backward references a WHOLE lot that mean absolutely nothing to me That aside if I assume the book is for the Young Adult crowd and if I d actually read the earlier books it would probably be tolerable For me though it wasn t The story itself has potential But its implementation is lacking I found all the characters to be shallow and one dimensional The writing feels short blunt or staccato The author invariablyses far too much detail in describing technologies instead of keeping the focus on actions The constant miraculous Slade (Walk of Shame, use of these technologies gets old fast yet there are also a lot of holes in them for instance one group has nanobots capable of building anything yet they can tse them to produce food and water And finally the escalation in a fight on Earth near the end escalates to ridiculous levels So if you re a Young Adult give it a shot But if you re seasoned I d give it a pass I m rating it at a Not Very Good 2 Stars Out Of 5 out of 5 made a mistake here since Goodreads listed it as 1 in a series I assumed this was the first but it turns out that there are one or two trilogies prior to this one with the same characters and world This one picks Sexual X-Perimentation (Cyborg Gigolos, up as if it s just new chapters in the saga liberally sprinkled with heavy handed references to past events and characters like a bad movie seuelThat said this book is awful It reads like it was written by a 9th grader Cardboard characters arbitrary dramatic tension predictable resolutions Plodding mechanical plot movement Simplistic geopolitics Organizations represented solely by 1 or 2 characters like a low budget 80s TV show that couldn t afford enough supporting cast So bad that it completely distracted me from any enjoyment so I stopped after 6% completion which I pretty much never do with fiction Wow. Their own war against the Kasari As the global government welcomes the extraterrestrials Mark Jack and their rebel faction seek tose the powerful mind altering skills gained from the Kasari’s sworn enemies to repel the would be conuerors But faced with the might of Earth’s ruling forces has the cause already been lost.